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Last time…

Nathaniel never did like Halloween.

"Relax, loosen up, Natty-boy," Bartimaeus cooed. "You've had this coming ever since the first time you summoned me." He sauntered over and knelt down by the trembling boy.

"L-let me go!" moaned Nathaniel, his eyes still tight-shut.

"Now why would I?" Bartimaeus asked in mock confusion. "I have you completely in my power, I know your birth name, and you've treated me – Bartimaeus of Uruk, Sahkr al Djinn, Serpent of the -"

"I get it, oh Rekhet of Alexandria!" Nathaniel suddenly snapped. He knew it was a mistake as soon as the words flew out of his mouth. He had spoken without thinking, and he knew it would get him into trouble, but oh! – his servant's (well… kind-of-but-not-really servant) bragging was driving him insane.

Nathaniel tilted his head up to face the Egyptian boy's unnatural crimson gaze head-on.

"Oh? Has Natty boy finally remembered his manners?" smirked Bartimaeus. He leaned a little closer to Nathaniel until his lips were brushing against the magician's right ear.

"I have thought up of many different ways to get back at you for causing such harm to my essence," he whispered. "Now do you want to hear them beforehand or have it be a surprise to you?"

Nathaniel tried to back away, but to his great dismay he remembered he was trapped against the tombstone.

Nathaniel bit his lip and shook his head.

"You don't want to hear them?" asked Bartimaeus. "It shall be you please, Nat."

"So how about you let me go and we can forget about this whole thing?"

"Hmm," the Egyptian boy struck a pose as if he were considering a very hard problem and tapped a finger against his chin. "Well, I suppose I could…"

"Thank you -"

"Oh, why thank me? I never said that I would agree to that proposal."

Nathaniel gulped and began struggling to get away from the djinni, but Bartimaeus was much stronger.

"Stop struggling," Bartimaeus hissed, "unless you want me to break your arm… Hey wait … yeah, that's a pretty good idea!"

Nathaniel turned even whiter. Any whiter and he would've been able to pass for a ghost, thought Bartimaeus.

"No, that won't be necessary…" Nathaniel pleaded.

"I wonder if that really is the case…" Bartimaeus mused, fingers lightly dancing on Nathaniel's arm. Then, without warning, he grabbed the limb in both hands and brought it down.

Nathaniel screamed and shut his eyes against the white-hot pain, the sick snapping sound… his imagination?

Nathaniel forced an eye open and stared at his right arm, still whole (thankfully), though in an uncomfortably tight, iron grip.

Bartimaeus was howling with laughter. "Oh Nathaniel, do that again!" he cried. "More, oh more! That was music to my ears – no, my very essence!"

The boy scowled and tugged lightly at his arm, still trying to overcome his shock. "Let go."

The demon's laughter stopped abruptly. "Did I just hear a command come out of that mouth? Oh come now, you don't really think I will follow your orders tonight, do you? And well, quite frankly, I doubt you will be able to give another order after tonight."

Nathaniel shivered at the unsettling promise.

"Scream again, Nathaniel, beg for mercy," encouraged Bartimaeus cheerfully.

His voice was met by silence.

Bartimaeus stood up. "I'm going to kick you, you know. I really want to hear another scream, and if that means killing you in the process, than that's even better."

Nathaniel tried to rack his brain for proper words of defense, but in his fear-induced mind, he could think of nothing. Besides, his mind told him, the demon knew his name. The words of defense would be swept away like spider threads, and would do nothing but amuse him more.

In the end, Nathaniel settled for shutting up and letting his body go limp.

"Umph!" he gasped for breath as a harsh kick was delivered to his side.

"Scream already!" whined Bartimaeus.

Nathaniel shut his eyes against the very real pain, then looked up at the artificial boy and asked, "What do you want me to scream? You name? Wouldn't that please you so much?" Here he adopted a moan. "Oh Bartimaeus~! Oh! AHH!"

Bartimaeus, instead of becoming flustered as Nathaniel had hoped, had a cruel smirk plastered on his features. "Slut," he said.

Then he bent down, cupped Nathaniel's chin, forced his head forward and bit down on the magician's lip, drawing blood.

"Eeeeh!" Nathaniel could not stop a surprised squeak from coming out of his mouth. He could feel pain in his lip and side, and could feel something warm trickling down his chin. He hoped it wasn't blood, but didn't bother hoping too much.

Bartimaeus frowned. "Muffled" was all he said. Then his expression became one of horrible malice, and his fingers traced their way up Nathaniel's cheek to where his eyes were.

Realizing what the demon's intentions were, Nathaniel cried out and shut his eyes as firmly as possible.

Bartimaeus let his fingers dance lightly on the closed eyelids and asked in a small whisper, "If I take your sight away, would that not stop you from summoning any more demons? And it is said that when one sense is taken away, other senses heighten. I want you to feel every single part of this night." He emphasized the last six words with light pokes to Nathaniel's eyes.

The boy shook his head. "Please," he cried. "Please, Bartimaeus, don't!"

Bartimaeus sighed. "You're right," he said, drawing back. "If you don't see this, you won't know the full extent of what I'm doing. Maybe I should cut off your tongue. No? Cause you to go deaf. No? Boy are you picky!"

Nathaniel squirmed under the demon's scrutinizing gaze.

Then, after what seemed like both eternity and no time at all, Bartimaeus gave an evil cackle. "I know what to do now…"

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