Aqua sat on the edge at the summit. It was summer, so the Keyblade wielders got a few weeks away from school.

Aqua loved this part of the day. Right after the sunset. Just light enough to see the landscape around you, but dark enough to see the stars.

Except, the stars were clothed in clouds.

The bluenette inhaled the sweet air. It was a truly beautiful night, even though she couldn't see the stars. Or the 'Hearts of the Worlds', as Ven called them.

Aqua heard footsteps behind her.

"It's too late for little girls to be out."

Aqua looked up. Standing beside her was Terra.

"I'm not a little girl!" she glared at him.

He sat down next to her. "No, not at all. Youw a big guwl." he said in a mock-baby voice then pinched her cheeks.

"Oh stop it, Terra!" Aqua swatted his hands away.

The brown-haired boy smiled and Aqua's annoyance melted.

But then the clouds shattered, spilling their contents on the worlds.

"Oh no!" Terra cried, upset that their accidental date was being ruined by precipitation.

"It's ok!" Aqua said "Come on, the rain's not so bad! Let me show you."

She pulled him up, guided his left hand to her waist and held his right hand in her left.

"The rain is like music." she explained "All you have to do is dance."

The steps came naturally to both Key bearers, and in no time they were dancing a perfect waltz.

A crack of thunder became their drumbeat, the lightning became their ambiance.

After an eternity that passed in a moment, they returned to the castle.

Once the low lights from the windows came into their line of sight, Terra stopped.

Aqua looked up at him.

"What's wrong, Terr-" she was cut off.

By Terra kissing her.

Her eyes widened in absolute surprise.

Terra, her best friend-besides Ven-was kissing her? Aqua had always had a crush on him but she had long since convinced herself that he would never like her back.

Terra smiled a bit and Aqua relaxed into the kiss.

They heard a loud creak behind them, but the couple ignored it.

"Whoa! What are you guys doing?!" a startled voice yelped. The yelp seemed to be coming from the same source as the creak. Terra and Aqua broke apart to see who this bystander who didn't seem to by stand as much as the couple would've liked.

It was Ventus.

"Um...hi Ven." Aqua murmured.

"Were you guys kissing?" The little blonde spark plug seemed stunned. Never before had he seen such passionate displays of affection.

"Yes. And didn't see it." Terra said.

Ven knit his brows "I didn't?" now he was just confused.

"Nope." Terra put his hand on the back of Ven's head and pushed him inside the castle.

He turned back to Aqua.

"You know, the rain's not so bad."