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Chapter 2: Getting Life Started

For the past two days, Hermione had been busy decorating her new apartment. Her apartment is not so big yet not so small; it comes with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a storeroom and a hall. Since she and Teddy are now living in a muggle town, she had to adapt with their lifestyle and even though her late parents were also muggles, but she had grown up mostly in the Wizarding World.

Hermione had bought a queen sized bed and cabinets for her bedroom and another single bed and another cabinet for Teddy's. She had also decorated another empty bedroom and instead of making it into a bedroom, she turned it into a special room called The Room of Memories. It is a special room where she had hung the photos and portraits of those they had loved and lost in the war, includes Hermione's own parents and also Sirius Black. She had cried her tears dries when she hung each and every photos and portraits for she really missed each and one of them. She had even decorated the room with a nice, cool and calming color, the sky blue. She had put two chairs, a table and a mini shelf for she will have books from the Wizarding World, includes the one given by the late Dumbledore to her, and also books from her parents, includes her own novels. On top of that she had kept and framed a copy of a photo of the DA that had been taken by Collin Creevey who also died in the war, and also some photos of her surviving friends and Headmistress McGonagall.

Hermione had also hung the portraits of Remus and his wife Tonks and also Andromeda in Teddy's bedroom for she also had their photos hung back in The Room of Memories. She knew that Teddy is still young to understand, but she wanted him to know that his parents and grandmother really loves him and died to protect him.

Hermione is yet to buy half of the furniture and electronics items such as the fridge, cushions, table, rugs, television and some culinary such as plates and all those, and for the past two days they had been eating take-away and had met Sarah twice, one when she was with her friend Kate and the other with her boyfriend who introduced himself as Caleb, and Hermione remembered him as one of the guys who are with Sarah the first time they've met.

Hermione had finished decorating the kitchen and she will buy the fridge tomorrow along with dinner table, cushions, table and also rugs for the hall. She had transferred about 65 percent of her saving in Gringotts into her new banking account and when the money transferred into US muggle currency her money is enough to support both her and Teddy for few years to come. She had kept Teddy's safety key to his Gringotts account in her safety box in her room and will give it back to him when he is of age before he starts his education.


The day is almost dark when Hermione realizes that they haven't bought their dinner yet. So she hurriedly cleans herself and Teddy and rushed to the café where they always bought their meals from and upon reaching the café Hermione realizes that there are so many people inside and some of them are still standing, waiting for an empty seat and Hermione got no place to sit as she hold Teddy close to her as the place became very busy at the moment with people walking, talking and various smells of food. One of the waitresses who recognize her waves her hand at Hermione.

"Hi, I'm sorry but tonight is full house and some of these people had been waiting for at least 10 minutes to get a seat, I don't know why suddenly it becomes this pack and I had no empty seat to offer for you right now unless you don't mind waiting but you have kid with you, again I am really really sorry for that," apologized the waitress known as Lisa who is in her mid 20's as Hermione waves her hand understandingly.

"It's alright, its okay with that, guess that Teddy and I just had to get something to eat from the grocery then," said Hermione as Teddy pouted his lips.

"Are you sure, well poor little guy here, he must be hungry. It's really surprise me as well for this café was never this pack before, my guess is that they are very lazy to cook tonight," said Lisa softly as she whispered to Hermione and the witch tries to suppress her giggles when one of the cook called upon Lisa to deliver food.

"Well, got to go, sorry again," said Lisa as she went to get the food for her customers.

"It's alright, think we better to the grocery before it closed," said Hermione as she waved her hand to Lisa.

As Hermione reaches the door, suddenly it opens and someone almost crash into Hermione when the person able to stop before they embarrassed themselves there in front of the people. The person happens to be the guy, the handsome blonde who was with Sarah and their fellow friends the other night.

"Hi, sorry almost crash into you," apologized Reid sheepishly as Hermione shook her head.

"It's okay, nothing happen," said Hermione.

"Buy anything?" asked Reid as he saw nothing in Hermione' hand.

"No, we just got here and it's full house, so I think I want to run to the grocery before it closed," said Hermione as Reid gives her way for her to pass by.

"Well okay then," said Reid as he can't help but to stares at her. Hermione just nodded her head before exiting the café as Reid looks around the café and seems that rather than waiting for an empty seat, he wonder if he could join Hermione instead.

Reid quickly left the café and chase after Hermione and Teddy who are not far from him.

"Hey, wait up," called Reid as Hermione stopped on her track and turns around.

"Yes?" asked Hermione, wondering if she had drop something.

"Sorry, wonder if you don't mind if I join you, well both of you, to the grocery, I don't think I want to wait any longer for an empty seat there," said Reid pointing back to the café that they had left earlier.

"Um…yea sure, no problem with that," said Hermione as Reid smiles at her. Hermione can't help herself but to smile back at him. She continues walking with Reid walking next to her.

"By the way my name's Garwin, Reid Garwin," Reid introduced himself as he offered a handshake to Hermione.

"Granger, Hermione Granger," replied Hermione back, accepting his handshake.

"That's one pretty name, what about this little guy here," Reid asked her as Hermione tries not to blush, it just a compliment for her name, not her look. Hermione had not realized that but she had changed a lot since after the war ended, her hair is now more manageable and no longer bushy like the one she is famous for when back in Hogwarts before the war, it is now more sleekly and soft and slight wave, she got her curves all in the right place and she did not realizes but many boys started to pay her attention after she returned to Hogwarts to finished her final year, but she is of course oblivious to all that, thinking that they only pay her attentions because she is a war heroine.

"This is Teddy," said Hermione as the little boy wanted to get down and walk instead. Hermione put him down and hold his hand, swaying them back and front, making the little boy to laugh and Reid to smile at them.

"He's your son?" Reid knew that this might sound rude, but he just wanted to know about Hermione's relation with the little boy Teddy.

"No…yes, he is my godson, actually," answered Hermione hesitated as Reid looked at her in disbelieved for while, and then somehow he can't help but to smile at her.

Hermione is busy choosing bread for tomorrow's breakfast and some skimmed milk, a box of tea and two boxes of cereal while Teddy is busy browsing for some candy and chocolate with Reid in tow. He insisted to Hermione that he will look after Teddy while she go and pick her food on the other lane. Hermione is worried for she had never left Teddy alone with anyone else let alone a stranger but Reid somehow managed to persuade Hermione to believe in him for he did not have any bad intention to the little boy and only wanted to help her to look after him while she shop for their food.

As Hermione had done with her shopping, she went around looking for both Reid and Teddy and when she found them, Teddy is having full hands of candies and chocolates and he is smiling at her as Reid tries to hide his smirks behind his hand. Hermione glares at them and shake her head, making the little boy to pout his lips while Reid could only shrugs. Teddy then tries to give Hermione puppy eyes and give her the sweetest smile ever. Giving up, Hermione could only rolled her eyes and put the basket down for Teddy to put all his candies and chocolates into the basket. The little boy squeals happily as he run and put all his favorites food into the basket as Reid gives Hermione a wink. Hermione quickly turned her face away, tries to hide her blushing face away from Reid, but somehow the handsome blonde still can see Hermione's blushed face, and decided that he really likes that.

As they approaches the counter, Teddy is pulling on Reid's jacket, asking him to pick him up and see whether he got all his chocolates and candies there in the basket and to make sure that Hermione did not put it back into the shelves. His actions take Hermione by surprise for Teddy never ask someone besides herself to pick him up unless he knew that person well, and they had just met with Reid but Teddy already took an interest in him.

After paying, Hermione decided that it is time for her and Teddy to go home.

"Think that we should go now, thanks for helping us," said Hermione as she hold on her goods on one hand and Teddy's on the other hand.

"No problems with that, um…do you want a ride or something, seems that you got yourself pretty much stuff there," Reid asked before Hermione got the chance to leave. Reid did not aware that but he really wanted to know about her so bad.

"Um…no, it's okay, you had been helping us a lot today, thank you for the offer though," responded Hermione and somehow Reid is seem to be quite disappointed to hear that, but he will not going to give up on it easily.

"Please, let me help you, besides Teddy seem to be a bit tired."

Hermione may not realizes much but Reid is right, Teddy is quite tired for he did not have enough sleep during the day and with them going out to get their food really took a toll on him. Hermione knew that she needs to get home quickly and for her to walk back home with both Teddy and the groceries in her hands is pretty tiring, and Reid is making her task easier by offering her a ride back home. Leaving her no choice (since she had forgotten her wand back home, if not and there's no one in sight, she might apparate straight back home) she accepts Reid's offer for the ride.

After reaching her apartment, and luckily that Teddy is still awake, she wishes Reid goodnight and thanked him for sending her and Teddy back home.

As Hermione and Teddy entered into their apartment, all that Reid could think inside his mind before he left is Hermione.

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