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I could not belive were i was. I, Raven Madison, was in a sex store. How I ever got there I would never understand? However, I was there to try to get Alexander to tack me. Not as a vapire,but to tack my verginady. Why would a 17 teen year old gril want to lose her verginady so eary in the game? yes alled life a game. Well I am in love, and love mackes you do crazy , back to the store. This store i was in was covered in underwere. Dam! there was kinds that were even clear. What would the pouint be for even where it then? Even some that had no bottom.

"May I help you?" I truned around to face a big boobed blond haired girl. I looked down at the name tag that was bared in her cleavig. Candy. Is this a strip club?

"Umm, yea," i desided, after all I was clueless, " do you have any thing more modist?" Candy looked at me like I was stupid.

"Yes, over here," she said uncharicteristicly sweet from her face exsoreison. I followed her to the back of the the wall was diffrent colors, but none black.

"Do you have any in black?'" I asked. She nodded and pouinted over to a box marked clearence. I nenlt down and fan thoure it untill I found the perfect one. I smricked at it. This will knock Alexanders scoks off.

Sorry i did not get to the lemons or alexanders view...review i begg