So this is just something I wrote quickly, not beta'd... Hope you all like it :)

"I'm scared," Kurt whispers to Rachel as he hears the wind outside. "Its scary."

Rachel nods as she agrees, "what if I never see my dads again? What about Finn?"

Kurt swallows hard, first thinking about his dad, but the main person on his mind being Blaine.

Even though Blaine had cheated on him, Kurt still loved him. Of course he did. The thing was... Kurt was starting to partially Blame himself. Sure, Blaine shouldn't have been with someone else, but if Kurt hadn't been neglecting him and missing his calls, Blaine wouldn't have had to do that at all.

Rachel stood up, "I'm going to get our emergency candles and flashlights, I'll be straight back."

Kurt nodded and wrapped his arms around himself then suddenly unwrapped them as his phone lit up.

I know you probably never want to speak to me again but I just need to know you're okay. You can just send back a k but please Kurt... -Blaine

Kurt read over the status a second time and quickly hit the call button on Blaine's number.

"K-kurt?" Blaine asks surprised as soon as he answers the phone.

Suddenly Kurt is panicking as he hears something hit the apartment, "Blaine," He whispers, "Please Blaine. I-I'm okay. Rachel's okay, but thats not the reason I called you. I'm terrified."

Kurt hears Blaine swallow, "I'm glad you're both okay." He hears Blaine take a deep breath. "I want you to stay calm for me. Talk to me, tell me whats been going o-on since I left."

He shuts his eyes and tries to remember. Mostly he remembers moping, but he won't tell Blaine that. "I've been working more and more. I went out with Rachel and her new guy Brody. I really haven't done much." Kurt says as he shrugs, knowing Blaine can't see it, but not caring.

"I know this is to make you feel better," Blaine whispers suddenly, "But I need you to know something. I've been trying to tell you since I left because I know how what I said sounded, but I didn't sleep with him." Blaine whispers. "I just need you to know thatjust in case... And of course I love you, more than anything."

Kurt's crying now, and he can tell Blaine is too. "R-really? You're not just sayin that so I forget about the storm."

"NO!" Blaine says loudly, "You're still the only person whose touched me like that, and I want you to bethe last. I would be lying if I said he dodn't kiss me though because he did, but I left as soon as he did."

Kurt's smiling now, tears still falling down his face. "Ohh Blaine! I forgive you! I've missed you so much! Just in case though, I love you."

"Don't say that!" Blaine whispers.

Suddenly there's a loud knock on the door, and Kurt sees Rachel rush to the door. He hears her talk to someone then shes rushing in to him.

"Kurt, we're being evacuated! We have to go!" Rachel rushes out, "we have to get some clothes and go immediately.

Kurt's breath catches and he shuts his eyes.

"We're being evacuated, I have to go. I want you to know I love you so much," Kurt says into the phone. "I'll call you as soon as I can."

He hears Blakne sniffle, "I love you too baby. Stay safe for me."

"Always." Kurt whispers and hangs up.

He puts his phone in his pocket and smiles softly to himself. Grabbing some clothes, he quickly follows Rachel out of the room, feeling safe and complete again.