-Henry's date of death changed from January 28th 1547 to January 28th 1549-

A Court Scandal


Years have past since the death of a Prince and the birth of another. Everyone at court knew that the days of Henry's reign will not last much longer as their King is deathly ill. A lowly member of the King's household reveals that according to the royal physicians that he shall not survive another week.


Knowing that he's on his death bed, Henry sends for the five most important women in his life to say goodbye to. The first to come into his bedchambers happens to be his eldest daughter: Mary.

Mary says sadly "Your majesty" looking at her dying father and deeply sadden that she did not get this chance with her mother "Father"

"My pearl" says Henry softly greeting his daughter using the nickname from her childhood when she was the pearl of his world before ending his marriage to his brother's widow.

Mary gets teary eyed when he says those words for the first time since she left court as the Princess of Wales.

Henry asks quickly "How are your children?" wanting to know how his grandchildren are doing.

"The children are happy and healthy according to their governess" replies Mary with a smile on her face as she thinks about her four children: twelve year old Katherine, ten year old Jane, five year old Margaret, and three year old Henry.

"How is your husband Lord Bedford?" asks Henry wanting to know more about his daughter's life.

"My husband is content right now" states Mary knowing that her father is happy that his position on the Privy Council will not be changed but adds "He is worried about me however" as he knows that Henry's death will be devastating for her.

Henry says happily "You chose the prefect husband for yourself" knowing unlike himself Lord Bedford never put his daughter through the pain of having a mistress.

"I know" replies Mary knowing that her life changed for the better when she signed away her status as a Princess of England and position as the heir to the English throne. In exchange for her sacrifice, she became a wife to a man that she chose herself and mother instead. Knowing that her life could have been worse if Anne succeed in giving birth to her brother instead of Jane.

Henry states passionately "Remember that I am proud of you my darling pearl" knowing that Katherine will also be proud of the woman that their daughter became.

"I love you father" says Mary as kisses her father on the cheek knowing that her father wishes to see his wife next.


Jane walks in see her beloved husband looking older then his fifty-eight years. She sits beside Henry on his bed and takes her hand into his. While Henry says weakly "Wife" as he sees his devoted wife by his bedside.

"Husband, I am sorry that our sons did not live" says Jane painfully as she thinks about the lost of her two boys: Harry and Edward almost two years earlier.

Henry says sadly "I know that our sons were taken from us and my kingdom to early" as he thinks about his beloved sons dying during their childhoods but at least they were born.

Jane asks quietly "Why did God take our sons but left our daughter?" knowing that her firstborn son's death punishment for the part that she played in the death of Anne's royal son.

"It least our rose lives" states Henry calmly thinking about his ten year old daughter whose the image of her mother with blonde hair and blue eyes. Cecily is a lot like Jane in her peaceful manner, calming nature, and kindness. However, she is also highly intelligent as he placed Mary in charge of her education.

Jane says politely "She's a true English rose" knowing that she brought Cecily to see Henry the day before and they spent the entire afternoon together "And she will become the Queen of Spain one day"

Henry nods in response because Cecily is betrothed to Mary's cousin Prince Philip of Spain. She shall leave the shores of England upon her fifteenth birthday for Spain.

"I love you my dear Queen" says Henry quickly as he motions for her to leave his bedside for now. As he notices his beloved Lady Katherine standing at the entrance of his bedchamber.


Henry motions for Lady Katherine to come forward into his bedchambers as Jane leaves.

Lady Katherine says calmly "Your majesty" to the man that she has been her lover and friend for the last ten years as his official mistress.

"My beloved Katherine" states Henry with a smile on his face as he kisses her on the hand and asks her "How are our children?"

Lady Katherine takes a deep breathe to say "They are scared at the thought of losing their beloved father" knowing the pain that comes with a lost of a parent. However, she's worried about their future and her own.

Henry thinks about their eight year old son Lord Edmund FitzRoy the Duke of Exeter who would have been a perfect Prince if born to the Queen and their beautiful five year old daughter Lady Maud FitzRoy.

"I have some news to share with you" states Henry knowing that this decision will effect the life of his beloved mistress and children after his death.

"What is this news?" asks Lady Katherine with both in fear and nervously waiting to hear what Henry has to say.

"I have arrange for you to marry Earl of Wiltshire after my death" says Henry sadly at the thought of his beloved mistress marrying another. Even though the man in question happens to be Anne's brother whose a widower. George has three children of his own: twelve year old Margaret, nine year old Thomas, and five year old Jane.

Lady Katherine says in support of Henry's decision "Of course my lord if that is your desire" at least she knows her future is secure as she knows George well enough and closer in age to her as well.

"My beloved Katherine, I shall always remember the love that we shared for the last ten years" says Henry happily to the woman that he fall in love with all of those years ago.


After having a rest from visitors, Henry awakens to the sight of his former wife standing in the doorway of his bedchambers.

Anne maliciously says "Your majesty, at least Elizabeth shall be Queen instead of a child from your whore of a Queen" to her former husband knowing that he can't do anything about it.

"Do not call Jane that" shouts Henry angrily at Anne knowing her hatred for the woman in question.

Anne calculating responds "But she's the woman that stole the crown from my head and murdered the child that I was carrying" then adds to this statement "The only thing that she has given you are two dead sons and a daughter just like her. While I have three healthy children besides our darling Elizabeth" thinking about the family that she made with Brandon.

Henry's sadden to think about the lost of his best friend four years earlier. Also the fact they have three surviving children together: Liam the Duke of Suffolk whose betrothed to his own granddaughter Lady Katherine Grey, Lottie whose betrothed to his own grandson Lord Will FitzRoy the Duke of Richmond & Somerset, and Charlie the future Marquess of Pembroke.

Anne whispers to herself "I had a better life without you as my husband" unlike Jane who had to deal with the Henry not only having many mistresses but an official mistress as well.


Henry watches Elizabeth walk into his bedchambers for what he believes to be the final time and says to her "My jewel"

"Papa" says Elizabeth sadly before she goes on to say joyfully "I am with child that shall arrive next September"

"That is wonderful news" states Henry quickly knowing that his heiress is already with child before even becoming England's Queen. He remembers the day that her betrothal contract was changed after the death of her youngest brother with King Francis. It simply states that the Duke of Orleans shall move to England to become Elizabeth's consort instead of the other way around. Upon Charles's arrival in England, he's treated as a Prince of England instead as a French Prince. After his September wedding to Elizabeth, Charles became the Duke of Lancaster.

Elizabeth then happily says "Charles and I have decided if it's a Prince to name him Henry in your honour" within seconds Henry politely declines his daughter's request of naming their first-born after him. As Henry remembers the childhood deaths that came to Prince Henry's but to name a second or third son after him instead.

Father and daughter spend the next hour talking about matters of state but at the end he tells her "Elizabeth are intelligent and bold enough to lead England alongside your husband into a golden age" as he thinks back to the day that he thought that she shall preside over a empire.

As Elizabeth leaves his bedchambers, Henry thinks to himself Queen Elizabeth I of England. Seconds later both Jane and Lady Katherine were at his bedside for his remaining time on this earth.


Weeks have past since the death of Henry and a new Privy Council was establish removing the Seymour brothers. They were replaced quickly by Lord Grey and Lord Clifford.

On a cold February day, Elizabeth's crowned as the rightful Queen of England. While Charles becomes the Prince Consort of England in his own right.


The day after Elizabeth sixteenth birthday, she welcomes her first child into the world named Prince Arthur Tudor the Duke of Cromwell. Listening to her father's desire not to have her first son named after him and following the promise that she made on his deathbed.


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