Begins in May of 1536. Only thing that belong to me will be the plot of this story.

A Court Scandal

Chapter One

Henry knew that his marriage to Anne was over but what to do with her was another question all together.

Spring came change within the English court with the lost of a royal son mere months earlier. That son was the only saving grace for Anne as she knew her days were numbered as the Queen of England, with her placement already in decided upon. Henry knew there were decisions to make before taking his beautiful and pure Jane as his bride.

On one sunny day in May, Henry decides to ride out alone to visit with his precious jewel of a daughter. It was during that visit Henry decide upon his course of action. Later the same day, with his return to court he called upon Audley to his chambers.

"Your majesty, how may I be of service today?" asks Audley as his King's lawyer knowing that Henry wished to end his marriage with the Queen for one of her own ladies-in-waiting.

Henry states proudly "There shall be divorce papers drawn for the Queen and myself with certain stipulations in place" pausing for a second "It shall be completed in secret by tomorrow"

Audley quickly says "Of course, your majesty" being handed a seal letter by Henry himself "It shall be in your hands by tomorrow morning" leaving to begin a long night of work.

Henry knew that this was the best decision as Anne would do the best for their daughter unlike with Katherine desperate attempt to make him believe their marriage was true. As he remain in his chambers alone with only his thoughts in mind.


The next morning after breakfast, Henry had found Audley seeking out his presence once more.

Audley says "Your majesty, I hope these are to your standards" handing over the papers to his King to read and being dismiss in the same second.

Henry sits quickly looking over the pages to dissolve his marriage with Anne for the rest of the morning. Then he knew that it was time to visit the Queen apartments to present this to Anne.

Making the journey to the Queen apartments, Henry found that his beloved Jane was their serving Anne today.

Henry orders "Everyone out I wish to speak with the Queen alone" after being greeted by his subjects. Jane stares for a moment before departing with the others leaving Henry alone with Anne.


The couple sat on two separate chairs in front of the fire, there was a few seconds of silence before Henry began to speak.

"Anne are marriage is over" says Henry proudly at his decision "You have two options here"

Anne speaks out sadly "What are my options after giving you everything that I had including our beautiful Elizabeth?" knowing that she could not fight like Catherine did before her.

Henry states "I decided that we shall take the course of a divorce" knowing that he is recognizing their marriage occurred and handing her the divorce papers that where created.

Anne open the parchments of paper to read:

On this day, Henry Tudor the King of England, hereby declare that his marriage to Lady Anne Boleyn the Marquess of Pembroke shall be dissolved. These acts are the decree of the King of England:

All children before in this marriage shall be granted the honours of remaining as the legitimate child of the King of England.

Our only child Princess Elizabeth Tudor of England shall remain ahead of any daughters borne within by the King's new Queen. The Princess shall be granted a title indicating her status as the eldest legitimate daughter of the King that shall be decided at a later date.

Lady Anne Boleyn the Marquess of Pembroke shall remain in charge of the Princess household and decisions relating to the Princess well-being.

Lady Anne Boleyn the Marquess of Pembroke shall be permitted to visit with the Princess at any time.

Lady Anne Boleyn shall retain all properties and income as the Marquess of Pembroke.

Lady Anne Boleyn the Marquess of Pembroke shall take another as her husband who will be decided upon by the King himself.

That moment Anne knew everything was over with Henry. So she said proudly "I shall sign this in front of your council for Elizabeth sake"

Henry looks at Anne and says "Of course Anne but I did this for our beloved jewel not you" knowing that if they never had Elizabeth their marriage would be annulled

"Your precious Jane will ever make you happy" replies Anne making her feeling known about the woman replacing her on the throne before adding "Who shall be my future husband?"

Henry presents his notion to Anne to say "I shall inform you after these papers are sign in front of the council tomorrow and my betrothal to Lady Jane takes place" before adding "These apartments need to be clear of your possessions and be moved into another apartment fit for your new status as the Marquess of Pembroke. You shall leave behind the Queen jewellary; however, I shall permit you to take anything gifted before our marriage took place"

Henry leaves behind a stun Anne before taking his leave.


Returning to his own chambers, Henry takes it upon himself to arrange Anne's new apartments near the royal nursery. Making a mental list of suitable husbands for a former Queen of England.


The news quickly spreads throughout the court that ever day. Three men rushes into the Queen apartments to find Anne still on the chair with tears in her eyes.

"You are a disappointment to this family" begins Boleyn shouting at his daughter while Norfolk adds "Why did you agree to this agreement?"

Anne being comforted by her brother George says "It's the only way to keep Elizabeth safe with the rights as the Princess of England unlike being in the same situation as Lady Mary" knowing that her daughter is safe.

Both her father and uncle now knew that Anne was not loyal to her family but to her daughter.


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