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Nathaniel looked around nervously.

"Bartimaeus?" he called out. "Bartimaeus! Come here right now!" Still no reply. Nathaniel walked into the haunted house. It was run by magicians, and was therefore quite magical, but not the least bit dangerous. Well, not too dangerous.

After rounding a corner, he saw some jack-o-lanterns. Whatever.

Then he felt webs. Shuddering, he quickened his pace, yet the webs still brushed lightly against his face. He began struggling despite his training to stay emotionless.

Then he stopped. Something light was crawling up his arm. The darkness, the inability to see heightened his other senses, and fear grew.

It continued its way up. Nathaniel began brushing frantically, trying to rid himself of the creature, but to no avail.

"Bartimaeus!" he regretted his choice to allow the demon to have pulled him into this place. Not that he was frightened; of course not. It was merely that, well, he was… uncomfortable around certain types of bug. Eight-legged bugs…

A small light pulsated before him. Something told him that if he followed it, everything would be alright. Ignoring all other senses, he followed the light.

Ignoring all other senses, he didn't hear the warning beep in his ear.

The imp giggled madly, led the magician to a skeleton, and then faded away.

Nathaniel blinked twice before returning back to reality. Something was wrong… He took in his surroundings and groaned inwardly.

At least there were no more cobwebs in his face, and the tickling sensation had gone away.

He muttered a curse beneath his breath and turned around –

To be met be a grinning skull.

"Well, well, well, it looks as though a disobedient, forgetful little magician had strayed from the path," a high, nasally voice said.

Nathaniel took one look at the demon and calculated his chances. He didn't fancy them and tried to dart past it.

A cold, iron grip grabbed onto his hand. "And where do you think you're going?"

Nathaniel gulped.

"Please, mister spirit sir, I mean no harm. I merely lost my way and -" he was cut short by a chuckle erupting from the demon.

"Huh hah," it laughed. "'Mister spirit sir'? Well, Mandrake, I never thought I would see the day when you would refer to me so politely come."

Nathaniel's expression twisted into one of utmost confusion, then, hesitantly, he asked, "Bartimaeus?"

"The one and the only," came the demon's familiar voice. "How do you do, Natty boy?" Saying so, he shifted form to become a dark-skinned Egyptian boy wearing an outfit mirroring his master's.

"Shut up!" yelped Nathaniel, clamping a sweaty hand over Bartimaeus's mouth.

Bartimaeus tore his head away. "Watch where you put that thing. Next time I'll snap it off. Honestly, why is it wet? Now my essence shall be eternally scarred," he moaned, placing a hand on his forehead in mock distress.

Nathaniel glowered at his servant but said nothing.

"Well? Why are you here?"

Nathaniel snarled. "Hmm. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I was stupid enough to grant your request of 'enjoying a lovely holiday'."

"What do you mean?" the Egyptian boy asked, looking truly perplexed.

"Oh bloody hell, you know full well what I mean!" Nathaniel cried out in frustration.

"No, I don't. Every Hallows' Eve, the spirits – both on Earth and in the Other Place – are able to break loose of their bonds and can stay at any cemetery to recharge their energies. It is better than even the Other Place. We are currently in one such place. What I'd like to know is why are you here and how did you get here? There are spells, charms, and Glamors shielding this place from the eyes of the likes of you."

Now it was Nathaniel's turn to look perplexed. "But we were in a back room of a coffee shop. I was about to call for you when you appeared and …" he trailed off.

"You didn't summon me and yet I somehow appeared," noted Bartimaeus. "And you didn't get suspicious of foul play? Really not, Na – Mandrake, I would've thought you'd have known better."

Nathaniel scowled. "Okay, so something tricked me. Now can we please get out of here?"

"It's not so simple," Bartimaeus said. "You see, to prevent humans from knowing of the existence of this place, there is a rule that if a djinn finds such a being, he or she must destroy the human."

Nathaniel visibly paled. How that was possible, Bartimaeus did not know. "Y-you wouldn't dare."

"Oh now would I? You are entirely in my power. This is better even than in the Other Place. There, I cannot harm you. Here, I can kill you in any way I wish." He took a step forward.

Nathaniel took a nervous step back, and then another, then turned tail and fled.

A moment later he tripped on a gravestone.

Sprawled on his back, he was paralyzed in fear by the creature approaching him. Giving a small whimper of fright, he pressed his back against the stone.

"Oh don't flee, Natty boy. I have so many ideas of how to get back at you for all those threats you've made, for the harm you have caused my essence."

Nathaniel began shaking. He never did like Halloween.

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