One Day, Sniffles was Working the Teleporter that Takes to the Different Universe. Collin and Muffin came to Sniffles' labortory and They Saw The Teleporter.

"Cool!" Said Collin

"Awsome" Said Muffins

"HERE I COME" Splendid said

He landed on Collin but Collin Didn't Die.

But Suddendly, The Machine Began to Shake and All the Tree Friends expect for Splendid, Muffin, and Collin got Squashed like a Pancake. inside is Blythe Baxter and Pets. and Collin, Muffin, Splendid, and Sniffles ran away to Tree town's Safe Place and Blythe Baxter meet Tree Friends

"Hello" Said Blythe Baxter

"I'm Frustrated" Said Muffin, Collin, Splendid, and Sniffles

To Be Continued