The Costume mix-up.

The Power Rangers did not know that recently when they accidently landed in the Star Wars universe they had somehow taken off their costumes and put on some that belonged to Storm troopers by mistake. As you can imagine that was about to create some serious mix-ups as they had gone home wearing them. Worse still, the Storm troopers had unknowingly put on the Power Rangers' costumes and had returned to Darth Vader wearing THEM. When the Power Rangers got home all was normal then Tommy said, "Why is everybody looking scared of us?" In the Star Wars universe, a few Storm troopers were wondering why everybody was so friendly to them.

Back at Angel Grove high school, Bulk and Skull were looking out the window and were shocked to see seven Storm troopers. They rushed outside and said "Welcome to planet earth." Skull nearly fainted. The Rangers were confused until Skull showed them a mirror.

"Guys," said Tommy, "I think we're going to have to make a trip back to the Star Wars universe." Meanwhile on the Death Star, Darth Vader was questioning the so-called 'Power Rangers'. Luckily all of a sudden, several Storm troopers came in. "What is the meaning of this?" bellowed Darth Vader. "I think you'll find," said Billy, "that there has been a slight costume mix up. We are the so called 'Power Rangers'. They are you're Storm Troopers." Darth Vader didn't believe any of it so the Power Rangers and the Storm troopers swapped costumes (in the toilets). They then walked out. Darth Vader at last understood what had happened and kicked them out. On their flight home, Aisha asked Tommy, "Do you suppose everything will be back to normal now?" "Yes," said Tommy. (He forgot to mention he'd left behind his morpher…..)

The End