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Chapter 25: Snowflake's 1st SnoggleTog

A female Snow Fury sniffed the air. She could smell different types things like, pine trees, all the yak liquids being passed around, the wood of the shields being hung, fishes being fished, and best of all, the snow. Snowflake wasn't sure why, but all this intrigued her. She snuck past all the villagers. No one really noticed her; most vikings mistaked her as snow.

Snowflake stopped by a shady tree. Behind her, two acid-emerald eyes opened. She glanced at them and gave a high shriek. She composed herself and realized who they belonged to.

"Toothless! Wha-what are you doing here?" Snowflake asked a bit on edge.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Toothless asked aggitated. Snowflake's smile turned into a frown. Toothless saw this and instantly felt guilt. He nuzzled her and Snowflake blushed. "I'm sorry. Today, has been terrible." Toothless complained starting to walk. Snowflake took that as her queue to follow.

"Why? All the humans seem happy." she stated. Toothless briefly glanced at her.

"Little naïve Snowflake. Do you have an idea to what today is?" he asked his lips curling up in a smile.

"Today's a special day? What day is it?" Snowflake asked, as her eyes widened in curiosity.

"Snoggletog." Toothless stated.

"Bless you?" Snowflake questioned. Her eyes narrowed in confusion to what that was. Toothless rolled his eyes.

"It's a type of holiday. You know, joy, games, happiness." he said.

"I take it you don't like it..." Snowflake said.

"I do-"

"You actually like this holiday!" Snowflake asked getting excited at the possibilities.

"I probably shouldn't have said that." Toothless said already regretting what Snowflake was going to make him do. Suddenly, with strength Toothless didn't even know Snowflake had, she pinned him.

"You have to show me the holiday traditions!" Snowflake said eagerly.

"I don't know... I'm pretty sure it'll blow up in my face." Toothless said looking away. Snowflake used her wide eyes to beg him. Those big, emerald, wide eyes, that probably made Toothless vulnerable to agreeing. "Snowflake, don't do this to me..." he begged.

"I guess you're right... I just wanted to- nevermind." she said with her voice dropping in disbelief. Toothless felt guilty again. He groaned.

"Alright, fine. I'll show you the traditions." the Night Fury said. Suddenly, Snowflake gave a wide grin.

"Thank you! Thank you, I love you!" she squealed.

"Yeah, yeah, you're just lucky that my lying lessons paid off." Toothless muttered.

"C'mon!" Snowflake cheered dragging him back into the village. On the way there, Toothless scolded himself for having such a soft-spot for the Snow Fury.

"What's the first thing we're going to do?" Snowflake asked smiling.

"First, eat treats. You know, the sweet kind." Toothless said mischievously.

"Wait... don't you remember what happened on Halloween?" Snowflake asked.

"Oh, I'm well aware." he replied smirking and looking ahead.

"They banned us from the treats." she said as her ears dropped.

"Why do you always insist on following the rules?" Toothless asked in an amused away as he turned to Snowflake.

"Why do you always insist on breaking them?" Snowflake asked in the same manner Toothless did. He gave her a wink in response.

Toothless started to hide in the shadows and crept up to steal the treats from the viking's hand. He taped on the male Vikings shoulder and once the viking turned, Toothless went to the other side and took the treats out of his hand. The viking turned back to see that his large plate was empty. Toothless was long gone, and the viking just stood there confused.

Toothless came back proudly with treats in his mouth. He gave some to Snowflake. She chewed slowly to savor the wonderful sugary, sweetness that melted in her mouth. She moaned in delight of tasting the treat.

"Like it?" Toothless asked grinning and already knowing the answer. Snowflake blushed.

"It's amazing! I have to have some more." Snowflake said.

"Go get some more." Toothless said.


"If you don't get it yourself, say goodbye to the treat until next year."

"Why can't you get it?" Snowflake whined.

"C'mon, this isn't the first time you've stolen something. You're almost as good as I am." Toothless said. Snowflake smiled at the compliment. She nodded and put on a face of determination. Toothless motioned her to her. She crept close to the same viking who Toothless had stolen from. He had gotten more treats. Snowflake used her tail to throw a pebble at him. Once the viking turned, Snowflake had small time to grab some of the treats. The viking had turned the other way and Snowflake took the rest.

"What in the world?" the viking asked. "I'm imaginging things." he said to himself.

Snowflake went back to Toothless with a treat in her mouth. Toothless smirked and took the piece of the treat that was sticking out of her mouth. Snowflake blushed and Toothless winked at her, making her go even more red.

"That was hilarious. The viking getting confused and you blushing." Toothless said.

"I guess it was worth it. So, what do we do next?!" Snowflake asked getting excited and forgetting what had just occured.

"I don't know... probably games. WAIT! Nevermind, forget I ever said that!" Toothless isisted. It was too late. Snowflake had already heard and was already dragging a muttering Toothless. After a while, Toothless got up and Snowflake was already prepared to ask him question.

"What type of games are we playing?" Snowflake asked.

"Why do you ask a lot of questions?" Toothless asked. Snowflake gave him a sheepish smile. He couldn't resist her smiles. "I don't really like the games that are played." he said.

"Is there a particular reason?"

"Okay, every two years, in this time in the winter, dragons go with their mates to Dragon Island. This is year the year they don't. So, the dragons made up the weird idea that you are to participate in games with your mate." Toothless finished, as if he were forced it recite it.

"And, you don't like it because you know I'm going to want to participate..." Snowflake stated with a half smile.


"Who do we go to if want to be in these games?" she asked as her ears rose. Toothless groaned.

"In one those two lines-" Toothless didn't get to finish as Snowflake was already bolting to get her place in line.

"In this competition, only two couples at a time are to race together in sliding down the hill. No flying allowed. Who ever makes it there first, gets the fish prize." announced the loud Terrible Terror. The Terror give a small roar and the first two couples went.

"Who are we going against?" Snowflake asked.

"It doesn't matter, we're not going easy on them." Toothless said grinning. Snowflake narrowed her eyes at him. "You're cute when you're trying to intimidate me." Toothless said with amusment. Snowflake sighed as she moved up in the line. Toothless looked over to the other line to see who would compete with them. It was Stormfly and her mate. 'There's no way I'm going easy on them.' Toothless thought.

A couple moments passed and it was their turn. Snowflake climbed on Toothless's back and Stormfly did too with her mate. Snowflake had some difficulties, since Toothless's spine spikes got in the way. Stormfly had to hold on with her back paws, since she didn't really have forearms. But, Stormfly did it with ease, unlike Snowflake.

"Wow, it's a miracle! Toothless is competing in the games! Were you forced?" Stormfly asked. Toothless tried his best not to answer the question.

"Well Stormfly, looks like I'll be racing with you. Best of luck." Snowflake said half kindly and half sarcatically.

"We've competed every year. It's going to take a Snoggletog miracle for you guys to win." she replied. Snowflake realized that like Astrid, Stormfly did have a competitive nature. Both of them turned forward. Snowflake grasped Toothless wings harmlessly with her claws.

"Are you still planing on going hard on them?" Snowflake asked. Toothless grinned. She took that as a yes. Snowflake wasn't really competitive, but she really hated cocky dragons. Cocky dragons just drove her mad. So even if she has to go against her own motto, she'll win.

The Terrible Terror let out a small roar and both males used a lot of force to push forward. Toothless was sliding pretty fast and Snowflake took notice that he made sure his tail wasn't in the snow. Stormfly's mate did a decent job to keep up.

All Snowflake could here as the air blowing quickly and claws being scraped. Toothless was doing good, in her opinion. He was dodging the obsticles fine. His large wings made him go even faster, while sliding.

'Okay, so Toothless is the one to go down the hill. What do I do?' Snowflake thought to herself. Suddenly, the sound of blades being sharpened was heard. Snowflake turned towards Stormfly, and saw her throwing spines off her tail at her. She dodged them with ease.

"Is this allowed?" Snowflake asked yelling becuase of the noisy air.

"It's a competition, anythings allowed." Stormfly yelled back. Snowflake narrowed her eyes and tensed. That caused Toothless to glance at her. Their eyes locked and they nodded at each other.

Snowflake let out her wing to cover Stormfly and her mate's view.

"Really? That's such a classic move." Stormfly said. She didn't know that she was being led right into a tree. Once Snowflake took back her wing, Stormfly gasped.

"It's alright, I got it." her mate said. He burned down the tree with his fire power. While he was distracted, Toothless piled snow in his direction.

Soon, Stormfly's mate had started to trip and slip. Before Stormfly could help him get steady, Snowflake blew a small fire ball at her, causing her to become dizzy and confused. Toothless took the advantage and slid forward into victory.

Once they arrived, Snowflake rolled off his back and into a pile of snow. She laughed and so did Toothless. Not long after, Stormfly and her mate slid to the finish line.

"Good game?" Snowflake asked. Stormfly got off and shook the snow off her wings.

"I guess so. We went easy on you.." she said. Snowflake rolled her eyes.

"The winners are, Snowflake and Toothless." another Terrible Terror announced. The small dragon flew over the two Furies and gave them a large fish as a reward. Stormfly and her mate were preparing to fly off, to not face as more defeat.

"Beginners luck." her mate replied before they both took off. Toothless and Snowflake glanced at each other before they broke off laughing, forgetting about their reward. Snowflake still lay on her back in the snow. Toothless grinned and decided to pile up more snow on her.

Suddenly, Snowflake felt a small weight on her. She opened her eyes and saw snow covering her body. She gave an amused sigh. Toothless chuckled. She used her tail to throw snow at Toothless. It took him by surprise and it made Snowflake laugh.

"Having fun?" Toothless asked her.

"Yes, now can you get all this snow off me?" Snowflake asked. It was Toothless's turn to drag her, which did infact, take the snow off her.

"Admit it, you had fun and you don't regret competing in the games." Snowflake said as she was getting dragged on the soft snow. He laughed.

"No, you're wrong." Toothless said. His tail twitched.

"You lier!" Snowflake said smirking as she jumped up and infront of Toothless. He sighed as he saw her enthusiastic emotion.

"I hate that you know everything about me." he muttered.

The rest of Snoggletog was celebrated at the great hall. Dragons settled in and walked around just like their riders. Toothless and Snowflake managed to sneak in undetected.

As they settled down in the corner, Snowflake eyed the table for sweets. Unfortunately there weren't any, much to her dismay. The sight of her glaring at the table made Toothless laugh.

He looked over to his rider. Hiccup was bitterly enjoying a glass of Astrid's Yaknog. He forced a smile as he gulped it down. Toothless couldn't help but chuckle.

Snowflake laid at Toothless's side. She wasn't the slightest bit cold, but she loved that she was close to Toothless.

"Would you taste a horrible tasting drink for me?" Snowflake asked.

"Isn't it obvious how much I'd do for you? Look at what I got sucked into." Toothless asked reminiscing. Snowflake giggled. She looked around the Grand Hall. Somehow, she ended up looking above.

"Uh, Toothless. I believe you owe me something." Snowflake said smiling and blushing. Toothless had a feeling it had to do with something above him. He looked up and saw a plant. To clarify, it was a mistletoe. 'Oh, but she knows what that is.' Toothless thought.

"Here, since I dragged you around all day, I guess you deserve something too." she said as she pressed her nose against Toothless's. It was Toothless's turn to start blushing, not just because of Snowflake's affection, but because every dragon suddenly had to stare at the poor embarrassed Night Fury.

"For my first SnoggleTog, it was the best one I've ever had." Snowflake whispered. Her words made Toothless smile affectionately (and made his heart grow two times bigger.)

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