Cowboy Bebop does not belong to me in any form, all credit to it's creator.

I love this series for it's ability to keep you guessing. Most of it is facial and body language, leaving a lot to fill in between the lines. So...this is the first time I've written anything like this so go easy on me! Basically this is what I feel happened in the end based on actions and body language as well as some things I read from the director and creator of CB in interviews where one, the creator stated that Spike was like him in the sense that he can have someone he cares for right in front of him and not say anything, and two, the director said that he never confirmed Spike's death. Going off of that and how I FEEL it should have ended, here we go! Enjoy.

Chapter One

A Waking Dream

Julia. There she was, standing before him in the rain. It should have been like this years ago. Spike had waited so long to find her. He had chased too many false leads to count over the years so this moment, seeing her again, didn't really have the affect on him he thought it would. Seeing her here, golden hair sopping wet, her sad eyes pleading with him to come with her. The words that dripped from her soft lips were muted to his ears. Spike realized in this moment that he was over it. Over Julia, the one woman he thought he would love forever. As her slender arms embraced him, he stared past her to nothing. Spike couldn't find it in his heart to embrace her. Did she notice? No, she was seeing what she wanted to see. Julia was seeing what once was all those years ago. She begged him to run away with her but he said nothing. She wouldn't get any empty promises today.

Together they raced across town, speeding through stop signs in her red convertible. As they pulled in in front of Annie's convenience store Spike got a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. Someone should have been here already but the rear view mirror held no sign of pursuers. They must have been here already. Quickly he got out of the car, ordering Julia to stay behind as he peeked in the door. Magazines scattered around the floor, silent and still as Spike's brown eyes found the hunched form of Annie. As he raced to her side the blood poured over her arms. The syndicate had been here looking for him. A pang of regret touched him like the hand of Death, causing icy chills to race down his spine. The door cracked open, Julia popped her head in and Annie smiled.

"You found Julie. I'm so happy for you." Annie smiled wearily.

Spike remained silent. Let Annie die happy. Die with the false sense that something had been right in the world when she left it. Annie died with the thought that with all the bad surrounding her, that her old friend had at last found the love he had searched the galaxy for. As Spike lay her lifeless body back on the bench he realized something. The syndicate had come after him and in the mean time they had targeted those he cared about. Jet was shot and Annie was killed. Who else had to die for him? Visions of yellow flashed in the back of his mind. For now the dreams would stay back there. Long legs carried him to Annie's back room where he found ammo and weapons. Plopping the box down on the floor Julia pleaded with him again.

"You won't need all those weapons if we run away together, you know that."

His cool brown eyes gazed up at her wordlessly. The dream couldn't stay in the back of his heart. That wasn't right either. The dream was standing before him, golden hair and ruby lips, Julia was the past. She was the dream that Spike had been suffering a thousand deaths over. Yellow was the present, the future, real life. Faye wasn't a dream and now she would be targeted. If the syndicate was after people he cared about, Faye was the only one left and he had told her to come here. Idiot. The only reassuring thought was that she might ignore him. If only she knew how much it hurt when she yelled at him through the intercom. He wondered how she would feel if she knew that her image was stuck in his head. Then again, how would Julia feel if she knew that he was only fighting to save the only thing he had left?

"Then I'll stay too." His fingers froze, bullet half loaded in the shotgun that rested heavily in his palm. "I'll be with you...until the end."

Spike gazed up at her, mouth slightly open. In silence he pitied her. Most men would argue, tell his love to stay behind, to stay safe. If it were Faye maybe...maybe he would say something. Not to Julia tho. She was a killer. A syndicate woman, strong and dangerous, and Spike didn't care anymore. He simply accepted her decision and pushed past her to stand in front of the window.

Within moments gunfire erupted, tearing the shop to shreds. Adrenalin kicked in and the world seemed to move so quickly. Up and up they ran until they finally reached the roof. Julia pushed through the door, crows cawing and scattering with the noise. That should have been a sign right there. The black birds too flight as Spike and Julia ran across the rooftops, firing at their pursuers. Julia dropped to Spike's command and upon standing found herself disoriented. As she stumbled forward a bullet found her and Spike's dream slowed. Spike was too late in killing the assailant, his dark eyes widened in shock as his heart skipped a beat, replaced by the beating of birds wings as Julia slowly fell to the rooftop. Racing to her side he rolled her over, memories flooding back, a feeling in his body he had forgotten. Love for this woman. She who had helped him, healed him, protected him. She spoke to him and the dream was realized once more. Julia was right. It was all just a dream that they had been loving.

Life cannot be paused, even for a dream, and so Spike had wandered. He had moved on with only a hint of a fading dream to keep him company.