Alex froze, he'd heard of shinigami before, seen an old shinigami katana in person before, but he'd never seen shinigamis in person before. "Wyatt," he murmured, touching the others arm as Excalibur disappeared and the slightly taller wrapped his arm around Alex.

"It's fine. thanks for the help, but next time try to keep hollows in check?" he joked and the redhead burst out laughing along with a bald guy with pink tattoos under his eyes, while a shoulder length raven muttered "how unbeautiful" under his breath.

With that they disappeared, the blue haired soul in a white jacket glaring in a way that just about PROMISED anger, before disappearing in a blur. "come on, let's look up this demon in the book." Wyatt murmured, opening the book to markings, apparently the only reference to an inverted triquetra was a clan; grown and developed by the triad, with the sole purpose to kill the biggest development of good in the world.

Wyatt sighed. "In other words me." He murmured slamming the book closed, it glowed blue in response and he touched the binder, almost in apology. He led Alex down the stairs and into his room. Before kicking the door angrily, "I'm supposed to be DONE with this crap!" he growled, Alex stroking through his hair and leading him to the bed to sit down.

"Hey. Hey, I know what it's like, six months ago my family was the only one left of demigods, when magic was revealed we were getting pushed and pushed for scion info. It took us three months to get rid of them, and even now people try and try onto the property." he pulled Wyatt's face to look at him and smiled, kissing his nose gently

"Being famous sucks, especially if it's not even our fault, but I'd go through it for the rest of my life, if it meant we could be like this, I know it's early, and I'm not declaring and undying love for you. But I am saying this; I feel like we're connected, not with lust or love yet, but, almost like if we didn't give this a try, we'd be giving up in ourselves. So if being with you, and giving this a college try," he raised and eyebrow as Wyatt gave a choked laugh and nodded for him to continue "Means a few scum paparazzi at my door every now and then, I'm ready, are you?"

Wyatt nodded and laid back, pulling Alex with to cuddle on the bed just as the door was knocked on as Wyatt and Alex's mothers appeared in the doorway. And sat on the bed.


OKAY! So short chapter/episode but next one will be better PROMISE!