Chapter 14: Shakespearean!

"Wally, prithee reconsider…Dost thou not want to be a hero again?"

This was the scene that the Team and the Justice League came upon when they entered the Chill' out room, as Bart so graciously called it: Karolina pleading with Wally over something and speaking in a weird language-at least, to them- , Wally folding his arms and huffing, and Dick and Roy watching with mild amusement.

Wally answered, "Karolina, I wilt not. 'Tis my final decision!"

Roy stepped forward, "Wherefore, Wally? All of us art in this now. Dost thou not want to be with us again? Together? If thou join us, we would fain accept thee, and perchance thou can be Kid Flash again."

Wally scoffed, "Kid Flash? Let me beseech thee, Roy. I am behind in training, also, The Flash already hast Impulse, what good wilt I be to him?"

At this, the Flash cried out, "Fie! Is that what thou think, Wally? Never think that, I wilt not allow it!"

"Ok, time-out!" Beast Boy exclaimed. "What are you guys talking about? I could hardly understand your words!"

All conversation between the five halted abruptly.

Karolina answered, "It is simply English from the Middle Ages. We revert to speaking it every now and then."

"We utilize words like thee, thy, thou, wilt, hast, and so on and so forth." Dick said.

"If thou hark to it oft, thou wilt come to understand." Roy said.

"Huh?" Was the reply he generally received.

Barry supplied, "He means that if you guys hear it often, you will come to understand."

"Ohhh…." Bart said. "Sweet!"

"Yes, real sweet." Wally muttered.

Karolina turned to Wally once more, "Prithee Wally. Thou can go by another alias. Thou need not necessarily be Kid Flash. Thou could use thy vampire powers, no?"

Wally stared at her, "Fie! Art thou crazy?! Using my Vampire powers?! Doth not even think!"

Roy's eyes sparkled, "Thou forced us, then. We doth not want to use 't, but 't seems that we hast no choice."

Karolina then clasped her hands together, closed her eyes and cried out dramatically, "O Wallace, Wallace! Wherefore art thou Wallace? Deny thy father and refuse thy name.
Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love
And I'll no longer be a Sullivan."

Wally stiffened, then his face darkened, and he started yelling, "No! Doth not remind me of that scene! Blackmail, I tell thee!"

Dick grinned, "I shall take thou to thy words, then. From hither forth, I am no longer a West, O sweet Gwendolyn."

"Stop! Prithee!" Wally cried, covering his ears.

Roy smirked, "We wilt ne'er stop, unless thou agree to rejoin the Team."

"Blackmail." Wally growled. Then he sighed.

"Alright. I shall rejoin, under the alias of Curser."

Karolina, Roy and Dick did a quick victory dance together, then quickly composing themselves, they asked, "We beseech thou, then. Wherefore dost thou choose that name?"

"Simply this," Wally answered, and then, he pointed at the glass of water on the coffee table, speaking a rhyme as he did so,

"Shatter into thousands,

And inflict pain upon evil hands."

With that, the glass of water, shattered into a thousand pieces, spilling water everywhere. The glass shards then swirled upwards and flew out an open window. From the TV that was currently on the news channel, everyone could clearly see the funnel of glass shards aiming towards two men who were fighting over a senseless issue, beating each other up brutally, outside the Hall of Justice.

From the TV, everyone could also see when the glass shards circled on the two men's hands and two pain-filled cries, before the glass shards imploded, disintegrating as they went. The two men were left on live TV with bleeding hands and stared at each other before finally settling their dispute and going their separate ways.

"That is why I chose the name Curser." Wally announced as everyone stared at him in awe.

"What other powers of thy dost thou wish to utilize?" Dick asked.

Wally rubbed his chin, "Teleportation, perchance. Maybe a little stealth and agility wilt not hurt."

"Yes! Welcome to the Team, Curser!" Dick enthused.

"Yes, yes, 'tis great. Now, prithee, leave me alone for the next 24 hours."

With that, he turned and left the Hall of Justice.

"Recognized; Kid Flash; Override; changing status; Recognized; Curser; B03."

Everyone stared after him, and then turned to the three remaining –four if you consider Flash-, and Garfield asked, "Dudes! What was with the Romeo and Juliet quotes?"

Flash answered, "About two or three centuries ago, Wally was friends with William Shakespeare. Wally then met and fell in love with a mortal named Gwendolyn Sullivan. But they cannot be together as the Sullivans are a family of Vampire Hunters. They were star-crossed lovers. In the end though, Gwendolyn stayed while our family moved to another place at the turn of the century. Before we moved, however, Wally told William his story of love before they parted as friends, and William was inspired, so he used Wally's love story as a base for his story of Romeo and Juliet, twisting the end of course. William knew about us, by the way. He could not risk exposing the real end, and he wanted his story to have more drama, so, he wrote it that way. For half a century, Wally was glum over his love, so, every time he hears this title, it will stir up old memories he would rather forget. So, yea, saying those quotes basically tortured him. This is how they sometimes get him to conform to their requests, pretty ingenious, eh?"

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