Chapter 13: Powerful? Heck yeah!


"Cool. So, uh, how powerful are you, really?"

Hall of Justice…9:30 p.m. …

Karolina smirked, "Perhaps you would like to question the Justice League exactly how powerful we are?"

All heads turned to face the Justice League. Martian Manhunter sighed and his eyes glowed yellow.

Flashback: 20 years ago…

The world was in ruins….the Justice League defeated by merciless creatures with no conscience…. Bodies strewn on the streets, drained of life and blood…an army of truculent creatures raging havoc on planet Earth.

Earth's final resistance…the Justice League were so battered and bruised...that they could not even put up a fight anymore…Earth's last hope…snuffed out like a weak tiny flame…gone…in less than 30 minutes…

Superman…suit torn…shoulder dislocated…fractured shin….bleeding nose…breathless…exhausted… All these caused by these bloodthirsty creatures advancing upon them now…the Justice League… Every hero ever known, was mortally wounded. Some unconscious…some missing…others…mangled …broken like little dolls.

Superman faintly looked up…eyes glazed…on the verge of giving up…Until….


Inhuman, piercing screams echoed throughout the empty streets. The unholy creatures pushed back by some unseen force. Scattered throughout the town…these creatures…so menacing and so powerful before…now defeated by some unknown force even more powerful than them…

In a matter of seconds…the demons who have practically gained dominance of Earth within 24-hours…have been turned to dust…the wind scattering their remains throughout the Earth.

Superman glanced up…to see eight figures standing in front of him…clad in robes as dark as night…hoods covering their faces…The figure in the middle, whom the others flanked, had a regal air about him/her. So majestic…the most powerful creature Superman had ever encountered…sheer power and energy rolled off him/her in waves…engulfing him completely…

The figure reached down and offered a hand to Superman. Superman noticed that it was dainty and delicate…the hand of a female.

He accepted the offer, and took her hand. It was cold…icy cold…soft and smooth too…no wrinkles.

The figure…eyes hidden behind the hood…smiled at him, giving him a neat curtsey while the other seven bowed…and when Superman blinked and his vision cleared…they were gone…making him think that it was simply a figment of his imagination.

He never saw those eight figures again. Even if he had…their identities were hidden…

Slowly…he started to forget about them…their meeting simply a vague memory now…

End of flashback

Everyone started in shock at the gruesome memory, and then turned to the eight Vampires.

"Those eight figures were you…weren't they?" Garfield questioned.

Karolina nodded, "Yes…we were there 20 years ago…we were the ones who destroyed the Strigois and saved Earth. See, we are immortal…we never age…I am the oldest of the four of us…Wally being the second-oldest, Roy the second youngest, and Dick being the youngest. I say four as there is a saying that once in a few millennia, a group of Vampires of different species will band together, put aside their differences and become best friends. We have established this connection more than 50 000 years ago. Also, although they say that the older you are, the more powerful you are, once you have established such a connection, you will become more powerful!"

"Wait," Bart cried. "50 000 years?! That's older than Vandal Savage! How old are you, exactly?"

Wally smiled, "Karolina is more than 180 000 years old. I am more than 170 000 years old, Roy is more than 160 000 years old, and Dick is more than 150 000 years old. We were born around the time of anatomically modern humans."

Several jaws dropped and shock gasps resonated throughout the entire room.

"What?!" Jamie screamed. "So, the youngest of you…is like…100 000 years older than Vandal Savage?!"

Karolina nodded, "Yes. To us, he is merely a toddler. For centuries we have existed, keeping our identities secret by pretending to be born, grow old and die, before we start over again, in a never-ending cycle. We will change our identities every time…change our looks…our names…by wearing wigs…make-up and more. Sometime in history, we were even famous people! Once every 10 000 years or so, we will appear in our true identities. This century just so happens to be the century in which we use our real identities. The age and look you see us in now are how we have looked like for eons. W simply looked younger before by utilising magic, which every Born-Vampire possesses to a certain extent. In order for us to be caught in the age which we are currently at, to stop aging, we kind of…need to…lose our virginity…" Here, she blushed.

Roy continued, "When we are born, we will grow and age every year like a normal human, but until we lose our virginity, will we forever remain that age. So, whatever you are thinking right now, if we did it at the current age we are stuck in, then, yes."

"So…you guys are very very powerful?" Mal asked slowly.

"We hate to brag," Dick said. "But, basically, yes, we are. Trust me, if you had a choice, you would not want to fight us. The amount of power we used on Vandal Savage was pittance compared to our true power."

Karolina smirked, "As to what I am capable of, let us just say that, since I am a Pureblood, I am the most powerful…As to what powers I will use on missions, it will simply be two things. One: A little bit of Super strength, super agility, speed healing, super speed, super stamina, and super intelligence. Which I will be keeping to the minimum, of course. Two: A little manipulation I like to call…Bloody Whip."

With that said, from two of her fingers, a whip made from blood shot out.

"I can control it. It can cause severe injury even to the toughest of skin, and can also immediately zap energy from any living thing it holds, transferring the energy to me. I would not call this parasitism, but more of the fact that I am a Psi Vampire. The human or animal can always regain this energy again. I can feed purely on energy of course. However, I need nourishment now and then, so I keep this consuming of energy ability restricted to desperate measures and missions."

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