Chapter Seven:

Sand Storm of Ancient Egypt!

Everyone finally ended up somewhere, behind the Pyramids of Giza, using the Tool of the dead, to help them locate the invisible pyramid; by using different number codes, light sources, and hieroglyphics that described a map. It was hot, dry, sandy, very sandy, which drew Tatewaki, and Ranma, to feel the same way, when they had first arrived.

"Ugh! Why, does is always have to be so hot!?" Ranma, questioned, wiping off any sweat from his walk.

Tatewaki, turned to him as he lifted a brow in vein. "We in the middle of the desert Saotome, what do ye expect?"

"Ever think if we dropped the cube that it could transport us back?" Ranma, questioned, with a idea that was never brought up.

*Not if it transports us somewhere else first," Tatewaki, added in, in the end.

Ranma, glowered with a scowl. "Yeah, for all we know, it'll transport us all way to the Arctic, while end up having to dig for dinosaur bones, for one reason or another."

"The Arctic, actually sounds pretty nice right now," Tatewaki, handed in without complaint. Yet, he put his next words aside in sarcasm. "But no, you just had to ruin that one too."

"Hey, well you didn't have to take Native America, and the Aztecs away from me."

"That's only because you let someone else take Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome, away. Withal, look what we have got on our hands now, thanks to I Tatewaki Kuno, for not picking out lame and tacky objects, and ideas."

"Yeah, an object you shouldn't have had picked up in the first place; now look where it got us!? Thanks, to you, we got sent back all the way to Ancient Egypt! And now we're stuck here, until we find that stupid invisible pyramid."

"If ye wouldst stop keep calling it a Rubrics Cube, and took my advice to find something worthwhile, we wouldn't have been transported in the first place."

"You just want all the credit; you sound pretty much like a pharaoh to me!"

"That's right, for I Tatewaki Kuno, shalt rule the day, for ye to be dragged away, and be left behind. For I am the one doing all the work, for that assignment I'm working on."

"Our assignment! And if it's anyone whose gonna beancient history, it's gonna be you! Maybe you should stay behind instead, seeing as you seem to claim that you're a pharaoh, and all.

"Your only assignment, to convince them that the world is round!"

"Oh yeah, then why won't you try it; seeing as you want to do all the work anyway!"

The rest laughed, when Tatewaki, and Ranma, turned to them. "What?"

"Why, the earth is round," Akins, put in disbelief.

"Whatever made you believe that the world is round?" Nassor, questioned, on the same page with Akins.

"Because it is…" Ranma, shrugged aside as he looked at them in annoyance.

"Why are you trying to convince Akins, and Nassor, that the world is round?" Amen- Ra, asked, before Abubakar, simply translated back to them.

"Ever heard of a globe, prehistoric mummy," Ranma, rumbled on in insult.

"I warned you…well ahead of time, Saotome." Tatewaki, spat in bitter at first. After that he raised his finger, making his point. "Then again, he finally have something good, I could add into my report." Tatewaki, added in, in laughter.

"Add what?"

"That ye tried to convince them that the world is round, for ye to make a complete full out of thyself," Tatewaki, laughed after.

Ranma, veined before he whacked Tatewaki, over his head with his fist again. "Don't you even think about adding that in our report; I hadn't convinced them of nothing, got it! After all, whose gonna believe that, huh?We're gonna end up failing, and you won't end up with any of the credit at all!"

The rest just watched Tatewaki, and Ranma, go at it from there, only until the four, try to break them apart.

"Now, now, you two, there's no reason to fight," Akins, started off, trying to calm them down.

"Now come on, is the way two lovers are suppose to act?" Nassor, questioned first.

"We aren't lovers!" Tatewaki, and Ranma, countered back at them.

Suddenly, the wind started to increase, when sand was soon picked up from the ground, which started to blow around, like a wave, or a cold-front. Tatewaki, and Ranma, never having to experience a stand storm before, saw the expression on those, who had.

"What's with you guys?" Ranma, questioned in ignorance to the signs, that Tatewaki, had notice. With that being said, Tatewaki, quickly grabbed Ranma's hand, before he started to run the other way. "Run!"

Everyone, kept on running, when Ranma, kept on popping up question. "What's going on? Where are we going?"

Tatewaki, finally answered him. "Look behind you."

Ranma, saw a bunch a sand piling up from behind him. "Woo.."

Tatewaki, and Ranma, kept on running, when Ranma, shouted out the four in front of them. "Hey, you guys didn't mention anything about a sand storm?"

"We are not too sure when they occur-" Yet, Nassor, was blocked off by the sand that eventually covered them whole. It took a whole thirty minutes, before the sand storm, began to settle. After it had past, a head had popped out of the sand."

Amen- Ra, looked out for anyone who may have gotten out, when another head popped out. Abubakar, was next, when he turned to Amen- Ra. "Have you seen anyone else?"

Amen- Ra, shook his head. "Not one."

Then Abubakar, took a look to see that Amen- Ra, wasn't holding the cube at the time. "I thought you had the Tool of the dead."

"I-" From this point, Abubakar, looked at his own hand, to realize that it was gone. "-must have lost it."

Abubakar, and Amen- Ra, look at the last spot Tatewaki, and Ranma, were at, before they had turned to each other. "Oh- no."

"Maybe someone else found it," Amen- Ra, added in optimistically.

All of a sudden another head popped out, before he pulled out the person next to him.

Amen- Ra, and Abubakar, turned to them, with a look of worry on their face.

"Yes," Akins, asked a little concerned.

"You haven't seen the Tool of the dead, have you?" Amen- Ra, inquired on the edge.

"You do not have it?" Nassor, questioned back a bit confused.

No one answered, when they all exchanged uneasy looks. These uneasy looks increased in anxiety, and apprehension, when they saw to more heads pop up. Tatewaki, pulled Ranma, up by his arm when Ranma, ended up spitting out a bunch of sand that got inside his mouth. "Yuck!"

[AN: Let's put it this way, everyone's fully out of the sand, and it's not just a bunch of heads talking, from out of the sand…if you know what I mean.]

Tatewaki, turned to Ranma, with a teasing smirk. "So how does sand taste like?"

"I'll put a whole mouthful in your mouth, if you're desperately dying to know," Ranma, sharpened back.

Tatewaki, and Ranma, finally saw everyone else, and not to mention the expression on their faces.

"What?" Ranma, simply asked in wonderment.

Everyone, but Tatewaki, and Ranma, turned to Amen- Ra.

"Are we lost or something?" Tatewaki, put out on a wild guess.

"Please tell me this isn't the part, where you tell us that we have traveled to some other desert!?"

Amen- Ra, shook his head, before he swallowed. "It's about the cube?"

"So, what about it?" Ranma, inquired for some truthful answers. Along with that, what he wanted, he got.

"I- lost it," Amen- Ra, explained.

"What?" Ranma, without much more understand of the langue, then the place of Ancient Egypt itself.

Abubakar, turned to them. "We don't have the cube- on us?"

Tatewaki, and Ranma, froze, in one of the most hottest deserts in the world. "WHAT!?"

"Amen- Ra, lost it during our sand storm," Nassor, added in.

"You two don't have the Tool of the head with you, do you?" Akins, questioned in hopefulness.

"No…why would we have it?" Ranma, quizzed in confusion.

"Amen- Ra, is the one who had it," Tatewaki, simply stated out at last.

"We thought that you two may have found it," Akins, explained in clarity.

"So the cube, is someone underneath all this sand?" Ranma, asked in curiosity.

Akins, nodded with answer. "Yes."

Ranma, continued on. "So that means we're stuck here?"

Abubakar, nodded with a serious response. "Yeah, I'm afraid so."

Suddenly, just when everyone was in doubt, a burrier light appearedwhen everyone's saw a wave-like, upside down structure; otherwise invisible to the human eye.

Amen- Ra, turned to Abubakar. "Wait…what time is it?"

The three looked up, and studied the sun, when Tatewaki, and Ranma, turn to each other in confusion. At least, until Tatewaki, took a good guess, at what they were talking about.

"2:04, right?"

The three turned back to Tatewaki, when Abubakar, answered. "Yes, it's 2:04."

"Tatewaki, and Ranma, this is the invisible pyramid.

Tatewaki, and Ranma, looked at it in amazement, when some secondary thoughts approached Ranma. "Wait a second." Ranma, looked up at everyone. "If Amen- Ra, lost the cube is under all this sand, and this bright light, just happened to show at the right place, at the right time—"

Tatewaki, and Ranma, finally got on. "The cube creates the burrier!?"

The rest exchanged looks, without knowing how to answer the question, they didn't even know the answer too.

"So the Tool of the dead, is the eye of the invisible pyramid?" Tatewaki, inquired in interrogation.

Ranma, looked at them in disbelief. "You're kidding me? You mean we've had the invisible pyramid in our hands, after all this time!?"

"It's how we came here after all. We seen this same type of light, when it took us from the museum we were at," Tatewaki, explained in full.

"So, you made us go through all of this trouble, for nothing!?" Ranma, added on in aggregation.

"Uhh…" Nassor, started.

"We just thought that the cube, when with the pyramid," Akins, explained at first. Then he added. "Like we had mentioned before, we were not really sure how the cube worked ourselves."

"We thought the pyramid simply just moved to different locations, is all," Abubakar, added in statement.

Ranma, jumped out at them again, in skepticism. "You mean to tell me after all this time, and you guys couldn't figure that out?"

The four just shrugged aside before Akins, filled in at last. "I guess…"

Tatewaki, and Ranma, just dropped their heads, along with a long sigh.

"Well, it's best you guys make it in the burrier before it fades," Abubakar, highly suggested in wisdom.

"Are you guys sure, this is going to take us back home."

Everyone, said, and waved their good- byes, when Ranma, felt a hand grab his. Ranma, turned to Tatewaki, with a surprised look, across his face.

Tatewaki, nodded towards the pyramid. "Let's go."

Ranma, nodded as they walked to the invisible pyramid, before they had finally disappeared before the four, that were still standing there, in the western desert, somewhere behind the Pyramids of Giza.

Tatewaki, and Ranma, finally ended up back in the museum, where first found the cube. The cube, which was in Tatewaki's hand at the time.

"Put it back," Ranma, warned him.

Tatewaki, eyed Ranma, seeing what Ranma, would do.

Ranma, gave him another look, before he pointed at the spot where the cube was suppose to go. "Well…put it back."

A small grin climbed on Tatewaki's face, when he glanced at Ranma, then back at the cube. "And what ye do if I don't."

"If you're thinking about sending me away, back to that place, with that thing….think again!" Ranma, tried reaching for the cube, when Tatewaki, only held it higher.

"Want this?"

Ranma, tried reaching for it again. "Put it back!"

Tatewaki, held it a bit higher. "Is this too high for you…"Then he leaned in, holding the cube back. "Or is it that you're too short."

Ranma, jumped up about the grab the cube, when Tatewaki, suddenly dropped it.

"KU-" Ranma, paused, when he saw the cube placed back in Tatewaki's hands, when Tatewaki, had caught in the process. Ranma, twitched uneasy. "Why you-"That's not funny. Put it back."

Just then Tatewaki, held the cube behind Ranma's neck, holding him in close. "Sure ye can get it now not."

"Oh yeah!" After that Ranma, reached his own hands behind his neck to get the cube, when Tatewaki, dropped his arm, holding Ranma, in closer. Ranma, let out a slight grasp, not expecting it. Tatewaki, lowered his head in closer to Ranma, before he closed his eyes, and lifted his lips from a small grin.

"Huh?" Ranma, blinked a few times, as he restrained himself in confusion; yet he felt pulled in, connected, there was just that feeling he couldn't push aside. He didn't know what it was, what to do, or exactly what he was waiting for. Lost in that moment, with curiosity on his own, he slowly drew in, when their lips have touched for the second time.

Tatewaki, lifted his right arm up with the cube, as he left arms, gripped Ranma's side, bringing him, as close as he could. A few seconds after that, Tatewaki, slowly pulled out, ending their kiss, but where nonetheless, still lost in each other's eyes.

All until…


[AN: Oh my…Anubis….]

Ranma, froze when Tatewaki, quickly let go, as if Ranma, was a burning sand dune.

"Where were?" Nabiki, asked, wanting to hear what the other two had to say.

"Oh my, where have you been?" Kasumi, questioned after.

"We were looking for the past week, to find you two," Soun, expressed out with clawed hands. "Do you have any idea, of how much trouble you two are in.

Tatewaki, and Ranma, sighed.

Genma, came up to his son. "So you didn't fall though a trap door."

Tatewaki, just laughed it off, as he turned around.

"I wouldn't be laughing if I were you, we had a good word with your father," Soun, started up again.

Tatewaki, flinched, and squirmed, before he re-turned. "As I Tatewaki Kuno, am concerned he is not my father!"

"So what, you two just decided to take a hike up in the mountains or something?" Nabiki, questioned on.

Akane, Nabiki, Kasumi, Genma, Soun,

Tatewaki, and Ranma, glanced at one another, back to the other five. "Uh?"

"Okay, what happened?" Akane, asked, just as curious.

"Nothing happened," Ranma, shrugged aside.

"If we told you, you wouldn't believe us," Tatewaki, started off truthfully.

"Ever heard of too much information, Akins."

"I shall rule over you, Nassor. For the day I see you building the Pyramid's of Tatewaki Kuno, and sculptures of Akane, and the Pig-tailed girl!"

"Ha…as if you actually ever ruled over me, you clumsy pharaoh, who prefers to live with another king of all thing."

"What king! As far I Tatewaki Kuno, am concerned, there was only one pharaoh; thou art nothing but a counterfeit, Nassor! As if I shall ever share my valuables with you."

"What, referring that too our report, pervert!"

"Pervert! Why you- take that back!? I wouldst be the one talking not. You dream about dead guys!"

"Not only do you act like one; not only do you look like one, but you live with one!" Ranma, retorted back.

"What was that 3,000 year ago then?"

"Certainly no ruler over me, that's for sure!"

"Who on earth is Akins, and Nassor?" Nabiki, inquired confused.

Tatewaki, and Ranma, pointed to each other.

"Uhh..okay," Akane, let out confused.

"Okay, you two are not making any sense," Nabiki, rumbled on again.

Tatewaki, pulled out a piece of paper, before he handed to her. "Here, take a look, it's all written for my report!"

Ranma, tossed a fist up towards Tatewaki. "OUR report! We are not doing this again!"

"Nassor, shalt learn to control thyself," Tatewaki, pointed out.

"Yeah, well look who's talking!"

"I am!"

"If it wasn't for you, none of this mess would've happened in the first place."

"Me? If you hadn't picked up that stupid Rubrics Cube thing in the first place, we wouldn't have had to go through all that trouble for nothing, you know!"

"I'll be gladly to send you back, so I can finish our assignment!"

"Our assignment!? Take it from someone who claims they can read hieroglyphics, and speak Egyptian, when he really doesn't know how; just so he'll take all the credit, although, I don't see how anyone would ever believe what you wrote. I'm beginning to think that you're the one whose starting to add lame ideas, and sloppy details!"

"Thou trying to convince them all the world is round, was not a lame idea, nor did it contain sloppy details. The only thing you did, was make a fool out of thyself," Tatewaki, let out a laugh after that. "Fall for it every time wretch!"

Ranma, whacked Tatewaki, on the head with his fist. "It was your shabby ideas, and tacky details!"

"Thou cannot compare my paper, to the real thing. For ye experienced it thyself wretch! Or if ye hadn't learned enough, I, Tatewaki, Kuno, wouldst be gladly to send you back."

"Maybe I should find an object; one that would send you to the arctic, like I mentioned before, and start digging up dinosaur bones. Maybe, you'll end up finding some wired pyramid there next."

"And ye wonder I object to your objects, for they don't even exists."

"I'll make you invisible like that so- called invisible pyramid; and sooner or later, it's gonna be you whose ancient history!"

"All thy fault for taking Ancient Greece, and Rome away from me."

"Seeing as Ancient Egypt is so much better, if we would've went with the Aztecs or Natives America, we wouldn't be all mixed up in this crazy mess in the first place….but nooo, you just had to pick to learn about prehistoric dinosaurs wrapped in toilet paper!

"Abubakar wasn't a dinosaurs wrapped in toilet paper- that was linen, and if wasn't for him, we would've never made it back."

"Take it for someone who ends up transporting us in the middle of nowhere, in some desert, all the way back in Ancient Egypt. Besides, it if wasn't for me, we wouldn't never meet other old crazy mummy in the first place."

"I Tatewaki Kuno, should've just left you there, behind!?"

Take it for someone who tells us to find some pyramid, which no one can find, to bring some dead guy back to life, in order to find some other pyramid, that appears out of nowhere to be invisible, because he's the only on that can read that stupid cube- thing. Only to have to dig up that stupid hidden pyramid, to find out that it filled with snakes, and radioactive elements."

"Radioactive elements, you're kidding me, right?" Nabiki, started skeptical.

Ranma, glanced at Nabiki, back to Tatewaki. "And here you are, telling me to convince them that the world is round; why, won't you try to convince Nabiki, that there was a radioactive element is that clueless mummies pyramid!"

"Amen- Ra, wasn't clueless, he did decipher the cube after all."

"Yeah, after we had to go back all the way back to his pyramid, to find out that we had the invisible pyramid with us, all along!"

"It's not invisible for nothing, Saotome!"

"I'm telling you they probably planed on taking us out to that stupid pyramid, to being that mummy guy back to life, just so we'll get caught, dragged off, and put to death. Or plan to trap us in a pitfall full of poisonous snakes, while trying to figure out what radioactive element, that might explode on us any minute, innless we figured it out in time! Either way, plan on burring us in the sand, in the middle of that desert! Seeing as they were the ones that left us behind, on purpose."

"I can already picture what it wouldst look like, if ye to write our report," Tatewaki, added in.

"Yeah, well who in on earth is gonna believe what you wrote?"


"Very funny."

"Thou exactly know why they left us behind; thou acknowledge very well of what Akins, and Nassor, were trying to do." Tatewaki, listening to Ranma's, wild-up conspiracy story!"

Ranma, slightly looked away, and shrugged aside, as his feet shifted. "Well yeah…you have a point there; seeing as they wanted us to be like them and all." He looked right at Tatewaki, trapped in another long staring contest, before he continued. "But it's noting to be killed over for. Like they couldn't have found a better way to do that. Cause corning people in bottomless pits, trapping them in a room filled with radioactive elements, being attacked by arrow- heads, and ambushed in a pit of snakes, just isn't-" Ranma, paused, when that same feeling came back. "-just isn't-" He just barely hung on his words. "-the way to do it." A split second after Ranma, finished his last word, Tatewaki, went in and kissed him; kissed him firm, and passionately.

"Oh my," Kasumi, put in, with her hand over her mouth.

"Well, we see now," Nabiki, accusing them, of doing other, then what they had said.

"Ranma, you pervert!" Akane, shouted out.

"Ranma, what are you doing?" Soun, question in franticly.

"Boy, stop what you're doin this instant," Genma, ordered, but failed in very way, otherwise.

Akane, simply folded her arms, before she looked away. "Humph…let him be a pervert, all he wants…not that I care."

"Boy, you have a fiancé, what are you doing? How dear you throw yourself at another boy, when you have Akane?"

"That's right Ranma," Soun, stuck Akane, in front of him. "See, look there's Akane. Tell me, you haven't you forgotten?"

Nabiki, with an evil leer on her face, she pulled out her camera, and started taking pictures.

Suddenly, the cube dropped to the floor, yet this time, instead of it transferring Tatewaki, and Ranma, back to Egypt. Four people arrived into the museum instead.

Everyone, just watched the two kiss, before they heard a very filmier voice.

"How did we get here?" Nassor, asked back, and forth.

Akins, shrugged, but had an idea. "I'm not sure, but I do think the Tool of the dead, might have something to do with this."

"Where are we?" Amen- Ra, asked them, a little confused.

Abubakar, turned to the three. "I believe we're in Tokyo…future Tokyo."

The four gathered together, as looked around, when they each started to speak. "Amazing…Amazing."

The other five, grasp at the similarities between Akins, Nassor, and Tatewaki, and Ranma.

Tatewaki, and Ranma's couldn't take their eyes off them, not even for a minute.

"What the-"

"How on earth did you guys get here?" Tatewaki, inquired on demanded.

"We believe the cube, may have brought us here," Abubakar, answered.

"Isn't there only one those cube- things?" Ranma, question off confused.

"We were standing in the spot you guys were in, when we suddenly vanished."

Ranma, then automatically turned to Tatewaki, when he saw him, looking at his hand. "Okay what did you do this time?"

Tatewaki, blinked in confusion. "I must had accidently dropped it."

Ranma, sighed, before he put on arm on Tatewaki's shoulder, and patted it. "It's okay man."

The five of them, still stood there, in amazement.

Nabiki, blinked a few times. "No way!"

"How- how is that possible?" Akane, questioned, feeling more lost than ever.

Ranma, showed them all the cube. "This."

"So that took you guys back 3,000 years back to Ancient Egypt, and now it's brought them here?" Nabiki, trying to clarify things.

"Yeah," Ranma, shrugged aside to Tatewaki. "That's-"

Tatewaki, nodded along. "Pretty much it."

Genma, and Saotome, walked up to Akins, and Nassor, pointing back at Tatewaki, and Ranma, in complaint. "Look what you did to them!?"

Tatewaki, cleared his throat. "I believe we have bigger problems on our hands."

"Yeah, like how are we going to get them back?" Ranma, question in final.

Everyone, looked at each other a bit worried.

Akane, shrugged aside. "How about we let them stay for a while."

Nabiki, held up Tatewaki's and Ranma's report. "Yeah, to see if you two were lying about any of this or not."

"How about a tour around the museum," Genma, invited.

Soun, turned to Genma. "Genma, how could you…you know very well that they're the ones who are ruining things for my precious Akane, and your son."

"Oh but father, this will give us a good chance to get to know them," Kasumi, held out, making her point.

Soun, sighed.

"Don't worry Tendo, I have a plan," Genma, started. "If we can get them to see that Akane, is his fiancé, then they should have no problem siding with us. I mean, they're great pharaoh's after all, they should understand.

Soun, and Genma, slowly looked up to see Tatewaki, and Ranma, standing there, glaring at them, with their arms folded; due to the fact that they had overheard them.

"They're the ones who paired us up, in the first place pops, okay," Ranma, finally let down.

"Ranma's right, there is no way, Akins, and Nassor, would agree to such."

Genma, and Soun, looked down sad.

"Everything's over," Genma, let out.

"All over," Soun, finally ended at last.

Tatewaki, and Ranma, just shook their heads, before they exchanged a small grin with each other. After that they joined hands again, just standing around, talking.

Everyone, was meeting the other three, when Abubakar, stopped by the two for a minute. "Ranma, didn't you mention something about a cure, when we went to Lake Nasser?"

Ranma, snapped his hands across him. "Shoot! I knew there was something I forgot to do!"

Tatewaki, looked at Ranma, a little confused. "I've been meaning to ask you about that?"

Ranma, stepped back. "Uh…how about we explain it, on the tour?"

Tatewaki, nodded along with a shrugged. "All right."

Abubakar, got a signal, from the other group, that they were ready. "Ready you two?"

Tatewaki, smirked with a small blush. "Yeah."

They were all about to start, when Nabiki, asked out one and final question. "Anyone, wanna start with the Egyptian side first?'

Everyone shouted out their answer. "NO!"

[AN: Do not own Ranma ½… Do not own Egypt…haha…and I did has much research on this has I can; so if it isn't perfect, don't be dissing about it, all right? I was originally wasn't planning on using radioactive, explosive elements in this, but it just happened…it doesn't mean anything, just to let you know for safety precaution, and so on, so just chill, okay? First time, something like that has every crossed my mind. Just enjoy the fanfic, okay? And if there's something I forgot to add in this, I apologize ahead of time. Anyway having the four come back to Nerima, would make a good plot for a second fanfic, wouldn't you think so?...Sadly enough, I don't have the time, so I did it like this. I hope you all get something good out of this fanfic after all!- Tab]