Took me sometime to figure out how to end this so here it finial is. Sorry for the spelling and typing errors along the way.

"Take off your bra," he breathed hotly in to my ear before he started to nipple on it.


Doing as her boyfriend commanded Raven reached behind her unclasped her bra slowly. The straps rolled down her arms and into her hands. Raven quickly threw the bra over to an unknown part of the second attic. Her rounded breast bounded out of there hold and her nipples ererected perfectly from a mixture of arassle and the cold air. Alexander looked down to see his angle of darkness' chest he nudist that her right breast was larger the left, he also saw sweat roll down her neck. Smirking he took the bigger of the two's nipples in to his mouth and swirled his tongue around. Moaning at the sensation Raven tangled her fingers into Alexander's hair. Alexander nibbled on her nipple lightly.

"Enough foreplay," Raven moaned. Alexander pulled away from her chest and looked at Raven; his eyes were dark with lust and longing.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"No, I'm nude above your cock and I don't want to make love," Raven says sarcastically. Alexander smirked and lowered Raven down on to his pulsing dick. She winced and tugged hard on his hair. He push slowly threw then stop when he got to the hymen. Giving his love a loving kiss he pulled out and then push thru hard. Raven bit her lip to keep from screaming from the pain. A drop of blood dropped from her lip. Alexander licked the blood off and started to move in and out. Slowly the pain became more pleaser than anything. That was when a shiver of pleaser ran up Raven's spine when Alexander made contact with her g-spot.

"D-do that again," Raven begged. Alexander did as she asked and continued to thrust in to her, and faster and harder each time. Soon Raven was at her limit and came, yelling her boyfriend's name as she did. She squeezed as she did, after a few more thrusts Alexander came too yelling Raven. They stayed still for a moment just panting.

"I love you so much," Raven panted after a moment.

"I love you too," Alexander responded, finally lifting Raven to pull out of her. Cum dripped from her women hood. Ravens eyes began to droop with her exhaustion soon she passed out.


I woke up to find me in a really dark and enclosed space. I felt an arm around my waist and soon I figured out where I was: I was in Alexander's coffin bed. I smiled at my prince and future husband. I push the coffin open and climbed out. The pain was horrible, but manageable. I found myself in Alexander's shirt and boxers and also kind of hungry. I closed his coffin and left his attic bed room. I went to the kitchen and found Jameson waiting for me with breakfast. I thanked him and went to the dining room. As I ate I started to eat and began to wonder about James and Nicky.

"Ms. Raven?" Jameson said walking in.

"Sorry, what is it?"

"I found this address to you." He handed me a red envelope with my name written on it. I nodded in thanks and took it. Opening it I found a torn page from a Jewry magazine with a circle around a picture of a thick silver band ring with three diamonds in it. Under it was written: Hey young mom, this is the ring I am thinking of giving to Nicky for an engagement ring. Love, James