He's Coming is a sequel to I will always come for you. Below is the summary of IWACFY so you don't have to read that story. Just in case you haven't.

Rogue, Kitty and Ororo get kidnapped by sex traffickers. Ororo accidently electrocutes Rogue, Kitty escapes but gets re-captured. Rogue gets a power neutralizer. Both Rogue and Kitty get raped and Ororo gets shot twice. Logan, Scott, Kurt and Lance kill the men who kidnapped the girls and now they're all back home.

"How are they Hank?" Charles asked as he rolled up beside Ororo's bed. It was three weeks after everybody got brought home and yet Rogue, Kitty and Ororo were still in the med bay. Ororo was in coma, Rogue was dying and they couldn't get the power neutralizer collar off and Kitty wouldn't eat or sleep.

"Ororo has improved tremendously and I have been able to get Kitty to eat three cherries." Beast replied glancing down at his clipboard.

"And Rogue?" Charles prodded. Beast sighed as he found something interesting to look at on the floor.

"She's lost more blood. If we can't get it off soon she will die."

Charles nodded and quickly went over to Logan. Together they stared at the paler than usual sleeping Rogue.

"So why don't we just rip the thing off of her?" Logan asked in his usual gruff manner, with a quick glance toward Beast.

"It's been embedded into her skin. She'd bleed to death before you get the entire thing off." Was Beast hasty reply as he set of to find the source of the shrill beeps that paraded through the air Though the beeps were still constant, the room seemed otherwise quiet and filled to the brim with the smell of death. Logan and Charles were just about to leave when out of nowhere sat upright.

"He's coming!" She screeched as she stared blankly at the wall. Both Charles an d Logan jumped, though Logan would never admit.

"Who's coming?" Charles asked calmly, having come out of his shock first.

"The man without a conscience." Rogue's voice came out low and her left eye twitched as she slowly fell back into the pillow and closed her eyes. Wordlessly Charles closed his own eyes and entered Rogue's mind. All he saw was a face, straight black hair framed medium tan skin and his icy blue eyes matched his hard scowl. He could only assume that this was the man Rogue had said was coming. Just as he was about to delve deeper into Rogue's sub-conscious a strong force pushed him out.

He let out a yelp of pain as he cradled his head.


Peeking at Logan from the corner of his eyes, Charles stated, "There is something else in her mind. I caught a glimpse of it when I was being forced out. I believe that the neutralizer has somehow connected itself to her brain."

"Professor I have some wonderful news." Beast cried as he rushed over to them, "I have found somebody with the same blood type as Rogue and they have agreed to donate."

"Great, who's the donor?" Logan asked with a raised brow. For some reason he didn't get a good feeling from this.

"Hy kom. Hy het nie 'n siel." Ororo mumbled in her sleep, cutting off Beast's reply. All three men glanced at each other before staring at Ororo. She stated the foreign words once again though much louder before drifting back into a deep sleep. Before Logan could ask the question Beast shrugged and both looked at Charles.

"It may be a language she learned from her growing up in Africa."

"I'll go search for what language that is and hopefully a translation." Beast declared as he walked back towards his office while Charles rolled out of the room. Logan however walked back to Rogue's bed. As he stood in front of Rogue his eyes drifted to her left and unto Ororo. Sweat dripped down her face, and then he noticed all three were coated in sweat.

"Hey Beast, turn up the air!"

Almost instantly a cool blast of air wafted throughout the room.

"He's coming." Rogue muttered hazily just as Logan passed by Kitty's bed. The small girl paled and dug deeper into her cover. Her huge eyes; that once showed only innocence' now contained pain. Logan set his jaw and as he stepped over the threshold he made a silent vow to find and kill whoever this man is and anybody who is with him.

With Logan gone Beast began to check the girls' monitors. Starting with Kitty's he had just written down her heart beat when something caught his eye. He peered closely at it before he uttered a small, "Oh no."

"What is it?" Kitty's voice shook as she stared nervously at scientist. Beast sighed as he looked at the young girl with pity filling his eyes.