Chris ran down the hallways of his once abandoned mansion, the eerily familiar laughter trailing not far behind him.

He stopped dead in his tracks. Scratch that, it was coming from ahead. It took him a moment to remember where in his home he was- near one of his many bedrooms. The laughter seemed to be coming from one of his old walk-in closets. He had no idea what was going on. He'd woken up from a nap on the couch just to have a knife narrowly miss his ear and stick into a nearby wall. After that, he did what any sensible human would. Run.

He realized that it was coming from both ahead of and behind him. He side-stepped and ran to the left, passing the hallway some of the laughter was coming from before they noticed his silhouette was missing in the dark of the night (his power was still out from his little trip to prison). He avoided all windows, as a different face always awaited him anytime he got too close to one and a scream to match.

This happened once again, this time it was a pale girl with reddish brown hair, and her scream was ear-piercing and nearly glass-shattering but, like many others had, she giggled mischievously at the 40-year-old's terrified reaction and moved from the window. He knew he was trapped after she'd startled him into a nearby corner. The laughing inched closer and closer, but Chris had nowhere to run. He closed his eyes in a cowardly way, preparing for a final blow.

Then, suddenly, the sets of laughter were right in front of him. He opened his eyes.

Those damn interns and their tricks…