Uh, hi!

i bet you're all super mad i haven't updated, or you don't really care. which would be better in my case...

anyways, in case you haven't noticed, this SYOT is now discontinued. and, it was also really bad. but i've grown up since then, and i promise that (a few of) my other Fics are way better. i'm sorry i left you all hanging for almost a year, worrying about your wonderful, marvellous, fantastical tributes, but sadly, you won't be hearing about them from me anymore. i guess i just lost interest. and, well, it's so bad i cringe at it every time i proofread, and seriously, you don't want to read for loss of sanity.

also, this is not because of the flames i received a while ago. those were rude and inconsiderate, but i don't give up because of certain people. seriously though people, these are my first ever stories. think for a moment, please! i know it's badly written and lacks skill and reality, but give me a break here. i'm not the horrible writer i was when i first started. now you can critique me all you want. i'll suck it all in like a good little girl.

and yes, i do realize that i'm not using proper capitalization right now. i don't really care. its just an author's note!

thanks for all the guidance and support, guys. you've made me a better person.

~ Elle