"Get up." An elderly woman, to whom the voice belonged to, shook Kitty's shoulder as she tried to wake the girl. When she refused to stir the woman lightly smacked Kitty's cheeks.

"Huh," Kitty asked with her voice still laced with sleep, "Oh, hey Claire."

"Get up and get dressed." Claire demanded and held out an outfit. Kitty mumbled something that might have passed for an okay before slowly rolling out of bed. She grabbed the clothes from the woman as she headed for the bathroom. Claire alternated between smoothing down her silver hair and fiddling with a pink hair band as she restlessly waited for the younger woman's return. Her deep blue eyes watched the bathroom door willing to hurry up and open.

"Come here honey. I'll do your hair." Claire commanded seconds after Kitty emerged from the bathroom; to which Kitty nodded and sat upon the bed next to the older woman. Claire then proceeded to tie up the girl's hair in a cute bun with the pink hair bow popping against the sea of brown hair.

"So where am I going?" Kitty asked, breaking the awkward silence.

"I don't know honey. The only thing I do around here is take care of you."

Kitty drew back and gave her a disbelieving look with her arms crossed. Claire merely gave her a small smile before she stood and made her way to the door. She glanced over her shoulder once and opened her mouth but closed it right away and walked through the doorway. After she locked the door once again she powerwalked, running would be too suspicious, to the room the dead boy that would accompany the girl was laid out. Yes, she knew all too well the dastardly plan that was afoot.

Line break

The air was warm with only a taste of the winter that spring had tried to chase away. Kitty welcomed the breeze that burst on her face as she was pushed rather brutally out the door.

"This way." One of the guards grunted while he pulled her towards a small jet, his grip tight on her arm.

"Ow!" She complained after being forcefully boarded on the jet. She sent a glare that pretty much went unnoticed, in the direction of the culprit. However, her glare was interrupted when another man stepped into her sight in order to buckle her in. Not another word was spoken as the other passengers got settled in, nor when they began to fly.

Later that day at the mansion

"Thank you for coming Caliban." Charles greeted as he met the sickly looking mutant at the front door. Caliban nodded in return while his gaze flittered over his surroundings.

"Follow me please."

Caliban said nothing as he followed Charles down the hall, while his sharp eyes darted around as he tried to take in as much as possible. It wasn't until he was standing in Charles' office with the door firmly closed that he spoke.

"Sam did not say what mutant you wanted me to find."

"There's actually two if you don't mind. The first one is Kitty and the other is Pietro." Charles stated while he located a pencil and piece of paper to give to him.

"The girl was quite easy to find but I cannot place the boy."

"I see, thank you for your help. We do appreciate it." Charles thanked him once more after Caliban handed him the paper with the complete information on it.

"Anytime." Caliban said as he slowly headed toward the office door.

Line break

"Is that him?"

"Well he's the only person that's visited the mansion today so I guess it is."

The two men quietly debated with each other as they carefully followed the pale grey man that had left the X-men's mansion. Of course it wasn't until they caught the man about to go down a manhole that the large one had an idea.

"Hey mutant finder, I need your help! Do you think you could find my friend?" He shouted very loudly as he motioned for his friend to sneak around in the shadows. He then stepped into the little light there was and watched the man climb cautiously out of the sewer once more.

"His name is Dan." He stated while his eyes subtly glanced at a broken pipe that was lying on the ground and then back at his friend.

"I can find no such mutant." Caliban spoke slowly a feeling of dread overcoming him.

"Oh, that's okay I just found him."

Caliban's eyes grew larger while he twisted around to hopefully make it to the safety of the sewers, but before he could fully turn pain shot into his head and he was knocked backwards. His fingers reached up to touch the warm blood that flowed from the crack on his head and he quickly applied pressure to the wound. His eyes darted upward just in time to see a man hoist a piece of pipe into the air.

"Dan stop, death by blunt force is messy and takes a while. Be humane and just shoot him."

Dan shrugged before throwing the pipe behind him and pulling a small pistol from his pocket. The last sight Caliban got to see was the inside of a barrel before everything faded away.

Line break

"Hey boss, we killed him just like you asked us too." Dan smiled at their employer.

"Hmm yes you did. But I'm afraid I can't let you go." Davidson declared as he waved some of his men into the room.

"What… why?" The two temporary employees demanded as they were jerked back and had knives pressed to their throats.

"My mother had an old saying. If you feel threatened by somebody chop off their head. And how am I supposed to know that you won't squeal and threaten my work." Davidson laughed as with one hand motion he set the order for their neck to be sliced open.

"Did your mother actually say that?" One of his loyal henchmen questioned after dropping the body he was holding and stepping over it.

"Oh yes, right before she chopped off my father's head. He was a mutant hater." Davidson chuckled once again as he lead his men out the door.