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Chapter 13: When Nightmares Haunt Once Again

"Please, no please..."

Reid woke abruptly at the sound of Hermione talking in her sleep. She moaned as if in pain and he saw tears fall from her closed eyes.

"Please, no…please, I didn't steal it…"

Reid panicked. Hermione was having a nightmare and this scared him. He tried waking her up without success. Her moans grew louder and she started to shake uncontrollably, sweat forming on her forehead.

"No… please, I didn't do it, it's a fake… No, please no…" Hermione moaned again, this time a little louder. She looked like she was in pain.

"Hermione, baby, please wake up. Hermione…" Reid called as he shook her shoulders and kissed her temple, wanting to relieve her from her nightmare. His efforts failed again.

"Baby, please wake up, please don't scare me," Reid called again, slightly louder, and he shook her shoulders with a bit more force. He moved so he could hold her arms and kissed her temple again, whispering soothing words in her ear. Hermione slowly opened her eyes and Reid could see the tears and fear in them. She seemed in such intense pain and Reid understood that she was reliving her torture with Bellatrix. He may not understand the pain she had gone through, but he knew how scared it made her, evidenced by the nightmare she just woke from.

"Baby, you're fine, you're safe now. I'm here with you," Reid said softly, comforting her as he held her tightly in his arms. Hermione wrapped her arms around him and held him tightly, still shaken from the nightmare. Her heart beat unsteadily against her chest.

"Reid…" Hermione sniffed as she tried not to choke on her breath.

"Yes, Hermione? I'm here baby, it's okay now, I'm here," he whispered in her ear, rubbing her back softly, and he felt her tears fall against his naked chest.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you up, I'm just so scared." Reid kissed her crown and continued to hold her tightly, indicating that he was there for her.

"It's alright, babe, I know. Everything's okay now." He glanced at the alarm clock, noting that it was only three in the morning and the half moon was bright against the dark sky. They stayed in that position for a long while before Reid felt Hermione relax and snuggle in his embrace.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Fred," Hermione admitted quietly. She found it hard to fall asleep after having this nightmare.

"It's okay, I understand," he replied. He knew should not be jealous with someone who was already dead, but just thinking about a man who had liked Hermione enough for her to like him back simply struck something in him.

"I wanted to. I wanted to tell you earlier but I was afraid you might get the wrong impression. Fred was the first person to see me as just me, not one third of the Golden Trio or the famous know-it-all bookworm, or the bossy Gryffindor princess or even the next McGonagall. That's what some of them used to call me. Even though he was one of the famous pranksters in Hogwarts and quite popular amongst the students, especially the girls, he always treated me nicely and knew how to joke around with me, making me laugh. He often saved me from some sort of trouble, especially from the Slytherin's Prince, Draco Malfoy, before he was forced to become a Death Eater, and even from his brother, Ron, who sometimes acted like a git. He always knew how to make me smile whenever I was sad or worried." At this point Reid couldn't help but smile.

"I'm sorry about Fred," Reid said in a soft voice as his fingers played with her hair. He twisted a strand, savouring the silky, smooth feel and the scent of her shampoo – the scent of vanilla, rose, and strawberry. He was still slightly jealous of the deceased man, but he was thankful he was there for her when she was in trouble.

"It's okay," Hermione replied. "He's with his family now, all of them, and Harry, and my parents, too. I have to admit that I still miss them a lot. Harry and Ron were my brothers in everything but blood and the Weasleys were my second family. I hadn't any friends before I entered Hogwarts, they had all looked at me like I was some sort of weird freak. It was because of them that I often spent my time reading books and studying." She felt Reid's rhythmic heartbeats against her ear and let it sooth her.

"I know it's hard, but they are in a better place now and I am sure they are watching over you, praying that you have a better life than before," Reid said tenderly. His words calmed her and Hermione was thankful for having been given the chance to meet this amazing man. Even though she had only known Reid a few months, since just after moving to Ipswich, her heart desired him.

"Thank you," the brunette replied. Reid smiled.

"Reid," Hermione whispered.


"I like you, I really do. In fact, I think it's more than that," she started hesistantly. Deep in her heart, he wanted to tell him that she had fallen in love with him, but due to fear of rejection, she kept it to herself. She would see how far she could go with Reid, until the time was right for her to declare her love for him.


Reid was ecstatic and the biggest smile was stuck on his face. He leaned against the headboard of Hermione' bed, her words still ringing in his ears, "I like you, I really do. In fact, I think it's more than that." He glanced at the sleeping witch next to him, still held tightly in his arms. He would do anything to protect her.

"And I like you, too, so much. Hell, I even more than just like you. I've fallen in love with you," Reid thought as he smiled and planted a kiss on Hermione's forehead. He was determined to make Hermione his in the near future. Giving her another soft kiss on the lips, he fell asleep with his arm wrapped around her waist.

Hermione woke from her sleep when morning came and tried to get up, only to feel something heavy on her waist. As she tried to move again, she felt something stir beside her and groan. She smiled and move closer to the person next to her.

"Good morning." She greeted the handsome blonde with a soft kiss on the lips as Reid woke from his sleep.

"Good morning to you, too. That's a nice wakeup call," Reid murmered. He leaned over and kissed her lips and neck. Hermione chuckled before moaning softly.



"Thank you, for everything, for believing in me and being here for me," she said softly as she nestled herself into his arms. She did not know why, but she felt safe with him.

"It's okay. I just want to make sure you're all right."

The two stayed in each other's arms until the alarm went off.

"Well, do you want anything for breakfast?" Hermione asked as she got up from the bed, leaving Reid still lying there. "I bet Teddy's already awake now."

"Anything is good for me," he said. Hermione smiled and walked out of the bedroom while Reid continued to lie there, a grin plastered on his face.



Caleb, Tyler and Pogue were having their own breakfast, though none of them wanted to each much, not after the story of Hermione and her past. They knew it didn't end there – they had known something was off, with her sudden reaction and the fear in her eyes. She must have gone through something much worse but they had no idea what, and why she held her arm as though it hurt her. They could hardly wait for Reid to come home so they could pester him into telling them about it.

As the three Sons ate, Caleb struggled with himself before taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out.

"Pogue, I was wondering... Are you planning on telling Kate about this, about us?" Caleb asked, earning a shocked look from said man.

"What are you talking about man?" Pogue responded, not quite comprehending what his brother was asking.

Caleb sighed. "What I'm saying is that we should not leave Kate in the dark about this. If Sarah already knows about us, then Kate should as well. I'm just saying that it isn't fair for her not to know. I know she's your girlfriend, and you are the one who should make this decision, but she's my friend, too. Now she and Sarah are friends with Hermione, and I don't want them to cut off their friendship because of this, because of fear. I might tell Sarah about this sooner, rather than later, or at least after we hear the rest of the story from Hermione."

Pogue was speechless. He had no idea what to do – he felt bad for leaving Kate in the dark about this, about them. She had already been victim to Chase once, which almost took her life away. Pogue sighed and ran a hand through his hair. What Caleb said was true, he should inform his girlfriend. It would be hard to inform her, but he had to, for everyone's sake. He just needed to find the right time for it.

"Speaking of which, what do you think about what Hermione told us? About, you know, her past?" Tyler spoke up suddenly, earning himself a glare from Caleb for diverting the subject.

"What?" Tyler asked nervously.

"I believe her," Pogue said nonchalantly.

"So do I," Caleb threw in. "Her magic is different than ours, but I couldn't detect any lies coming from her. I could see how much this had cost her, the pain she had to bear because of it. Losing her parents wasn't the easiest and I could feel her fear towards the end, but we don't know everything, about what happened next, but I assure you she was telling the truth. Are you having doubts?" Caleb eyed the youngest son.

"No, it just took me by surprise. It's crazy man, I don't know if I could handle it if I were her." Tyler said thoughtfully. He was sure he wouldn't have been able to survive life in her shoes.

"Well, that is something we should be grateful for," Pogue said. He, like Tyler, doubted he could make it were it him in her place.

"Well, Pogue, what will you do?" Caleb asked again, redirecting the conversation to its previous topic.

Pogue took a moment to think. "I'll have to think about it first, then we'll decide whether we will take Kate about this," he replied finally. Caleb left the matter for now, respecting Pogue's decision. Now all they could do was wait for Reid to return and he absently wondered what the Third Son was up to.

Somewhere in the Wizarding World

"So, you are sure the mudblood is not here? Then WHERE THE BLOODY HELL IS SHE?" Dolohov shouted to one of the new recruits. The Death Eater wannabe was afraid and trembling.

"I'm sorry, Sir. I have no idea where she disappeared to. We had tried tracking her but came up with nothing," the new recruit stammered. Chase looked at them in amusement. Indeed, he wanted to laugh at them. He held no pity for the new recruit. The warlock had allied himself with the dark wizards and witches of the Wizarding World in England since his unfortunate arrival months ago. He could use them to take vengeance on the four Sons of Ipswich.


Chase winced as the Death Eater wannabe fell lifelessly to the floor. Dolohov returned his wand to its holster, beyond angry. They were unable to leave the abandoned mansion thanks to the hunt for any Death Eater still at large. The ministry had been dispatching more and more Aurors to find what remained of the Dark Lord's followers. Already a few of them have been caught and sentenced to Azkaban for life, though there were a few who had chosen to take their lives with the killing curse rather than be thrown into the dark pit of the deadly prison. Over the past several months, the number of Death Eaters had been slowly decreasing due to these captures, including the new recruits.

Dolohov, along with Yaxley and the werewolf Greyback, were still at large. They had managed to hide themselves from the public, not even going to Knockturn Alley, instead choosing to send new recruits to gather information and supplies. They wouldn't even let Chase roam around the Wizarding World as he pleased, since he was a part of them and they did not know much about his abilities. He might have shown them some, but not all of it. Therefore, letting him loose on his own was too big a risk for them.

"We will find the mudblood Granger, and we will make sure she joins the rest of them in the afterlife." Dolohov sneered at the mentioning of the name. Chase had always wondered who this person might be and why she was always the main topic of anger and revenge amongst the Death Eaters... Especially Dolohov, Yaxley, and even Greyback. He wanted to know, but whenever he questioned them he was met with death threats. It was like this person was a curse or taboo, someone he was forbidden to mention.

Chase knew that sooner or later he would find out about this Granger person the Death Eaters were dying to get their hands on and whatever it was she had done in the past to anger them so much. Though deep in his mind, he wondered if Granger was one of the reasons these witches and wizards were in hiding and it reminded him of his own battle against the four Sons of Ipswich, or more importantly, against the leader, Caleb Danvers. Maybe he and this group had shared the same fate, wanting to take vengeance upon the persons who had caused them to have such miserable lives.

All he had to do was wait. The time for him would come. The Four sons of Ipswich would never know what hit them.


Meanwhile, somewhere else in the Wizarding world

"Are you really sure about this?" Blaise asked. He, Dean, Padma, and Cho had met up with Theo Nott and Adrian Pucey at the Three Broomsticks to discuss the Death Eaters' recent activities in secret.

"I'm positive. A few of them had tried tracking down Hermione Granger, led by Dolohov himself, but none had been successful. 'We' have been on the run the past few weeks, and they informed me they are now taking refuge in an old manor that once belonged to one of the pureblood familes. They did not tell me which location, but they will after I'm done recruiting. But from what I've been told, Dolohov and Yaxley are searching for an old spell that will enable them to track down anyone they wish, no matter how far they are," Theo replied. The six of them had requested an empty room for this meeting, knowing that it was dangerous for them to be seen, especially for Theo, since he was spying for the Light side.

Theo's duty amongst the Death Eaters was to recruit new members. Most of them were purebloods or half-bloods who loathed the muggle side of their family. From there, he was able to get all the information he needed and had secretly told Blaise, Dean, and Adrian about what was to happen, and even when and where. Thus far he had done a tremendous job without being caught, or even suspected, by any of the Death Eaters. Of course, he was also extremely careful with a particular few, such as Dolohov, Yaxley, Greyback, and that stranger called Chase who was currently on the run with them.

"This is getting worse than ever. Dolohov will never stop hunting Hermione. We have to warn her about this – whether she's in America or not, her life is still in danger and so is Teddy's," Dean declared, unable to hide the fear in his voice. Padma grasped his hand.

"There's something else I want to tell you," Theo said slowly.

"What is it, Theo?" Cho asked, speaking for the first time since the meeting commenced.

"There's this bloke who has been following us for the past couple of months. From his accent, I guess he is not from around here. I heard them mention once that he came from America. He's different, he has power but he's not a wizard like us. He is what we call a warlock," he informed them and the five gasped. They all knew about warlocks, the power they possessed. They did not need a wand to channel their power.

"How did this happen?" Padma asked.

"I don't know. He told us he was transported there by some sort of power. He came from a place called Ipswich, somewhere in America, and seems to hold a grudge against someone from that place. I could feel the anger and need for vengeance rolling off him when he spoke of what happened. He did not tell us who or why, but the grudge he has against this person is so strong it scares me." He heard a gasp come from Blaise and felt the fear from Dean, Padma, and Cho. He and Adrian were confused.

"Hey, what's going on?" Adrian asked, too anxious to keep silent.

"Did you say Ipswich?" Cho asked, her face pale.

"Yes. Why?" Theo asked. He felt like he was missing something and didn't care for it at all.

"Hermione and Teddy are now living in Ipswich."

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