One Day, Cuddles woke up and Went To Kitchen But Lumpy Is There, He Said That a New Tree Friend is Coming. His Name is Collin

"Gee, Lumpy" Said Cuddles

"According to My Time, Collin is Coming 54 minutes! Said Lumpy

"So? What Does He Look Like" Said Cuddles

"He is a Penguin With a Short Sleve and Blue Pants" Said Lumpy

"Hurry! Get in The Harbor!" Said Flaky

When Lumpy and Cuddles got in the Harbor, Collin is on a Way!

"HELLO HAPPY TREE TOWN!" Said Collin with Hannah A (A Sea Otter with a Shirt and Pants)

"HUH?" Said Lumpy

"Hannah A Is With Collin?" Said Lumpy

Lumpy and Cuddles Cheered Again

Hannah A Is Crying Tears of joy about Meeting Happy Tree Friends

Everyone Stopped Cheering

"Gee, Its Getting at 10 am. Its Chloe's Closet Time" Said Collin

"Unfortunately, We Have no TV, But Cuddles has a TV" Said Lumpy

"Good Idea" Said Collin

"Nice Idea" Said Hannah A

The End