Hey, guys. This is my 4th fanfic! To celebrate, I'm going to make a fanfic of my favorite thing on TV: SPY vs SPY! Full of sadistic violence (with a tip of the hat to my IRL friend, VampiresExplodeInLight) and two super smart spies (White and Black Spy) trying to outwit each other, I hope you enjoy! I'll post one new adventure per week!



White Spy was eating at an Italian restaurant. He ordered a large order of spaghetti and meatballs. When the order came, he noticed that an Italian stereotype of a Black Spy (mustache, beret, etc.) was giving him his food. White Spy soon felt suspicious, so he asked Italian Black Spy to try a noodle. Black didn't hesitate, and soon determined that the food was safe.

So White Spy ate, too. And enjoyed every bite. He tipped his spy waiter and left. As he walked out, he felt a small rumble in his stomach. He thought he must've been full, so he kept walking. And abruptly exploded.

After White Spy blew up, Black Spy pulled out a box that said "Solar-Powered Meatball Bombs". He held up his signature peace sign and announced his victory.