Happy Halloween! Or happy Wednedsday for who ever don't celebrate Halloween. This first one is my OC Nightstar I haven't writen about her in a while. ENJOY! :) My fans of Nightstar!

Toothless Pov

I crept on Nightstar trying to scare her. I slowly stalked her watching her every move waiting for the right time to scare her. I accidentally snapped on a branch. Nightstar quickly snapped her head. I froze. She came over and sniffed the air. "I know its you" Nightstar said. "Ugh... Why do you have to ruin all the fun for me?" I groaned coming out. "Only for you" she winked. "So do you know what today is?" I asked. "Do tell" she said. "Its what the humans call Halloween" I replied. "Hallowhat?" Nightstar asked. "Where the humans eat discustingly sweet things and dress up and walk around" I said. "So they dress up to scare people?..." Nightstar asked. "I'm guessing" I said. "So is that why you failed miserably on trying to scare me?" she asked. I growled. "Ok calm down you might not be able to scare me but we can scare other dragons" Nightstar said.

"And thats why I love you" I said licking her. "Y-yeah w-whatever..." Nightstar said looking at the ground. "Who's our first victum?" she asked returning to her old self. "Who is the easyest to scare?" I asked. We both thought for a moment then automatically smirked to eachother. "Hookfang" we both said. We flew and found Hookfang wondering around. "What is he scared most of?" she asked. "I'm thinking eels" I replied. We went and gathered many things to make a giant eel disguise. We began to follow him. Then made a noise on purpose. "Who's there" Hookfang asked flaming up. Nightstar and I made hissing noices to appear to be an eel. "Show your self!" he shouted. Then the shadow of a gigantic eel showed up. "An eel?!" he asked un flaming and backing up. "Hookfang.." I said in a different voice. "How do you know my name?!" he asked clearly afraid.

"I'm going to eat you!" I shouted. Nightstar continued to make hissing noises. "Ahhhh!" Hookfang ran yelling. Nightstar started laughing. "Shh.. Lets see what he does" I said. He ran and saw Meatlug go toward were he was at. "No Meatlug don't go there!" Hookfang said. "Why not?" she asked. "Theres a big eel!" he shouted. "Eels aren't giant! Show me it!" Meatlug said. She followed Hookfang and they saw nothing. "Giant eel... Yeah.. you should stop hallucinating things" she said clearly annoyed walking away. Hookfang followed looking confused as always. As soon as they left we started to crack up. Nightstar was laughing like crazy and so was I. I got up gasping for air and cleared my throat. "Should we scare someone more?" I asked. "Duh! We can't leave all of our friends scareless" she said.

"Who's next?" I asked. "Meatlug" Nightstar replied. "Now how do we scare her?" I asked. "We use what she cares most for and use it as a weakness to scare her!" she said. "Damn you have on evil mind" I said smirking. "Would you expect something else?" she asked. I smirked and tripped her and pinned her. "Hey!" she shouted. "Whats wrong love?" I asked mockingly. "Come on! I just bathed" Nightstar wined. "Oh really? Then let me help you get dirty again" I said licking her. She giggled as I licked her. "I love your evil mind" I whispered in her ear. "Yeah I know but you always have that special thing that makes my evil so much more interesteting" she said as I got up. "Oh I know what to do to scare Meatlug!" I said. "What?" Nightstar asked. "1 word... Fishlegs" I said. Nightstar got what I was trying to say. We grabbed some of his clothes and filled it with hay. We set the dummy in between Nightstar and I as Meatlug came.

"Hey is that Fishlegs?" Meatlug asked. "Yes" Nightstar replied. All of a sudden we both tackled the dummy and ripped it a part. We waited for Meatlug's response. She was frozen solid and then she fainted. "Hahahahahahaha" Nightstar laughed. I chuckled as well. "What do we do with the body?" I asked. "What if they think we killed her!" I asked. "Then we deny that we ever saw her!" she said. "Most likely" I nodded. We slowly walked away. "Who's next?" Nightstar asked. "Barf and Belch" I replied. "Ok so what scares those two?" she asked. "Eachother?" I sheepishly replied. "Thats it!" she exclaimed. "Whats it?" I asked. "Let the professional handel this you amature" she said smirking. "Amature?" I muttered. We gathered many things and set them up in the forest. We waited until we heard Barf and Belch talking. "What are we doing here?" Barf asked.

"Idiot I thought you said you wanted to go to the woods" Belch snapped. "You don't have to yell!" Barf replied. "I don't know what I'd do if there were more of you!" sighed Belch. The forsest for them got dark. "Why is it so dark?" Barf asked. Then Belch yelled."What is it?" Barf asked. "Why are there so many of you?!" Belch asked. Surrounding them was at least 50 Barf's and Belch's. "Why are there so many of you?!" Barf asked. They glanced at each other and ran outta there screaming or yelling. Again we laughed as hard as possible. "Haha that only haha leaves Stormfly!" I said laughing. Nightstar straightened herself out. "What scares Stormfly?" she asked. We took a minute to think. "I heard the other day that she hates things sharper than her spikes" I said. "So..." Nightstar said. "Step aside its my turn now" I said. She frowned and rolled her eyes.

I had to find as many weapons as I could find and put them in a house. It was an abondoned house. As soon as we saw Stormfly come I made nioses. "Huh?" Stormfly asked. She slowly entered. Nightstar pushed the door shut. She leaned on the door hoping Stormfly wouldn't go out. Stomfly groaned. As she looked around she gasped. The sharpesed knives were hanging on the wall. Stormfly panicked and threw spikes at it but the knives were to sharp. Not a scratch. She looked horrified. Stormfly burned the whole house. Luckily Nightstar and I had gotten out of the way and remained hidden. Stormfly flew for her life. We fell from laughing so hard. After we calmed down Nighstar asked. "So Flame what are you afraid of?" Nightstar asked. "I'm not scared of anything!" I replied. "Is that so..." she said mockingly.

"Well then what are you scared off?" I asked. "Absolutly nothing!" she replied. We heard something around the corner. I turned my head and cringed. "Its a-"

"Giant Spider!" Nightstar screamed.

We both left as fast as we could yelling and screaming.

Normal Pov

Out of the giant spider came Meatlug, Hookfang, Barf, Belch, and Stormfly. "That went well" Stormfly said. "Lets just say they had a scary Halloween" Hookfang said.

I know horrible ending I know but I'm in a hurry. I still have to do a story with Snowflake! Ahhh help me!