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Katniss POV-

After lunch, we all headed over to the girl's cabin or play truth or dare.

We sat in circle. I sat between Finnick and Clove. We decided to let Gale go first, so he spun the bottle and is landed on Annie.

A devilish grin suddenly appeared across Gale's face and he asked her "Annie. Truth or dare?"

Annie thought long and hard and replied with a "Dare."

"I dare you to…"

"...run around the camp in your underwear, saying 'hello' to everyone." Gale finished, holding in a laugh.

Annie raised her eyebrow a bit, but silently started to remove her clothing. Mere minutes later, Annie stood up along with everyone and headed out side. The wrest of us gathered on the porch. I sat on the railing with Clove sitting beside me and Gale standing at my feet. Annie walked down the steps in her neon green lace bra and black panties, took a deep breath, and booked it down the field. Everyone standing on the porch burst out laughing and held their stomachs. We watched as Annie passed by a guy, yelled "Hi!" and kept on running. The guy stopped and stared at her ass as she ran.

About a half hour later, Annie returned, out of breath and panting. Her feet were green from the grass, face glistened with sweat, and hair tangled with a few branches sticking out here and there. She stopped and doubled over, placing her hands on her knees and breathing heavily. "Never- make - me - do - that - again." She got out between breathes.

We all laughed and entered the cabin again together. Annie washed her face and feet, brushed her hair (throwing out the sticks), and put her clothes back on. Once we had re-formed our circle, ( I was now sitting between Gale and Glimmer), Annie spun the bottle and it landed on Peeta. Annie smirked.

"So... Peeta," she started, rubbing her hands together like a villain beholding an evil plan to rule the world, "Truth or dare?"

Peeta stared at the wall and thought for a moment, "Truth. I don't trust you." Annie laughed and slightly raised her eyebrow and bobbed her head side-to-side, as if to agree.

"Which girl would you rather date in this room?"

There was a chorus of low "oohs"'s coming from the guys and Peeta chuckled, glancing at all the girls. He quickly shot a nervous glance towards Gale and muttered, "...Katniss..." Gale went rigid and shot daggers at him. Gale caught me glaring back at him and found a sudden interest in his shoelaces.

All the girls looked to me, smirking and wiggling their eyebrows. I just ignored them and watched as Peeta spun the bottle. It landed on Foxface.

"Truth or dare?" Peeta asked kindly.


"Hmm... have you ever had a kiss? And if yes, whom with?"

"It was when I was 13 with this guy I had had a crush on forever, Luke." She replied calmly. We all nodded as she grabbed hold of the bottle and spun again.

An hour later, our game had finished, and we were left laying against the bunks, pondering what to do next. Finnick spoke up a couple minutes later. "What if we going swimming in the lake?"

I agreed along with all the others. The guys left to go and grab their swim trunks and towels; the girls went to their dressers and took out their bikinis, then each grabbed a towel from the bathroom.

We all met up, changed, at the lake.

The boys all had fetus six-packs and muscled arms. Finnick was the most tan of course, and Marvel was the palest. I wore a forest green bikini, brown flip-fops and held a black towel with a white heart in the middle over my shoulder. I kicked off my shoes, lay my towel out on the ground as everyone else jumped into the lake and lay down upon it, closing my eyes. At first I could here the splashes, screams and giggling of the others. But unfortunately, I failed to here it stop. Suddenly, my eyes flew open as my legs and arms were grasped and I was lifted off the ground. Finnick held my arms and Gale held my feet. "Let me go!" I screamed thrashing about within their strong holds.

"Nope." Finnick replied, popping the 'p'.

Within seconds, we had reached the edge of the lake where all the others were trying their best to hold in their laughs. My eyes widened as they performed the first swing. They swung me forwards and backwards three times each, before I found myself flying through the air and landing deep beneath the icy cold water. I could internally feel the coldness of the water before I landed. I went under with a giant splash that covered most of the others, including Gale and Finnick. Payback, I thought. I sunk beneath the lily pads floating atop the surface. My arms and legs soared above me as I went deeper, and deeper and deeper. I soon stopped and immediately pushed myself to the top, desperate for air. I broke the surface, taking in a deep breath of oxygen. "J- jerks." I stuttered, due to the coldness. They laughed and I stuck my tongue out as the two jumped back into to the water.

Wading over to the others, I splashed Glimmer in the face and laughed as she scrunched up her face, shut her eyes tightly, and spit out that which had landed in her mouth. Then she splashed me back and I sputtered. I reached Finnick and went back under the water before he noticed me. I went low enough to reach his feet and quickly grabbed them, dragging him down. He went stiff from shock for a moment, then whirled around to face me and pushed me before swimming back to the top. I followed in pursuit.

I saw Glimmer laughing and splashing water at Marvel's face. Annie and Finnick were having races, Madge was trying to get Gale's attention, but it didn't seemed to be working, Thresh and Foxface were sitting on the edge of the water chatting away and Cato and Clove were kissing. I turned around to find Peeta staring at me again. He looked away, blushing, once he noticed me looking. I slowly swam over to him.

"Hey Peeta." I said, resting my arm against the grassy edge of the Lake and leaning on it.

Peeta looked up, an expression of shock, surprise, and startlement written across his face. "Hey Katniss." He replied.

"So where are you from?" I've only known him for less than a day, so I want to get to know some more about him.

"I'm from North Carolina. How 'bout yourself?" He replied, smiling.

"Here, California." I laughed, so did Peeta.

We got into a deep conversation to get to know the other, (so far I know that Peeta's favourite colour is sunset orange, he has two brothers: Rye and Mark, he loves to bake and paint, his mother is in jail for being abusive, his dad works at a bakery; which is also where Peeta works, he lives in North Carolina, and he's 16 as well,) when Peeta stopped abruptly. His gaze was across my shoulder, his eyes a little wide. Before he could stop me, I turned to follow the trail his eyes were leaving.

Gale was shooting daggers at Peeta with his eyes. If looks could kill... I thought. Gale didn't seem to notice me staring. His cheeks were red from the cold and his eyes were filled with fire as he stared at Peeta intensely. I looked back to Peeta, who was looking at me.

"What's up with you and Gale?" I cocked my head a bit to the side.

He shook his head, "Nothing. Every thing's fine."

The light of the sun eventually faded away, leaving us all swimming in the dark, with only the reflection of the moon. Nobody seemed to mind, but I was tired and wanted to get some wrest for the first day of camp activities tomorrow.

"Well," I spoke up, gathering everyone's attention, "I'm tired so I'm going to bed." I hauled myself out of the lake and picked up my towel from the grass, drying myself off. They seemed to notice the darkness for the first time that day and agreed to go to bed too. I walked back to my cabin with my hair in a towel turban beside the girls. Once I entered my home for the next two months, I changed into my pyjamas, tossing my bikini and towel into the laundry bin, and dried my hair. Music helps to put me to sleep, so I grabbed my phone and earphones. Placing the ear buds in my ears, I turned on 'We Can't Stop' by Miley Cyrus. I climbed the ladder to my bunk and crawled under the covers. Turning on my side, I placed my phone beside my pillow and shut my eyes. Underneath my eyelids was a blinding orange light, so I brought my hand up to cover them and block out the light. Minutes later, the light turned off and everyone was in bed. I removed my hand and placed it back down by my side and let sleep over come me.

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