One shot Jacob/O.C Jamie is Bella sister see how it all began as she looks back to how it ended up, spoiler for my New moon.

Chapter One Meet Jamie Swan.

The day mom left was bad, she took my sister Bella and left me behind, Jacob was there and held my hand, I was 4 at the time Jacob was 5 he looked angry at my mom.
"I am leaving, taking Bella. You can keep her, she's belongs to you."
"Please don't leave, Why only Bella?"
"Because I want out she told me she want to go with me, Jamie can stay here."
As they argued Bella glanced at the door not looking at me or Jake.
I was crying..."Jake can we?"
"Yeah lets go out side"
The two kids when out side Quill and Embry followed by Seth came by and herd the yelling so they went out back.
They all looked at Jamie she was their sister and very protective of her, she loves hearing the tribes story and loves them, Billy allowed her as she is tired to the tribe as she is a half quilted, she was born before Charlie meet her and her mum died when she was born.

That was a few years ago and Bella coming home I am 15 she 17 Jake not that excited about her coming, she used to come spent the summer but stopped coming,
I was round at Jakes with Seth and Embry and of cause Quill, I have a crush on Jake which is bad but Seth thinks he feels the same we've all hung out all the time either fixing cars which at the moment we are fixing Bella new truck.
"Hey Jake do you think she'll remember me?"
"Who knows, Billy says you're staying, with us?"
.. I looked down; "well she's taken my bed room so yeah"

Jake point of view

Bella back I am happy to see her but what's she done to Jamie not cool, Charlie been going on about Bella coming home all week and forgot her birthday she was so upset, when Bella is around Jamie gets forgotten a lot, one time know one picked her up so me and Billy took her home, she's here more than home so Bella got her room we had a week to pack up, Charlie was upset, but he knew Bella would resent her.
"Well here we are kido"
"Billy... well let's see if she remembers us Jake"


Bella point of view.

Pulled up to the house that I used to grew up in, mum did not want me to go but I had to,
Charlie was going on about Jamie... I don't remember her that much other than she's my step sister
As we pulled up there was a boy and a girl the boy looked dorky and was talking to the girl.

No one point of view

"Hey Bella welcome back"
"Urm thanks"
"Jacob Black, we made mud pies together"
"Ow yea"
"Hey Jay you ok"
"Yea hi Bell"a
"...hi ow my goodness dad this is great"
I looked at Jamie and she was upset she was blown off for a truck that she spent hours fixing
J"acob did you do this"
"No Jamie did I help a little she fixed the engine"
Bella looked at the girl blankly and shrugged Charlie watch as his young daughter got the brush off.
She ran to the car and locked the door Jake ran after her.
"Hey don't cry Jay"
"Did you see what she just did, she moved in dad said nothing might as well not be alive."
"Hey! Don't ever think like that you have me, Quill, Seth, Embry and Lea ok we love you."
Jake holds her as she cried tears rolled down her face as they drove home.

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