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Chapter One: Go!

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zinthos."

On and on she continued repeating this mantra, using it as though it were the center of her entire universe, the point around which the rest of her world revolved. The control she exhibited over her emotions was as strong and complete as it had ever been before, allowing her perfect neutrality and clearness as she expanded her metaphysical senses outwards, at first encompassing only her bedroom before extending to include all of Titan's Tower and then, eventually, the entire city.

Though unable to sense each individual citizen and visitor within the limits of Jump City, she could see perfectly the sea of amassed emotions, from happiness and joy to anger and sadness, a murky, rolling current of emotion she'd expected following the conquest of the city at the hands of the forces of the super villain known as Slade and its subsequent liberation following that man's demise at the hands of his redeemed apprentice.

Now here was where fifteen year-old Raven Roth could feel some of the control she exhibited over her emotions begin to fade. Terra. Even during her brief tenure as a Teen Titan and then as Slade's apprentice, she'd completely changed the complexion of the Titans forever, in ways they couldn't even begin to fathom. She'd been a dangerous enemy and a powerful friend. Though she'd denied it, even to the girl's face, Raven had trusted her, had believed in her sincerity to join the team…had been just as betrayed and hurt when the truth about Terra's allegiances had at last found their way to the surface.

Of course, Raven silently reminded herself, still not stopping her mantra, none of them had been as hurt or betrayed by the young elemental as Beast Boy. From the day of her arrival, Raven had known there was something there, but it hadn't been until two days ago, the day Slade's reign of terror had ended, that she'd realized just how powerful those feelings had been. He'd loved her, she knew, as much as she'd loved him. Perhaps, Raven mused, the feelings between them had been stronger than even they themselves had realized.

Then, in a moment that, for her, was unheard of, she withdrew her metaphysical senses inwards until they were focused only on her, and then, still reciting her usual mantra, she began to extend them outwards once more. This time, however, she kept her senses and energies limited solely to the Tower, searching until, at last, she came to the presence that could only be the team's shape-shifting fighter of crime.

On the surface, he was normal, like always. Gathering from his current mixture of joy, elation, and frustration, she was fairly certain he was in the common room playing video games with Cyborg. Below that surface of facades, however, she could still sense the overwhelming pain and sorrow he was keeping bottled up, the sadness that had come with losing Terra, mixed with the relief and joy of knowing she'd gone out not as the apprentice of the greatest villain in recent memory but as a Teen Titan, a true hero.

And then, as quickly as her control had slipped, it returned. What had happened was in the past, and nothing could change it, nor would that fact itself ever change. Beast Boy, like the rest of them, had been hurt and betrayed by someone they'd all counted as a friend, and she'd found her redemption at the very end, using her powers to save the same city she'd helped conquer. She withdrew her emotions and senses before allowing them to flood back out over the city. Beast Boy would eventually move beyond what had happened, just as his broken heart would eventually heal, given enough time. Her powers were too great, too dangerous, to risk letting them become fueled and backed by any of her emotions, positive or negative. As Starfire had learned first-hand during their battle with the Puppet King, even the slightest slip in the control over her emotions could be catastrophic. She had told Beast Boy they'd find a way to reverse the effects of Terra's powers, that they would bring her back, and that was a promise she intended to keep, no matter how long it took. Besides, she reminded herself sternly, her presence or comfort would do very little to help Beast Boy heal any quicker. This, after all, was something only time would heal.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zinthos."

With Slade now gone, it appeared the city was, for the moment, peaceful. Though Cinderblock, Plasmus, and Overload had disappeared following the fall of Slade and Terra, they appeared to at least be collecting themselves before their next attack, at which time the Titans would again take them down. For the moment, at any rate, all the other known criminals were currently behind bars, leaving the citizens of Jump City to rebuild in peace, without worry of falling victim to another super villain.

For nearly a full hour she continued her meditations, at one with herself and in perfect control of her emotions. Suddenly, though, she realized that, metaphysically, she wasn't alone. As though it were a light being switched on in the middle of the night, she found a second presence nearby, expanding itself across the city as though whoever this was might be searching for something…or someone.

With virtually no warning, then, her heart stopped in its track as her breath caught, her mantra suddenly going silent. There was a second metaphysical presence in Jump City, and this one, like the first presence she'd discovered, was completely different from both herself and the first presence. This person, whoever it might be, appeared in her mind akin to a distant thunderstorm slowly coming ever closer, a twisting, churning hurricane of emotions, of sheer darkness, a wall of familiar evil preparing to descend upon the city.

Realizing the dangerous level of power this newcomer possessed, she used her powers to latch onto the darkness and began to follow it back to its origin. However, before she could find the source of this power, the eye of the hurricane, she felt the darkness respond to her presence. Her voice still silent, her breath still frozen, she found herself being blown away by the darkness with such power that her meditations found themselves at a sudden end as she was picked up off of her bed and launched clear across the room, her back slamming hard into the cold steel of her room's wall.

Gasping for air, her breasts rising and falling as her chest heaved in and out, desperate to fill her body with oxygen once more, she climbed to her feet, quickly checking herself over to confirm she wasn't injured. Though Slade appeared to be gone, Raven knew someone else had come to take his place, to prey on a city that had only just begun recovering from conquest…a city nowhere near ready to withstand another evil mastermind so soon.

Turning around, she opened the door and strode out, not stopping as she pulled the hood of her cloak up and over her head, concealing a majority of her face from view. Jump City, she knew, like the Teen Titans, wasn't out of the woods yet.

He ducked down just in time to avoid the thick, sturdy leg aimed directly for his head. Allowing his opponent to overstep and lose balance, he launched himself up into the air and into a backflip, bringing his right leg up and thus sending his right foot directly into his foe's face, sending that opponent staggering backwards. Seizing his new opportunity, he lurched forward, launching a series of left-to-right-to-left punches that further drove his foe back. In a desperate move to defend himself, his opponent brought his left fist in, aimed directly at the young hero's head. It quickly became apparent, however, that this was a futile move, for the young hero brought both of his arms up, perfectly blocking the attack as he knocked the arm wide of its target. This, in turn, caused his foe to overstep once again, staggering in too close to the young hero, who immediately took advantage of this catastrophic mistake. He firmly grabbed the left arm, the same he'd just batted aside, while simultaneously turning around and hoisting his opponent onto his back. Still on the move, he then tossed his opponent over him and onto the ground. Now free of the extra weight, he launched himself high into the air, flipping head-over-heels several times before he began his descent towards his helpless adversary, who was looking up at him, as though waiting for him to finish up the bout. The young hero, in turn, pulled his left leg up as high as he could, turning his right leg into a sole missile. He heard the satisfying crunch, felt the shockwave spread up his leg and across his body, as his right foot made contact with his foe's head before caving in its face, not stopping until it had emerged through the back of his opponent's head and now rested on the floor below.

Placing his left foot on the floor below, Dick Grayson, known simply as Robin, the founder and leader of the Teen Titans, pulled his foot free of his adversary's caved-in face and planted into next to his left foot before turning to regard the room he was in.

Wires, circuit boards, robotic appendages, and twisted steel littered the training room, sparks hissing angrily as though mad at him for his destructive ways. Looking down, her watched as sparks exploded out of the robot's caved in face, but though he'd won (again), he felt very little satisfaction. Programmed to fight like the defeated Slade, to help him train so that he could better combat the evil mastermind, these robots, courtesy of Cyborg's genius with machines and computers, still lacked the skill and power, the spirit, the real Slade had owned, doing very little to help him prepare for his next encounter with the man he so hated.

"You do know Slade's gone, right?"

Robin didn't need to look up to know who'd joined him in the training room, for only one member of his team had that feminine neutrality in her voice, that tone that was emotionless yet wise at the same time.

"We can't be sure about that, Raven." He responded, still not moving from his spot. "He was never captured, never found. We can't be sure of what happened to him. For all we know, he may still be out there, just waiting for us to drop our guard."

"He might be." The young Goth conceded. "And if he is then we will stop him, like we always do. Punishing yourself like this will achieve nothing, Robin; you need to let it—to let him—go."

"I can't do that." He countered, still not moving or looking up. "Not yet."

"You're obsessed with Slade." She responded calmly. "As long as you're focused on him, you're not focused on anything or anyone else, and this city will always have more enemies than just Slade."

He knew she was right, knew that she had a point, but that still didn't make it any easier. When he'd been partners with Gotham City's Dark Knight he'd faced several villains who made evil look good, some of the most dangerous beings in the world, perhaps even the galaxy. As the leader of the Teen Titans he'd fought against more villains still, but Slade…never before had he faced someone like him.

"Slade was a powerful enemy." Raven continued. "Stronger, darker, smarter, and cleverer than any one villain we've ever faced before, but he won't always be the strongest, or the darkest, or the smartest. We will face more enemies just as dangerous and just as determined as Slade."

"Our friend is right, Robin." A second female voice, this one brimming with innocence and kindness, added. "You have been obsessed with Slade since the day we first heard his name, and I fear now that he is gone you do not know how to let him go."

"Like I told Raven, Star, we don't know for sure if he is gone or not. We never found him, we-"

"But Robin," The young Tamaranian countered, cutting him off before he could finish his argument. "He fell into the pool of the lava, and Slade is only human. There is no way he could have survived."

"And even if he did survive, we've not heard anything from him since Terra stopped the volcano, which means either he's given up or he's having to take time off to heal himself. Either way, for the moment, he's not the threat he was." Raven paused, going silent as Robin struggled to find the perfect argument, the one word or sentence that would justify his continued pursuit of Slade. "Robin, you need to focus on new threats, because Slade's not the only dark villain ready to threaten this city."

At last something clicked into his mind, finally giving his cause to look up at Raven as he realized she sounded as though she might be trying to tell him something without telling him. He could almost see how hard she was working to tell him that she had sensed something dark closing in without coming right out to say it. Before he could open his mouth to speak, however, the lights went red as, throughout the Tower, alarm klaxons began to blare off their warning that, once again, the Teen Titans were needed.

"Titans!" He shouted, racing for the door. "Trouble!"

"There is no Emotion, there is only Peace. There is no Ignorance, there is only Knowledge. There is no Passion, there is only Serenity. There is no Chaos, there is only Harmony. There is no Death, there is only the Force."

Over and over again he repeated these words to himself, words he'd known since before he'd even known how to speak them. His eyes remained closed as he stood atop the towering building. These words were among all he had left of his old life, the life that, only a little over a year ago, had been snatched from him like an infant in the middle of the night.

Only a month from his fifteenth birthday, he'd been a Jedi Apprentice, the Padawan learner of the respected Jedi Master, Talm Zi'Kez, fighting in the Clone Wars against the Confederacy of Independent Systems and its massive droid army. And then Order 66 had been handed down directly from Chancellor Palpatine, who'd revealed himself as the Sith Lord, Darth Sidious. The clone troops the Jedi had been commanding had turned, and the Jedi had fallen.

Fifteen year-old Crix Kavar allowed his grief and sadness to fill him up as he took a deep breath before allowing it to ride out on his breath as he exhaled, and though much of that pain and grief remained he was no longer crippled by it, no longer stuck in the past. What had happened over the past year was done, and nothing could be done to change that. His old life, who he'd once been, were now galaxies away and thus no longer his concern. Here and now was where he was, and he had a job to do, his own problems to solve.

One of those problems, even now, was down on the street below, using her powers to rob the city's largest bank, a team of robotic, mechanical cronies and guards helping her load the gold and cash into a large van.

He sighed with a gentle shake of his head as he prepared to move against the girl who'd once been his friend. Like her, he'd been on Earth for just a little over a single year now, and they'd easily become accustomed to the many differences this planet had with the galaxy they'd once known. Still, that didn't make what he was about to do any easier, not by a long shot.

Before he could move, however, there was movement from the street below, and, astounded by what he was seeing, he watched in silence as five teenagers moved in to stop his target, his biggest problem, from committing her acts of crime. Deciding that he had little to lose from observing the ensuing battle, he aborted his current plan, opting instead to stand back and watch.

The five Titans moved in on the bank as one unit, one team, as though it were an action they'd practiced it a thousand times a day. The large black van was parked outside of the bank, backed up so that the back doors opened perfectly into the building's front doors. The few city police officers that had already arrived to stop the robbery were spread out across the street, most of them slumped against some object or another, having clearly lost their fight.

"Okay, ten dollars says it's Doctor Light again." Beast Boy wagered as the group approached the van, watching for the first signs of any attack that might be launched their way.

"Or," Robin countered, clearly confident that he knew who they were facing. "Slade survived."

"Dude," Cyborg responded, sounding as though the half-machine/half-human teen thought their masked leader had lost it. "He fell into a pool of lava. No one's surviving that."

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" A mechanically-filtered voice interrupted, cutting all previous conversation off as though they'd never before even spoken. "Don't do anything stupid, now; I'd hate to get blood all over my new robes. Who are you, anyways?"

Looking up, the five Titans found their target standing atop the large black van, and instantly they realized it was none of their familiar targets. He was covered from head to toe in a black cloak that was large and bulky enough to give no sign to his physical figure. The only parts of his body that his cloak didn't cover were his hands, feet, and face. His feet sported black belted boots while his hands were protected by thick black gloves. His face, in turn, was covered by a black mask with a T-visor, which in turn was trimmed by a thick crimson line.

"Ummm, who is this guy?" Beast Boy asked, looking up at the newest criminal with large, round eyes.

"I don't know who he is." Cyborg admitted, extending his right arm as it transformed into his beloved, powerful sonic cannon. "But I know where he's going."

"We're the Teen Titans." Robin answered, pulling a trio of explosive disks from his belt. "And you're going down."

He snorted. "Wanna bet?" And then he sighed, as though he might be resigning himself to his fate. "Boys, our new friends want to pay. Keep them entertained for me while I finish up here; it'd not do well for them to interrupt our pickup."

And then, without warning, their foe flipped up and backwards, landing on the far side of the van and disappearing from sight. Before any of them could launch a pursuit, however, the clanking sound of several mechanical feet moving at once filled their air, and moments later large, grey robots began pouring around the van from either side, guns built into their arms now taking aim.

"Titans, go!" Robin ordered, and with those two words the fight was engaged.

Cyborg immediately opened fire with his sonic cannon, the blue column of energy ripping into a dozen of the robots with such force that parts went flying in every direction.

As Cyborg continued his destructive assault, Starfire launched herself high into the air, looping over so that she was now facing the ground before raining a flurry of her star bolts down on the robots moving towards the van to reinforce their comrades in their fight against the Titans, not giving them a chance to join the fray.

Beast Boy, in turn, bent over as the first laser shots tore into the ground at his feet, transforming instantly into a massive green-and-black Triceratops before charging forward, impaling robot after robot with his massive horns before slamming full force into the black van, sending its battered hulk flipping through the air and down the street, mowing over countless robots in the process.

Robin, with no special powers of his own, used his training and knowledge of the martial arts in conjunction with his bo staff to destroy each robotic foe as he had earlier during his interrupted training. As he landed from a somersault to avoid more laser fire, he tucked his knees in and rolled around another of the robots, pulling a handful of explosive disks from his belt as he stood back up, throwing them so that each disk impacted a different robot, sending yet more mechanical parts flying through the air.

Raven, however, wasn't interested in fighting the robots, using her powers simply to shield herself as she silently moved through the mass of robots and Titans. The cloaked figure, whoever he was, while not the source of the great darkness she'd sensed earlier, was similar to that darkness, as though they both shared the same source, tying this criminal to the danger she'd felt earlier, the threat she'd tried to warn Robin against before the alert had gone out. Whoever this person was, he was a powerful metaphysical being, and this, Raven knew, made him a threat that had to be stopped, now, before he could escape.

Slowly cutting her way through the metal robots, attacking only when absolutely necessary, she made her way to the bank's front entrance and then disappeared inside, stretching out with her senses in an effort to locate the man, an effort that, she quickly learned, was really no effort at all.

She turned to her right and silently descended a narrow staircase, her physical and metaphysical senses on the watch for the slightest sign of an ambush. However, it appeared as though she might actually catch this criminal by surprise, and, she also knew, if she caught him by surprise, then it would make stopping him that much easier.

She paused as she reached the bottom of the staircase, now just outside of the massive lobby, which housed the vaults on the far side. The darkness she'd sensed in him, while nothing nearly as powerful as what she'd felt while meditating, was still powerful enough to make him a dangerous foe, and if he was as powerful as she'd sensed, then he likely already knew she was coming.

Realizing that it was too late to turn back now, she wrapped herself inside of her powers, as though she were bundling herself inside of a warm cloak in the middle of the winter, and with a mere thought she was transformed into her namesake form, traveling below the lobby until just below the vault, and then she was through the floor, the wings of the raven spreading then as it sat her silently on the floor.

"You're powerful." He said, not turning to look at her. "I underestimated the power I sensed in you. That won't happen again."

"Who are you?" Raven asked, alert for the first sign of an assault from any direction. At this, her opponent turned around slowly, his head lowered.

"Your worst nightmare."

With no warning, with blinding speed that did nothing short of leave her breathless, his head and hands came up, the latter of which exploded with the power of a thunderstorm as a blazing web of lightening erupted forward, lashing out at Raven with only a single goal in mind.

Thanks only to years of experience and training, Raven brought a black shield of pure psychic energy up in front of, deflecting the electrical attack into sharp waves of power that lashed into the vault walls on either side, paper money now filling the air like green confetti at a downtown parade.

Laughing, he stopped his attack and just stood there, as though waiting, and then, as her shield of black, transparent energy fell, she felt a familiar blast of energy slam into her as, for the second time in one day, she was blown backwards through the air, landing on her feet and sliding backwards across the lobby.

Still laughing as Raven caught herself and stood up, he exited the vault, walking slowly towards her, clearly not feeling inclined to reengage the fight anytime soon.

"As you can see, Teen Titan, you are no match for me; your powers are far inferior to my own."

"We'll see about that." Raven countered, extending her powers out so that they covered the entire room. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!"

As those three words went silent the vault's heavy, armored door was suddenly enveloped in her black, transparent energy and, as though it was a sheet of paper, it was effortlessly torn from the rest of the vault before launched through the air, slamming down on top of the dark warrior, who, only by diving aside at the last moment, barely avoided certain defeat.

Even as he stood up, however, Raven was there, giving him no chance to regain his momentum as she wrapped him up in her energy and launched him into the air, slamming him against the ceiling before throwing him against the wall next to the vault entrance.

As he slumped to the ground, she again approached him, but before she could launch another attack, before she realized the danger she was in, he again looked up as again his hands extended forward.

This time his lightning attack tore into her, wrapping her in its painful embrace and tossing her across the room so that her back exploded against the steel column supporting the roof.

Before she could regain her bearings, her opponent was standing over her, his right arm extended and his hand forming a cup-like shape. And then her throat began to constrict as though a giant, invisible hand was slowly attempting to choke the life out of her, giving her no chance to ward off such raw, dark power.

"As I told you before, my powers are far superior to your own. And now, you are finished."

Raven, in response, gathered her power around her once more before allowing it to explode outwards, not only freeing her from the invisible hand but sending her foe tumbling across the floor. Her blue cloak flapped around her as she levitated herself into the air and began launching black disks of energy, similar to Starfire's star bolts, at her dark foe, who was powerless to block against such an attack.

By the time she finished her frenzy of shots, he was crumpled on the ground, not moving, giving no signs of any life aside from the weakened energy Raven could now sense inside of him. She moved forward slowly, cautiously, alert for any sign of attack, but none came. By the time she reached her foe, standing calmly over him, she was confident the fight was over.

Before another thought could enter her mind, however, a crisp, sharp handspring had her dark foe back on his feet as yet more lightning erupted from his fingers. Realizing too late the danger she was in, the first tongues of electrical energy ripped into her body even as she made to shield herself. Ignoring the brief spurt of pain, she focused all of her energies on bringing up a new shield capable of blocking the electrical attack.

Even then, though, the power of this dark warrior's attack was so strong that he was slowly pushing her black, transparent shield backwards, and would keep doing so until it was right on top of her, when, she knew, she'd have no choice but to either give ground or drop the shield altogether, and either way would almost certainly result in his attack finding its mark, and Raven also knew that he knew this. This, then, left her with only one option.

Standing her ground, the young Titan allowed her shield to be pushed ever closer to her, slowly focusing her energies back around herself, ready for the perfect moment in which to make her move…which came less than thirty seconds later.

With her shield now a mere inch from her face, she finally allowed it to fall, that energy disappearing back into her. With the blazing bolts of electricity now freely charging her, Raven closed her eyes as a titanic black raven formed around her, atomizing her entire body into particles too small to be seen.

Sinking through the lobby floor, Raven easily levitated the few feet separating where she'd been standing from her foe, and then, once she was sure she was behind him, she rose back through the lobby floor, allowing her body to rematerialize as the large raven disappeared back inside of her body.

As her foe turned around Raven brought her right foot up, catching him fully in his masked face, sending him staggering backwards, giving her just enough space to launch a blast of dark, psychic energy that blasted him into the same pillar she'd been thrown against minutes before.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!"

With the easiest of thoughts she wrapped that pillar in her psychic energy and constricted that energy until the pillar could no longer stand, bringing the concrete rubble crashing down on top of him with such ferocity that there was no sign he'd ever even existed.

Cautiously, still alert for any sign of danger, she moved forward towards the pile of rubble, but it appeared the fight was, for all intents and purposes, over. Still standing at the edge of the rubble, she could hear the sounds of fighting filtering through the building, clearly the signs of her friends and fellow Titans attempting to join her. She turned her head slightly to ensure that she was in no immediate danger…and too late she realized her mistake.

The debris covering her opponent exploded outwards in every direction, several large chunks of broken concrete slamming into Raven and sending her crashing through the air and to the ground in the center of the lobby.

"You're powerful, young Titan, but as I said before, your powers are insignificant next to my own abilities. And now you will witness the full power of my wrath!"

More lightning flooded from his fingers, but this time there was nothing to stop this powerful attack from finding his mark. The lightning ripped its way into Raven's body, scorching her body as her screams were drowned out by the dark mage's laughter.

It was pain the likes of which she'd never before known. Her bones were on fire, a raging inferno deep inside of her body. It felt as though a trillion and more shards of glass, razor sharp, were attacking every nerve inside of her. She could feel her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she shook violently, unable to move as the pain continued coursing through her teenage body.

With the lightning not only tearing into her but also wrapping her body so that her arms were pinned to her side, she was helpless as her foe lifted her up into the air, holding her there for several long seconds before at last killing his assault with a final blast of lightning that blasted her across the room back towards the vault.

She opened her eyes weakly just in time to see her dark foe coming to stand over her, a silver cylinder now in his gloved hands.

"You put up a fight, Teen Titan, but your sorceress's powers are no match next to the powers of the Dark Side of the Force."

Snap-hiss. A bar of crimson energy appeared as though summoned from thin air, jutting out of the end of that silver cylinder.

"And now, you shall die."

Crix could sense the collision of powers only a few minutes following the disappearance of the blue-cloaked girl into the bank, and though he still stood calmly atop the building, watching as the four remaining teenagers slowly reduced the number of droids providing their master with the cover she needed, he knew he had to get inside of that bank, and soon, or else his entire mission would be a failure.

Fully immersing himself in the Force, he backed up several feet before running full speed for the edge of the tower, not stopping even as the metal surface of its roof disappeared below his feet. He turned his body so that he was now falling feet first, his brown cloak and tan Jedi robes flapping violently around him in the wind. With the Force now guiding his descent, he used that power to cushion his landing so that no damage was done to his body. Ducking below a volley of misplaced blaster fire from a now-destroyed droid, he moved silently towards the bank doors, dodging the mixture of droid and Titan attacks, stopping not even to defend himself, instead allowing the Force to guide him through the treacherous maze of danger while ensuring he came to no harm.

Entering the bank, he allowed his senses to spread out through the building, giving it permission to guide his feet into leading him to where he needed to be, to find for him the would-be Dark Lord that would so effortlessly take over this entire planet.

Turning right, he ignored the sounds of battle that seemed to follow him into the bank, ignoring the so-called Teen Titans and their engagement with the super battle droids his target lorded over; neither these Titans nor the mechanical foes were of any worry to him, not now, not as he descended the staircase that he knew would lead him towards his foe, towards his primary target, towards the main reason for his continued existence.

Arriving at the foot of the stairs, he watched in silent sadness as the Sith stood over the downed blue-cloaked Titan, a red lightsaber ignited and at the ready.

"And now, you shall die."

Seizing his opportunity, Crix reached out with the Force, imagining it in his mind as an invisible hand firmly wrapping the young Titan in its embrace. As the Sith blade came crashing down on top of the young girl, he yanked with every last ounce of strength he could muster.

She came sliding towards him across the floor, causing her would-be murderer's weapon to instead dig harmlessly into the floor that had, seconds before, been under her body. As the girl's still body quickly approached the young one-time Jedi, he somersaulted forward, launching himself over her and landing so that he was standing calmly between the Titan and her Sith foe, ignoring the young girl as she began to stir.

"I'm afraid, Darth Maw, that I cannot allow you to reap anymore lives on this day. After all, Elianna, that'd just make things far too easy for you, now wouldn't it?"

"Crix Kavar." The dark one greeted, holding the glowing blade down at his side. "It would appear you've failed to heed my warning. Your little friend, Elianna, sha-"

"Don't." Crix barked, interrupting the Sith Lord. "Do not disrespect what our friendship once was by lying to me, Elianna, because I know the truth."

The dark one sighed, reaching up with his free hand to grab at the mask covering his face. In silence, with Crix watching every move he made, the dark warrior pulled the mask from his face, allowing it to fall to the floor with a brief clank.

The face that had previously been hidden behind that mask nearly brought a flood of tears to his eyes. Those dark brown eyes usually so full of kindness and love cracked his heart in two. Though he'd known the truth all along, a small part of him had been hoping that he was wrong, that he'd misread and misinterpreted the evidence he'd found during the course of his investigation. As she lowered her cloak's cowl, freeing shoulder-length brunette hair that had once reached her waist, though, Crix Kavar knew his greatest friendship was now taking its final breath.

"That just irks me, Crix, it really does. You never could leave well-enough alone, you know that? All your life you've just been too thick to know when you should turn around and walk away. How long have you known, anyways?"

"From the beginning." He answered truthfully, only slightly aware that the blue-cloaked Titan was again on her feet as he shrugged his way free of his brown cloak, leaving him now clad in nothing but his Jedi garb. "Since the day you attacked Omega Base and killed all of our friends."

She growled, her simmering anger boiling through the Force as it began to fill up her young body and the soul within. "What gave me away?"

"You truly tried, Ellie, I'll give you that." He answered. "The efforts you put into making it seem like an outside assault were astounding…had you not murdered our friends I might even be impressed. That's the thing, though; you tried. As Master Yoda says, try not. Do, or do not. There is no try."

"What gave me away?" She repeated.

"The attack itself." Crix answered simply. "You attacked the base from the outside, forcing your way through the doors and security barriers. It certainly looked like an outside attack. But all security measures had been shut off prior to the assault, from the inside, using your clearance codes. The bodies were riddled with blaster marks from your droid units, but they all bore unmistakable signs of being cut by the blade of a lightsaber.

"And then there was the message you left, the one where Darth Maw said that if I tried finding him that you would die. It was certainly a nice touch, but I put the pieces of the puzzle together, Elianna. I know what you did, and now I want to know why?"

"Look at what millennia of Jedi training got us, Crix. Look at where centuries of Jedi tradition have lead your beloved Order; ninety-five percent of our number has been wiped from the face of the universe by someone we saw as an ally and the rest are now in hiding like the cowards they are! Jedi are so afraid of the Dark Side that it's kept them from being able to do what must be done to vanquish their enemies. A Sith has no such hesitations."

"Perhaps, Elianna, but the Sith haven't fared much better through the course of history." Crix countered. "For nearly five thousand years they've risen up to seize power, only to end up having their entire empire sent crawling back to the shadows by a redeemed Jedi or a lone Jedi exile or a single master forced into hiding. Regardless of who brings them down, the Sith fall time and time again."

"Yes, but not once in our history have the Sith ever been burned out. No matter what happens, the Jedi have never succeeded in holding the Sith down."

"You're right. But I know one Sith who won't be around to contribute to that dark order for much longer."

She laughed. "Come now, Crix, do you honestly expect me to think you can bring yourself to cut me down? I'm your best friend, after all." She mocked, taking a step towards him. "We've been closer than just friends since before we were younglings, back before we could even talk. You love me, Crix Kavar, and you know it, just like you know you'll never be strong enough to bring yourself to cut me down."

"The Jedi Order may be a lifetime and a galaxy away, Elianna, but it changes nothing. You've embraced the dark teachings of the Sith, and as long as I live I'll remain a Jedi, and I'm taking you down." He reached down to his waist and unclipped the silver hilt from his waste. A weapon he'd had since before Geonosis, before he'd become a Padawan, it was a training weapon reconfigured by his master to full power for a Padawan who'd never had the chance to construct his own saber.


"Elianna," He addressed as the emerald blade sprouted from his weapon's hilt, now slightly aware that the four remaining Titans had joined him and their wounded friend. "You're under arrest."

"So you'll be a Jedi for as long as you live, huh?" She asked, bringing her blade up parallel to her side in a class Jedi Ready stance. "Well, let's see if I can't free you from that horrible curse!"

With those words she charged forward, her brown eyes suddenly shifty to a horrific red iris surrounded by what almost seemed to be orange flames, her blade swinging wildly in a heave downwards strike designed to cleave him in half. Crix, however, was ready. A student of the Form III style of lightsaber combat, known more commonly as Soresu, he calmly brought his blade up horizontally above his head, catching her weapon perfectly in the center of its length.

She withdrew her blade away from him as she spun around, her deadly weapon now coming in from his right in a blow just as powerful as the first, this one designed to cut him in half at the waist. Again, however, he had his weapon in position and ready, catching the assault perfectly before it could get close enough to find its mark.

Roaring in anger, she somersaulted backwards to put some distance between them, and the moment her feet touched the ground she charged forward with an amazing burst of speed, her blade cutting, chopping, and swinging angrily from every direction. A practitioner of Form I, or Shii-Cho, her blade's movements were simple in nature, fueled by her emotions, one reason the form was considered so potentially dangerous. Despite the apparent frenzy to her movements, however, Crix had sparred with his old friend so many times he easily knew where each attack would be even as she launched it, allowing him to stand his ground as he merely blocked each assault.

For nearly ten minutes, the assault continued in this form, the young would-be Sith launching a flurry of crazed assaults so fast her saber was but a crimson sheet of energy, while Crix's green bar of plasma stayed near his body, moving only where and when it was needed to block a would-be lethal blow.

Crix smiled as his fallen friend at last broke off her flurry of assaults, her blade at the ready as she studied him. One of the reasons he favored Soresu over the six other forms was that it was a purely defensive technique, allowing him to conserve his energy and withstand an enemy's assault while that enemy drained their energy reserves, leaving him refreshed and ready while they were tired and battered, and, judging by the way Elianna's chest heaved in and out rapidly, it had succeeded once again.

"As many times as we've sparred, I should have known better than to try that." She confessed, sounding more angry at herself now than anything else as Crix mildly realized he'd slowly maneuvered himself to the far side of the room.

"Let go of your hatred and anger, Elianna." Crix pleaded, keeping his eyes on his foe. "You've done horrible things in the name of the Sith, but it's not too late. Jedi have turned from the darkness and found redemption before, and you can too."

"I'm not that weak!" She spat angrily, again moving towards him.

"Don't do it, Ellie." He warned. "I've already won this bout…I know you too well for you to be able to effectively combat me, and you know it."

"Your arrogance blinds you, Padawan, and now you will pay for your lack of vision!"

Stopping only a foot from him, she raised her crimson blade and brought it down onto the floor, sending a powerful blast of Force energy directly into him with such force that it sent him flying through the air.

Realizing the danger he was now in, he used his powers to right himself as he landed, his lit lightsaber still in his left hand. As he landed, he looked up to find he was now in the center of the lobby. Spinning around to face the threat of the fallen Jedi he was now facing, he found himself staring down a spinning, glowing-red lightsaber. Using the momentum he'd gathered from spinning around, he jumped up so that his body was parallel with the ground, the spinning blade cutting just below his body, coming so close he was afraid it might have cut some of the fabric of his tunic.

Before he could again right himself, Elianna again hit him with a blast of Force energy, sending him crashing helplessly across the room until his spine found one of the remaining concrete pillars holding up the ceiling.

As he slumped to the ground, he looked up weakly to realize Elianna was now launching herself through the air even as her lightsaber slapped back into her hand, the crimson blade now angled directly for his head. Waiting until the last possible moment to make his move, he used the Force to pick himself up and launch himself over and behind her, her saber's blade digging harmlessly into the floor once more. As he landed, on his feet once more, he called his fallen saber to his hand once more, now holding it in a reverse Shien grip that he rarely ever used. His second Form of choice, Shien was almost identical to Soresu save for the fact that it allowed for counter-attacks.

Even as Elianna spun around, Crix was on top of her, now launching his own flurry of cuts and slashes that forced her onto the defensive, something Elianna wasn't much accustomed to.

Unfortunately, however, it wasn't something Crix was used to either, at least, not when facing an opponent wielding a lightsaber as well, and it happened to be something Elianna immediately realized and capitalized on. Sidestepping his latest attack, she brought her foot up and into his wrist with such power that he was unable to stop his lightsaber from falling to the ground. Taking advantage of him now being unarmed, she blasted him with a third wave of Force energy, again pushing him back.

As he regained his momentum he looked up…just in time to be met with a blast of Force Lightning that sent him to the ground, screaming in agony. He'd felt this pain before, at the hands of his old master. Talm Zi/Kez had been among the only Jedi able to use Force Lightning without suffering the dark effects, and he'd long ago taught his apprentice how to defend himself from it. And here, now, still overwhelmed by Elianna's sudden rise in power, the memory of his master, his father figure, rose into his mind, and instantly his training kicked into high gear.


At the sound of the young male's voice, Crix went silent, gathering the Force around him in preparations to defend himself from this signature Sith attack.

"NO!" He roared, raising his hands and using the Force to keep the electricity from his body. "Do NOT interfere!"

Taking some slight comfort in the astounded look on her face, Crix forced himself back to his feet, the Force-generated lightning still sparking across the room only to disappear into his hands.

"Surprised, Elianna? You really shouldn't be. My master treated me like a son; you should have known he'd teach me how to block his favorite attack."

Realizing the assault would do nothing but drain more of her energy, she stopped, and as the last of the lightning disappeared into Crix's hands, he closed them briefly before opening them back up and releasing all of the stored energy back out at Elianna, who, in turn, again unleashed her own power, causing the miniature thunderstorm to crash into the ceiling above, which then collapsed, opening up a rather large hole in the ceiling and the floor of the room above.

"You may have stopped me today, Crix, but the next time we meet you will become one with the Force!"

Before Crix could stop her, the girl vaulted up through the hole in the ceiling, but by the time Crix followed suit she was nowhere to be seen, nor were any of her operational droid units. Sighing with a shake of his head, Crix silenced his lightsaber and returned the hilt to his waist before activating the homing device built into his comlink.

"Dude, you rock!" The green-skinned Titan cheered as the Teen Titans, too, climbed up through the hole in the floor.

"Yes, most impressive." The red-haired girl agreed as she clapped her hand.

"Who are you, and who was she?" the black-haired masked leader of the group asked, stepping towards Crix. Though he initially felt a spurt of anger at their glee over his fight with his lost friend, he quickly let that anger go. They couldn't understand what had happened, nor was that their fault.

"You," He said, turning his attention to the blue-cloaked girl. "Need to go home and rest, at least for a full twenty-four hour period. That Force Lightning she hit you with will calcify your bones if your body can't be given time to fully heal itself. Trust me, I know from experience."

As his words cut off the wind around the front door picked up, causing his Jedi garb to again flap rapidly around his body, and turning around Crix found himself face-to-face with his Delta-7 Jedi Interceptor, the same craft he'd flown through the entirety of the Clone Wars, with his R4 unit in its socket just forward of the cockpit. He jumped up onto the bow of his fighter, stopping just long enough to speak one more sentence.

"If you encounter Lady Maw again, I would advise you against fighting her, lest you wish to suffer a slow and painful demise at the hands of an ancient evil."

Then, ignoring their stares and open mouths, he jumped over the canopy and seated himself effortlessly into the cockpit, grabbing the control yoke and aiming streaking for the sky, not once looking back.

"That was…weird, yes?" Starfire asked, her green eyes never leaving the shrinking speck of the mysterious boy or his ship.

"Dude, who was that?" Beast Boy asked, scratching his head in confusion.

"I don't know." Raven answered, using her powers to bring the boy's discarded brown cloak up to her. "But I'm going to find out."

"First, though, we're getting you back to the Tower." Cyborg explained, crossing his arms over his robotic chest.

"I'm fine."

"Cyborg has a point, Raven." Robin countered. "When Maw strikes again we need to be at a hundred percent."

"I said I'm fine!" Raven repeated, and with those four words she stormed between Cyborg and Robin, making her way alone and silence for Titan's Tower, leaving her friends looking between themselves in utter confusion.

"I don't know who you are," Raven muttered, looking down, staring at the brown cloak. "But I will find out."

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