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Midnight Snack

Rapunzel figured that the reason her heart felt more warm than usual was because of the hot chocolate, and the reason her heart started to beat faster was because she told Eugene that she loved him, which she did. She refused to believe that it had anything to do with Jack, even though the reunion she had with him not so long ago was quite emotional. Jack had actually thought Rapunzel was dead, and she couldn't even imagine how Jack must have felt when he returned to her former home. Nonetheless, Jack fulfilled his promise to come and see her again and he now had knowledge that she was alive and well with her real family.

Somehow, Rapunzel felt a desire for Jack to visit her once more, but she wasn't sure if it's because he would give her something when he did. Whatever it was, Rapunzel wouldn't be standing near any windows to find out, because she had a fiancé who could give her plenty of attention. After they were finished with their hot chocolate, Eugene took the cups back to the kitchen, but not before getting himself dressed again, since he didn't want Rapunzel's parents or anyone else to be alarmed from his nudity. Since she didn't want to get too cold, Rapunzel put on her bathrobe as she waited for Eugene to return, which he did after ten minutes passed.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Punzie," Eugene said, before closing the door and starting to strip. "Now we can go back to our new hobby." He added.

A smirk came on Eugene's face as he watched Rapunzel get up from the bed and take off her bathrobe, letting it fall to the floor, leaving her unclothed. By the time this happened, Eugene had already taken off his belt, along with both of his boots, and he was now starting to get out of his black vest.

"So, what should we do now?" Rapunzel asked curiously while walking closer to Eugene. "Is it my turn, or do you have an idea in mind?" She inquired.

"I do," Eugene replied seductively, as he now bared his broad shoulders, along with his hairy chest and stomach after he rid himself of his white shirt.

"And what's your idea, Fitzherbert?" Rapunzel inquired, as her nude body stood inches away from Eugene's, which wore only pants and blue boxers.

"We dance." Eugene responded, before undoing his pants and pushing them down his legs like he did earlier. "We took lessons, remember?" He asked.

Rapunzel didn't respond right away since she was focused on Eugene lifting his bare feet out of his pants before pushing them aside with just one foot. Ever since Rapunzel had returned to her home and reunited with her parents, she had to take up loads of new classes on etiquette, history, and the like. Part of being royalty, invariably, meant learning how to dance, so twice a week, Eugene and Rapunzel had been attending dance lessons together.

Unsurprisingly, Rapunzel found that of all the classes she was taking, it was these dance lessons that had quickly become the highlight of her week. In what had become a hustle and bustle of never-ending royal affairs and duties, the dance lessons meant more time to spend with Eugene, even if it was in the presence of an instructor. Eugene, for his part, made it a point to make the best of their time together.

He would purposefully misstep and improvise moves that had absolutely no place in a proper waltz to make Rapunzel laugh, and he made it a point to twirl her or dip her when he was not supposed to several times per class. In short, the two of them spent so much time giggling and flirting and laughing that they generally made very little progress in the way of becoming better dancers. Their instructor, for better or for worse, tolerated their antics with the patience of a saint.

"Yes, I remember." Rapunzel answered, as she slowly slipped her fingers into the waistband of Eugene's underwear and slowly started tugging it down.

Eugene kept his head lowered and watched Rapunzel, while the garment dragged across his bulge, and Eugene's manhood finally came bobbing out. He exhaled as the love of his life continued to drag the boxers down his thighs, and he lifted his legs so that Rapunzel could take them off completely. Now that the two of them were completely naked, a lust had taken over the couple entirely, as they wanted to devour each other right then and there.

However, Eugene and Rapunzel both reminded themselves that they made an agreement to do whatever they wanted in the nude except have sex. Eugene cleared his throat as he slowly brought up both of his hands for Rapunzel to take in hers, and a few seconds passed before Eugene moved again. He started to sway, slowly alternating his bare shoulders back and forth in a poor attempt to sashay, and Rapunzel laughed as she tried to do the same thing as him.

"Isn't this so romantic, babe?" Eugene asked with a grin, and Rapunzel rolled her eyes, but she still let Eugene spin her as they switched places on the floor.

Rapunzel couldn't help but laugh again as Eugene went in for a spin himself, lifting their joined hands up into the air for Eugene to spin underneath them. Their moves varied as Eugene and Rapunzel continued to dance stark naked to the music only both of them seemed to be able to hear in their head. There were moments when the couple had one hand wrapped around each other's shoulders, while they enjoyed the sight of their nude bodies. Eugene's gaze has settled on her now, and the previous teasing in his eyes has been replaced by a look of awe.

Rapunzel could only meet his piercing gaze for a moment before she blushed under its intensity and looked down, overwhelmed by the love she saw reflected in his eyes. The girl let a shy smile play on her lips and grasped him a little tighter. Their fingers intertwined as they swayed from side-to-side in extremely exaggerated motions, and tilted their bodies from one direction to the other.

Rapunzel had gone back to sashaying back and forth, bringing out her shoulders while they're both at it, and they spun each other all over again, trying out different ways that only ended in laughter. All of a sudden, Eugene grasped at Rapunzel's waist with both of his hands and lifted her. Rapunzel felt her heart leap into her chest as Eugene held her high, and she couldn't help the laugh that escaped her lips and the smile that crossed her face as she reveled in the splendid sensation of flying.

Eugene held Rapunzel up for a precious few seconds longer, to keep her soaring as long as possible, before at last, he gently set her down. Feeling for all the world lighter than air, Rapunzel finally found her feet and turned back to face him. Rapunzel's heart was still racing from the flight, and with one of her hands across Eugene's bare chest, she swore she could feel his heart pounding too. The princess brought her head up to meet Eugene's eyes and found that he was still gazing at her.

Rapunzel suddenly couldn't take her eyes away from his, and she was quickly growing breathless for all sorts of reasons, none of which had to do with the lift. The young woman grasped onto Eugene's shoulders to steady herself, and their faces were now just a short breath away. In a single, fluid motion that's every bit as effortless, gentle, and surprising as their lift, Eugene suddenly moved forward, as he put a hand behind Rapunzel's waist, pulling her close. Eugene brought his other hand to cradle Rapunzel's cheek for an instant, and then his lips were on hers, stealing her breath away.

Rapunzel's eyes fluttered shut on instinct, but she nevertheless let out a small gasp of surprise at the sudden movement, before she melted into Eugene's arms and returned the tender and unexpected kiss. Eugene and Rapunzel moved together just like they did in their dance, and Rapunzel fleetingly tried to memorize it all. The way Eugene put his hand on her bare back and pulled her close, the soft, gentle pattern he traced on her lips, the way he sighed oh so gently when she pulled him closer and let her hands get tangled into his hair.

Eugene pulled away for but a moment only to cup Rapunzel's chin and brush his lips over hers again, a hovering, teasing sensation that drove his future wife wild, and she swore that she could lose herself to more moments like these. Rapunzel settled into the rhythm of it all and took charge by wrapping an arm around Eugene's neck and pulling him in for a series of soft and gentle kisses. Eugene gasped at her sudden boldness, and Rapunzel kissed him soundly for a few lingering moments longer before she realized that for all the magic of this moment, the real world beckoned.

Rapunzel put her hands on Eugene's jaw and kissed him firmly one last time before they parted at last and came up for air. They leaned their foreheads against one another's as they caught their breath before they finally meet each others gazes'. Rapunzel blushed in spite of herself. Where did that come from? Eugene laughed at her embarrassment and pulled her in for another quick, and fleeting kiss before giving her a completely innocent grin.

"I don't know about you, Punzie, but all that dancing's made me hungry." Eugene whispered, and Rapunzel slowly pulled back to face her future husband.

"Eugene, I thought we agreed earlier, no sex before the wedding." Rapunzel replied, and she was caught off guard as Eugene put a finger over her mouth.

"I didn't mean that, Punzie, not that I'd be complaining," Eugene said, which caused Rapunzel to roll her eyes again. "I could really enjoy a midnight snack."

"There's only two problems, Eugene. It's not even midnight yet, and I don't think anyone would approve of our nudity if they saw us." Rapunzel informed.

"You're right, Punzie, that's why we'll wait until it's midnight, so by that time, everyone will be fast asleep and we won't get caught." Eugene advised.

Rapunzel didn't answer right away as she ran her hand down Eugene's naked chest, which was still very muscular, and brushed her fingers against his belly. Her fingers then pinched at his side, trying to grab onto any fat that lingered there, but there barely was any. Rapunzel also waited for Eugene's stomach to make any sort of rumbling or growling, but no sound ever came.

"Are you sure that you're hungry, Eugene, because you had plenty to eat at dinner." Rapunzel reminded, while still keeping her hand on Eugene's chest.

"I know, Punzie, but I don't want a full meal," Eugene said, as he slowly ran his hand around Rapunzel's back. "I just want us to do something fun again."

Eugene used his other hand to stroke Rapunzel's cheek as he gave her a soft smile, and she leaned into the touch, knowing Eugene was being sincere.

"Okay, Eugene, but how can we pass the time," Rapunzel responded, while she continued to gaze into his eyes. "We've already done plenty of dancing."

Rapunzel kept quiet as she let the former thief think for a moment before he eventually tilted his head, bringing his attention to the bed not far away.

"Why don't we cuddle?" Eugene suggested, as he slowly brought his hand down from Rapunzel's cheek and used it to take one of Rapunzel's hands.

Eugene intertwined their fingers as he led Rapunzel over to the bed, and with his other hand, Eugene pulled back the covers before facing Rapunzel.

"Ladies first." Eugene spoke softly, and Rapunzel smiled from Eugene being courteous, then she gave a nod before getting herself beneath the covers.

The bed shifted with Eugene's weight, and soon his arms were around Rapunzel's body, as she tangled her bare legs with his and took his hands in hers.

"So, what should we call this hobby," Rapunzel said, as she felt Eugene rest his head on her shoulder. "I really believe it needs a name." She added.

"How about 'naked time'," Eugene whispered, as he kept his mouth to Rapunzel's ear. "I think it fits, since we're naked, no matter what we're doing."

"Naked time sounds perfect." Rapunzel replied, before eventually closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep, while unbeknownst to her, Eugene had done the exact same thing.

As Rapunzel woke up a few hours later, she realized that her mouth had been feeling rather dry, so she thought that a glass of water would help take care of it. Rapunzel turned slightly in Eugene's embrace, placing a warm kiss against his jawline before carefully extracting herself and slipping quietly out of bed. The princess put on her purple cotton robe and tied its knot before heading into the bathroom, where she turned on the light and quickly closed the door, so she wouldn't disrupt Eugene's sleep.

What Rapunzel didn't know after she found a glass and turned on the sink was that her bedroom window had slowly come open, thanks to a familiar face who used the wind as help to open up the window. When she had the glass half-full with water, Rapunzel turned off the sink and she took a sip before opening the bathroom door and turning off the light with the hand that wasn't holding the glass.

"Hey, Punz." A voice said, and obviously knowing that voice, and who used that nickname for her, Rapunzel turned to see Jack, but since his arrival caught her by surprise, Rapunzel gasped while letting go of her glass of water.

Jack zapped the glass quickly with a burst a frost from his staff, freezing both the cup and the water inside. When it finally made contact with the floor, the glass made a loud bump, which caused Eugene to rise his head from off the bed. Rapunzel and Jack's eyes widened in unison as they both stared at the back of Eugene's head.

They wondered if the noise had gotten Eugene to wake up, but a few seconds passed until Eugene lowered his head down on the bed. Rapunzel breathed a huge sigh of relief before bringing her attention to Jack, who chucked for a bit before he closed his eyes and gave Rapunzel a wide grin on his face. The winter spirit expected Rapunzel to smile and laugh along with him, but instead, he yelped in pain as the girl smacked him on the head before covering his mouth.

"Be quiet, Jack, or you'll wake up Eugene!" Rapunzel whispered, and she continued to glare at Jack even after he had pulled her hand off from his pale lips.

"Hey, Punz, if I hadn't froze that glass of yours, then he'd already be awake by now!" Jack spoke softy, as he couldn't believe that Rapunzel didn't thank him.

"My parents don't believe in you, Jack, so how will I explain my glass becoming an icicle?" Rapunzel inquired, before looking down at the frozen glass at her feet.

"You don't have to." Jack replied, as he bent down and picked up the frozen glass before he walked over to the window, which he left still open this whole time.

Rapunzel gasped as she watched Jack throw the frozen glass out of the window, and she felt an urge to march right over to Jack and smack him on the head again. As much as Rapunzel was absolutely mad with Jack from what he did, she realized that he was visiting her for a reason, and she was sure it wasn't just to say hi. However, Rapunzel didn't want to keep on whispering to Jack anymore, so she went over to the window and closed it shut before grabbing Jack by his blue hoodie.

Jack didn't feel like complaining, since Rapunzel was taking him somewhere private, which meant Jack could give Rapunzel the gift that he promised her once they were alone. Rapunzel opened the bedroom's main door and closed it as quietly as possible with one hand, but not before pulling Jack through the open door with the other. Rapunzel decided that they should go to the library, since nobody would be in there at this time of night, and she's been to the library so many times that she knew how to get there by heart. When she finally reached the library's entrance, Rapunzel opened up the door wide open, and threw Jack inside the room, but tried not to be so hard as she did that.

"Wow, Punz, you've certainly become a lot stronger from the last time we saw each other." Jack complimented, then he watched Rapunzel close the library doors.

"Why are you here, Jack?" Rapunzel asked, as she didn't feel like thanking Jack for his words, but she did make sure to have herself standing face to face with him.

"Don't you remember, Punz? You said that I could stop by your castle and give you a present," Jack replied, before he put one of his hands into this hoodie pocket.

"Of course I remember, Jack, I just didn't think that you would come back so soon." Rapunzel said, even though she wasn't really upset that Jack showed up again.

"I believe a few hours is better than a whole year, right?" Jack inquired, as he still felt a little awful for taking so long to fulfill his promise to Rapunzel and see her.

"Yes, that's true, so anyway, what's your gift for me?" Rapunzel asked, and she wondered if it would be something made out of Jack's powers, but it wasn't that.

Rapunzel couldn't help but gasp in awe as she saw Jack take a golden necklace from out of his hoodie pocket, and Rapunzel stood still as Jack walked closer with it.

"It's a dream catcher, and it was made by Sandy, or who you know as the Sandman." Jack explained, and then he put the dream catcher around Rapunzel's neck.

"Jack, it's beautiful," Rapunzel responded, as she gazed at the dream catcher before something came to mind. "What should I tell Eugene if he sees it?" She asked.

"Unless your fiancé believes in the Sandman, he probably won't, but if he does, then just say that the Sandman gave you an early Christmas present." Jack replied.

"Thanks, Jack, I love it," Rapunzel said, as her anger toward him faded away, and she didn't stop Jack from coming close enough to wrap his arms around her body.

Rapunzel thought it was fair to hug him back, and as she brought her own arms around Jack, her fingers came in chilling contact with his back, and even though he was wearing a hoodie, Rapunzel could feel the naturally cold skin from underneath. She didn't mind the feeling so much, since Rapunzel already knew what it felt like to embrace Jack when she lived in the tower, as she remembered the two of them hugging each other before Jack left. When they finally pulled away, Jack and Rapunzel stared at one another for a while as his breath mingled with hers and he let his mind contemplate for a moment. Eventually, Jack brought his eyes towards Rapunzel's lips for a brief second, then he closed his striking cerulean eyes and closed the gap without a second thought.

Rapunzel's eyes widened in surprise as this happened, and she could feel the electricity of the cold transfer from Jack's lips onto hers from one simple sweep. It felt bitter cold and seemed almost painful as Jack leaned forward and cupped Rapunzel's face with a white skin hand while pressing his lips harder against hers. Jack only pulled away for a moment, just long enough for Rapunzel to catch a breath before he lowered both of his hands down to the knot of Rapunzel's robe. It wasn't until Rapunzel noticed Jack beginning to untie the knot that caused her to panic, and she quickly slapped her hands on Jack's to stop him from finishing.

"Wait, Jack, what are you doing?" Rapunzel inquired, as she really wanted to know why Jack was trying to get her naked when he knew of her forthcoming marriage.

"I know you belong to another man, Punz, and I know you're going to get married in the future, but I want you to be mine, even if it's just one night." Jack requested.

"No, Jack, we can't do this," Rapunzel responded, as she pushed him back with her hands. "I mean, what if Eugene wakes up and comes looking for me?" She asked.

"Well then, I guess that we shouldn't waste any time now, huh?" Jack said, and before Rapunzel could even answer back, Jack already had his lips against hers again.

Rapunzel tried to resist and pull away, but to no avail, as Jack went on to lay kisses all over every part of her face, and then he gently sucked on each side of her neck. The princess moaned pleasurably as she raised her hands slowly to get tangled in Jack's messy hair, and eventually, he returned to untying the knot of her robe. This time, Rapunzel didn't make an attempt to stop Jack, but decided to help him out by bringing her arms down, which led to Jack successfully taking her robe off. As Rapunzel's robe fell down and hit the floor, it joined Jack's staff, along with the dream catcher, both of which had been dropped from the moment they first kissed.

Rapunzel slid her dainty fingers underneath Jack's hoodie and started to pull it up, and that became much easier when Jack raised his arms to get it over his head. Jack moaned in delight as Rapunzel kissed him on his shoulders and collarbone before trailing kisses down his chest as she nipped, licked, and nibbled his bare skin. The boy watched as Rapunzel got down on her knees and started to loosen his belt, and Jack was impressed with how she got it off his pants in practically seconds. Rapunzel tugged on Jack's pants as hard as she could to get them down his legs and off his feet, and since he didn't wear any underwear, Jack was left completely naked like Rapunzel.

For what seemed like hours, but was really just minutes, Rapunzel stared at Jack's exposed member until she raised a hand slowly and wrapped her fingers around it. Rapunzel massaged Jack's member gently, but with enough pressure to get him even harder, and it wasn't long before she opened her mouth as wide as possible. Another moan came out of Jack's mouth as Rapunzel brought his member into her own hot and hungry mouth, and she was quite careful not to bite as she did this. The princess moved her head up and down, mimicking the parry and thrust of if Jack were inside of her, and Rapunzel sucked his member slowly, with her tongue teasing, and her hands massaging too. Jack couldn't help but groan in disappointment as Rapunzel took her mouth off from his member and she licked her lips before raising her head to look up at the boy.

"Are you okay, Punz?" Jack asked, even though that was probably the dumbest question he could ask Rapunzel, since she had a smile now, which proved otherwise.

"Yes, Jack, I'm good," Rapunzel whispered as she continued to stroke his still hard member with her fingers. "I have to say, Jack, you tasted just fine." She added.

"Well, Punz, you should know this is my very first time having sex, so that's a pretty big compliment, but now it's my turn, so lay down for me." Jack commanded.

Rapunzel slowly gave a nod of her head as she took her fingers off Jack's member, then the girl literally crawled over to the fur rug that was right next to the fireplace. The princess laid down with her bare back on the rug, and she kept her eyes on Jack's nakedness as he turned around and got down on his knees like she did earlier. A smirk appeared on Jack's face as he crawled over to Rapunzel, but Jack took his own sweet time as he did this in a very slow pace, which teased Rapunzel very much.

"Jack, stop being so slow and get over here." Rapunzel commanded, and to the princess' relief, Jack did exactly as he was told, and his body was now on top of hers.

Rapunzel closed her eyes and tilted her head back as she felt Jack licking her neck and throat with his tongue, before he nibbled and nipped softly with his teeth. Jack moved down to do the same thing on Rapunzel's collarbone and shoulders as the girl ran her fingers in Jack's hair while letting out a few moans at the same time. The princess made several more when Jack squeezed both of Rapunzel's breasts with his cold hands before sucking gently on each of her nipples with his mouth. Jack eventually lowered his head to kiss all over Rapunzel's chest, but when he placed his lips on her belly and blew, Rapunzel couldn't help but burst out laughing.

"Hahahaha, Jack, stop it!" Rapunzel commanded, but Jack continued to blow while keeping his hands on each side of Rapunzel's waist, giving her bare skin a chilly touch.

About half a minute passed before Jack finally stopped blowing on Rapunzel's belly and he caressed her legs up and down for a moment before spreading them apart. Rapunzel couldn't help but giggle as she watched Jack stretch his neck, but when she saw Jack lick his lips, Rapunzel didn't have to ask what he was going to do next. Jack bent low to bring his mouth to Rapunzel's honeypot, and he started to lick and suck onto it, causing the princess to moan in pleasure as she closed her eyes.

Rapunzel soon brought both of her hands on top of Jack's head and pushed him deeper inside of her honeypot while his white hair tickled the skin of her inner thighs. Much to her chagrin, Jack got himself free of her grip to come up for air, and his eyes never left Rapunzel's own as he took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. All of a sudden, Jack positioned himself to have his member come inside Rapunzel's honeypot, but before he entered his manhood, Jack intertwined his hands with Rapunzel's own hands and brought them above her head.

"Are you ready, Punz?" Jack inquired, and when he saw Rapunzel nod her head quickly, Jack finally moved forward and slid his member inside of the girl's honeypot.

Jack moved his hips slowly as he thrust hard and deep with his member while Rapunzel wrapped both of her legs around Jack's waist and gripped him tight with them. Their foreheads touched briefly and they looked at one another as they rode each other up and down with their moans and groans of delight filling the air in unison.

"Say my name, Punz." Jack commanded, as he released his hands from hers and placed them on each side of her body. "Say it as loud as you can." He added.

"Jack!" Rapunzel shouted, and with her hands now free, she used one of them to scratch at his back, and she brought the other down to slap his bare butt.

Rapunzel and Jack were both breathing hard with their bodies and hair damp with sweat, and ecstasy washed over them as they finally reached their climax. Jack slipped out of Rapunzel's warmth as he collapsed right next to her, and they both took a moment to catch their breath before turning to face each other.

"Well, Punz, that was. . .great." Jack said, as one of his hands went under his head, while the other came down to her honeypot. "So, wanna go for round two?"

Suddenly, Rapunzel propelled herself in a upright position, startled and panting, while she felt beads of sweat clinging to her forehead at the same time. The princess took a few deep breaths to calm himself down as she wiped off the sweat from her forehead, then Rapunzel scanned the room around her. It only took less than a minute for Rapunzel to realize that she was still in her bedroom, not in the castle library like she had actually just been with Jack.

It was all just a dream, so there wasn't a pleasant ache between her legs, and when Rapunzel brought a hand up to her lips, they didn't feel bitterly cold. Rapunzel refused to believe that she had any sort of feelings for Jack or wanted to be with him just because they were very intimate in a dream of hers. It was nothing more than a fantasy filled with moments that would never happen, because Rapunzel already had someone that she could be close with.

Speaking of that certain someone, Rapunzel decided that Eugene shouldn't ever find out about her dream, and there was no reason why he had to know. They had already agreed to do a fun new hobby which won't include sex, since both of them knew that wouldn't get to happen until their wedding night. The last thing Rapunzel wanted was to have another argument with Eugene, especially because they were on good terms now, so she didn't want to ruin that.

"Punzie, you okay?" It wasn't until Rapunzel felt a hand on her bare shoulder that caused her to gasp, but Rapunzel soon relaxed as she turned to see who that voice belonged to.

"Yes, Eugene, it was just a nightmare," Rapunzel replied, as she put one of her hands over his, while hoping that her fiancé would believe her little white lie.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Eugene asked, and he knew the girl's answer immediately as she shook her head, and so he decided not to change her mind.

Eugene raised both of his hands to cup Rapunzel's face before he closed his eyes and pressed his lips against hers and Rapunzel soon melted from the kiss. Rapunzel wasted no time in kissing him back, and Eugene's mouth felt nice and warm, which was a feeling that Rapunzel didn't share with Jack in her dream. Even though it only happened in her mind, Rapunzel didn't understand why she would even be intimate with Jack when she could get to enjoy a man's warmth for real until they were married and after.

Their kiss became a lot more heated and passionate, with their tongues dancing in each other's mouths, and Rapunzel's hands getting tangled in Eugene's hair. To the girl's chagrin, Eugene pulled away, but not because he didn't enjoy their kiss, which he really did, but Eugene didn't want them to get too carried away. Eugene shifted closer to one side of the bed so that he could pick up the clock that was on the drawer, since he wanted to know what time it was right now.

"Well, would you look at that, Punzie," Eugene said, before showing Rapunzel the clock, which had the small hand and big hand both pointing to the number twelve.

"It's midnight, perfect time to get a snack in the kitchen." Eugene added, then he returned the clock to its spot on the dresser before turning to face Rapunzel again.

"So, what's the quickest thing we can make without having to cook?" Eugene asked, and he kept himself quiet to give Rapunzel time to come up with a good answer.

Eugene knew that it wouldn't be too hard for Rapunzel to have one, considering that she spent more time cooking and baking up a storm in the kitchen than he did.

"We could always make some sandwiches," Rapunzel suggested to Eugene's delight. "I think there's still leftover cookies and strawberries in the pantries." She added.

"That all sounds great, Punzie," Eugene complimented, as he felt proud for letting Rapunzel think of something, then he pulled back the covers and got himself out of bed.

Rapunzel could obviously tell that Eugene was pretty confident about his body, since she noticed a smile had come to his face when he looked down at his naked figure as he turned around to face her again. Rapunzel bit her bottom lip as she took a moment to really admire Eugene fully bare, starting from his broad shoulders, then down to the muscles on his chest and belly, and finally, his manhood that was halfway up.

"Enjoying the view, Punzie?" Eugene asked with a light, cocky tone and a raised eyebrow as he saw Rapunzel take her eyes away from his body to look up at his face.

"Yes, I am, Eugene, and I hope you don't mind." Rapunzel said, and she almost felt like making a facepalm since she thought what she said just now sounded so silly.

"Oh, don't worry, Punzie, I never mind," Eugene replied before holding out a hand to Rapunzel. "Now, we won't get to the kitchen if you stay here in bed." He added.

Rapunzel gave a nod in agreement and gently took Eugene's hand as she got out of bed, but Rapunzel was completely taken by surprise from what happened next. As soon as Rapunzel was standing right in front of him, Eugene put his hands on the girl's waist and threw her over his shoulder before sauntering over to the door.

"Eugene Fitzherbert! Put me down this instant!" Rapunzel demanded while she tried to be as quiet as possible, but to her disappointment, Eugene did no such thing.

"Not a chance, Punzie." Eugene responded, as he opened up the door with his free hand, since the other was a little occupied with holding Rapunzel over his shoulder.

"Are you ever going to put me down?" Rapunzel asked, and she wouldn't admit it, but the feeling of Eugene's bare skin against her own was almost enough to send her soaring.

"Yes, but not until we've made it to the kitchen." Eugene answered as he closed the bedroom door. "I just don't want your feet to get tired from walking, that's all."

"I've walked to the kitchen many times before, Eugene, and my feet have never gotten tired, you're just saying that as an excuse to carry me naked." Rapunzel said.

"You caught me," Eugene replied and chuckled as he continued to walk through the hall. "I thought this would be a good benefit of our naked time." Eugene confessed.

Rapunzel had to admit Eugene did have a good point, since she currently had a good view of the man's bare butt, and there was nothing to stop her from touching it. Eugene couldn't help but gasp as he felt one of Rapunzel's hands gently slap one of his butt cheeks and he soon let out a moan when the princess began to squeeze it. Since he enjoyed this very much, a smile was on Eugene's face, and he didn't bother telling Rapunzel to stop, even when she did the same thing to his other butt cheek. At this moment, Eugene focused his attention on heading down to the kitchen, which he knew would be unoccupied, since Rapunzel had told him before that the servants didn't get up until six in the morning.

This gave the two of them more than enough time to enjoy a snack and return to their room, where they would presumably go back to cuddling like they had done earlier. When Eugene finally arrived at the kitchen, he stopped to think of whether one of the cooks locked the doors, but it didn't seem to be the case as he got in quite easily. Eugene thought it wouldn't be right for them to have their snack in total darkness, so he went over to a lamp and lit it with a match that he found in one of the drawers. Now that the kitchen was bright enough for the couple to see each other, Eugene carefully brought Rapunzel down from his shoulder, even though he didn't really want to.

"Alright, Punzie, we're finally here," Eugene declared before turning to face the pantries next to them. "So you said that we could make some sandwiches, right?"

Eugene's eyes widened as he looked down to see history repeating itself with Rapunzel running not just one, but both of her hands lightly down his muscular chest.

"You're so warm." Rapunzel whispered, and she smiled up at Eugene before reaching the part of him that would give her so much pleasure on their wedding night.

Rapunzel took a moment to marvel at the size, the girth, the sheer solidness of Eugene's manhood, which she believed made him definitely blessed in that regard.

"Sorry, Punzie, but you can't have that for a snack." Eugene informed, and Rapunzel quickly looked up and felt flustered as color shot up through her neck and face.

"Oh, it will be when we're married." Rapunzel replied playful, and hearing this caused Eugene's eyes to widen once more as a deep shade of red came to his cheeks.

"Until that happens, we can only have a snack that's an actual food, and not a body part of ours." Eugene reminded before bringing his attention back to the pantries.

Rapunzel couldn't help but giggle from hearing Eugene say that, since it sounded a little funny to her, even though Eugene had been serious the whole time he said it.

"Alright then, let's make some sandwiches." Rapunzel declared before opening up one of the pantries. "Eugene, why don't you check the icebox for meat and cheese?"

"Sure thing, babe." Eugene answered, and he walked over to the icebox, but not before using a hand to pat Rapunzel on her buttocks, which got her flustered again.

Rapunzel smirked as she began searching for the things they'll need to make their sandwiches, and luckily, it didn't take long for the princess to find a loaf of bread. Rapunzel also found a plate of cookies and a bowl of strawberries, and she carried each of them over to the island to avoid dropping them all and causing a big mess. Once that was done, Rapunzel brought her attention back to Eugene, who was still searching in the icebox, which meant she was being given a good view of his backside.

Even though Eugene had made it pretty clear they couldn't have a body part for a snack, Rapunzel wondered what it would be to so much as kiss the man's butt cheeks. Eugene didn't make any complaints when Rapunzel slapped and squeezed them on their way to the kitchen, so it probably wouldn't break their agreement to kiss them. Despite the fact there was a chance that Eugene might turn her down, Rapunzel knew that she'd never get to find out his answer if she just kept on thinking about it. When Eugene finally found what he was looking for, he closed the icebox and walked over to the island, where he set both the meat and cheese down before facing Rapunzel.

"It looks like we got everything we need. . ." Eugene said as he took a glance at all the food they put on the island. "Wait, we should have a knife to cut them in half."

As Eugene quickly went to the drawers and searched for a knife long enough to cut their sandwiches, Rapunzel took a glance at all the food Eugene got from the icebox. Not only did Eugene bring half a dozen of assorted cheese triangles to the kitchen island, but he also brought a few types of meat, such roast beef, turkey, and ham. Rapunzel was obviously impressed that Eugene didn't get just one of each food item, and she thought it was sweet of him to do that just in case she wanted to have more than one.

"Found it!" Eugene announced proudly, as he held up a big knife by its handle almost above his head, but not before he closed the drawer from which he found it from.

"That's great!" Rapunzel exclaimed happily, since she knew that Eugene wouldn't fail in finding one, and then she took two slices of bread from the loaf she got earlier.

"So, do you want to go ahead and make a sandwich for yourself or should we make one for each other?" Rapunzel asked, while thinking it was fair to give him a choice.

"Let's make a sandwich for one another, and I suggest that we each keep our eyes closed as it's being made, so that way, what's in it will be a surprise." Eugene replied.

"That's such a good idea, Eugene!" Rapunzel said, as she started to believe that keeping the food in their sandwiches a secret would help making them a little more fun.

"As the saying goes, ladies first." Eugene responded, then closed his eyes, but not before sitting down on a nearby stool to give his feet some rest from all that walking.

Before she got to work on his sandwich, Rapunzel gave Eugene a quick kiss on the cheek for being a gentleman, and this obviously caused a smile to appear on his face. Using the knife that Eugene found for them, Rapunzel carefully cut two slices of bread from the loaf she found, then laid them down right next to each other on the counter. Rapunzel was about to pick up a few meats and cheeses when she stopped to glance at Eugene before taking a bit of time to consider how he would want his sandwich to look. Would Eugene actually approve of the sandwich Rapunzel made for him if he saw that all the food was just tossed and thrown onto the bread, and not folded neatly?

The couple wasn't really in a rush to go back upstairs to bed and they didn't need to worry about being caught either, since the servants weren't going to come down for several more hours. Rapunzel figured that it wouldn't matter to Eugene how his sandwich looked anyway, but she still wanted to take the time and put her skills in the kitchen to good use. The princess folded up some roast beef before putting it onto one slice of bread, then she used the knife to cut a slice of cheese from one of the six assorted triangles. After she had done this, Rapunzel put the slice of cheese on top of the roast beef, and she repeated this routine all over again with turkey and another slice of cheese.

Rapunzel did the routine one more time with ham and a final slice of cheese, before finally completing the meal by placing the other slice of bread on top of all the food. She decided to let Eugene have the chance to cut his sandwich by himself, but Rapunzel still thought his sandwich needed some sort of finishing touch before he ate it. Rapunzel quickly went over to the pantries one more time to look for a bottle of olives, then she searched carefully through a few of the drawers to find a toothpick. Once she had found what she was looking for, Rapunzel took a single fresh olive out of the bottle, skewered it onto the toothpick and stuck it in the center of Eugene's sandwich.

Rapunzel was about to tell Eugene to open his eyes when she remembered that he was a prince, so she believed that his sandwich needed to be served with that in mind. For what would presumably be the last time, Rapunzel went to the drawers, but instead of taking any sort of food, she pulled out a freshly clean white china plate. The princess slowly picked up Eugene's giant sandwich and put it onto the shiny plate, then finally, Rapunzel placed the plate in front of her soon-to-be husband.

"Alright, Eugene, you can open your eyes now." Rapunzel permitted, and right when the man had done just that, she gestured to his sandwich with both of her hands.

"Your royal snack. . .my prince." Rapunzel said as she presented Eugene's sandwich while looking at him with half-lidded eyes, since she was trying to turn him on.

It seemed to be the case with Eugene's eyes never leaving Rapunzel's eyes as he scooped up the sandwich from the plate, with his fingers sinking into the soft bread.

"I'm sure that the wait will be well worth it." Eugene predicted, before bringing the sandwich closer to his nose and taking a whiff of all the food that was inside of it.

A smile formed on Eugene's lips and he closed his eyes just as he finally took a bite of the sandwich, which led to the smile currently on his face getting much bigger.

"Wow, Punzie, this is really good!" Eugene exclaimed, but not before he opened his eyes and looked at Rapunzel again. "I'm glad that you took your time." He added.

"Thanks, Eugene, I'm happy that you like it!" Rapunzel shouted gleefully, as she went closer to Eugene and planted a warm kiss on his cheek to show her gratitude.

Rapunzel couldn't help but sneak a glance at Eugene's belly and manhood while she pulled away after kissing him, since she could never resist looking at his body.

"Like what you see, my princess?" Eugene asked in a cocky tone as he raised an eyebrow and tilted his head to the side, causing Rapunzel's face to quickly turn red.

Rapunzel had assumed that Eugene would simply return to eating his sandwich and be too busy doing that to even notice what she did, but clearly, she was wrong.

"Don't be embarrassed, Punzie, you can look at my body as long as you want, since that's always going to be a perk when we have naked time." Eugene reminded.

Rapunzel sighed in relief from what Eugene just told her, and she almost literally made a facepalm for forgetting that he didn't mind it when she looked at his figure.

"So, Punzie, do you mind if I finish this delicious sandwich that you just made for me, or should I get to work on making yours right now?" Eugene asked curiously.

When Rapunzel didn't respond back to him instantly, Eugene could tell that she was only taking some time to think of an answer, so he kept himself absolutely quiet.

"You should finish the rest of your sandwich, Eugene, since you did say it tastes good, and once you're done, then you can make my sandwich." Rapunzel answered.

Eugene smiled and nodded his head at Rapunzel and then he was about to take another bite out of the sandwich when an idea came to his mind, causing him to think. Although he thought it was very nice of Rapunzel to let him finish his sandwich, Eugene didn't think it was right to make Rapunzel wait for the next several minutes. He wondered if he should just share his sandwich with Rapunzel, since he'd only taken one bite so far, and they could be able to get to the cookies and strawberries for dessert much sooner.

"Hey, Punzie, how about we just share mine? There's plenty of the sandwich for you, and you wouldn't have to wait a long time to eat something." Eugene suggested.

"Are you sure, Eugene? If I'd known that you didn't mind sharing a sandwich, then I would've made one bigger for the two of us, but if you insist. . ." Rapunzel said.

"Yes, Punzie, I'm sure," Eugene assured confidently, as he took a hand off from holding the sandwich and gently placed it on top of Rapunzel's hand on the island.

Rapunzel stayed quiet as she gazed in Eugene's eyes for a bit before walking away to pick up a stool, which she carefully put right next to the one he was sitting on.

"Well, Punzie, I'm positive that you'll like this sandwich too, since you made it yourself." Eugene reminded, before bringing the sandwich closer to Rapunzel's mouth.

Eugene made sure to be holding the sandwich with both hands, because he didn't want to risk dropping the sandwich and letting Rapunzel miss out on eating it too. Rapunzel took a bite of the sandwich, but it wasn't too big so that Eugene could be able to have another bite, and it wasn't too small since she wanted to actually taste the sandwich. The princess eventually closed her eyes as she continued to chew on the meat and bread in her mouth, and a smile appeared on her face as she felt proud knowing this sandwich was made by her.

What Rapunzel didn't know or couldn't see with her eyes shut was that Eugene had been ogling at her boobs for a while, which led him to think of what it would be like to taste them in his mouth. Although Eugene remembered what he said earlier about not having a body part of theirs for a snack, he couldn't help but wonder if it wouldn't be so bad to bend the rules for just one time. Eugene definitely believed that Rapunzel wouldn't hesitate to go through with that too, considering the fact he's already caught her checking out his body twice so far.

Eugene would make sure to ask Rapunzel, but only when she was done with eating that part of the sandwich and he also had her complete and undivided attention. Of course, this meant Eugene had to continue staying quiet and wait a little bit longer, but he didn't mind at all, since it gave him time to keep staring at Rapunzel. He couldn't help but find it so adorable how Rapunzel ate that chunk of sandwich, with the way that her mouth moved, and there being a smile on her face as well.

"I'm really proud of myself right now," Rapunzel declared, but not before finally swallowing that sandwich piece. "Just so you know, that explains why I was smiling."

"I'm glad to hear that, Punzie, but after we're done sharing this sandwich, maybe the two of us could enjoy a treat that we've never had before." Eugene suggested.

"What would this treat be, Eugene?" Rapunzel asked, and even though she probably knew what Eugene had in mind, she still wanted to hear it from him to be sure.

"Each other." Eugene announced, and hearing this caused Rapunzel's eyes to widen, but before she said something, Eugene held up a hand so that he could explain.

"Yes, Punzie, I know what I said, so it might be wrong to have sex before our wedding, I don't think it would be so bad for us to taste one another." Eugene clarified.

Although Rapunzel still remained a bit wide-eyed, a smile appeared on her face again, since she was pleased to know she'd get to kiss Eugene's butt cheeks after all.

"Aren't there going to be some rules or conditions first, because I think that's necessary if we're going to be tasting each other without having sex." Rapunzel advised.

Eugene gave a nod in agreement, but before he said anything, he put the sandwich down on the island, since he didn't want to risk dropping it onto the floor below.

"You're right, Punzie, so that's why this right here is off limits," Eugene said as he pointed to his manhood at the same time. "The same goes for that too." He added.

When Rapunzel noticed Eugene move his finger towards her, she brought her head down to realize that Eugene was pointing at her honeypot when he said the latter.

"Okay, Eugene, I know what you mean by that, and I agree with you. We should wait on getting to know what they feel like until our wedding night." Rapunzel replied.

"Since we agree on that, I guess we shouldn't waste any time in finishing this sandwich right now." Eugene advised, as he picked up the sandwich from off the island.

"In that case, Eugene, it's your turn to take a bite, because I took the last one." Rapunzel reminded, since she wanted to stick to them taking turns eating the sandwich.

Rapunzel's eyes soon widened because it was only a few seconds before she saw Eugene quickly take a bite out of the sandwich and bring it closer to her mouth again. Right then and there, Rapunzel knew that Eugene was in a hurry to finish off the rest of the sandwich so they could move on to the next activity during their naked time. Fortunately, the princess didn't feel like complaining, since she was looking forward to it just as much as Eugene, so she didn't hesitate to take a big bite of the sandwich. For practically the next several seconds, Eugene and Rapunzel took turns eating the sandwich until it was all gone, and both of their stomachs now felt comfortably full.

"Alright, Punzie, now it's time for us to taste each other." Eugene declared with a smirk, and Rapunzel couldn't resist letting her cheeks blush heavily from hearing that.

Rapunzel was about to respond when she turned her head to notice the plate of cookies and bowl of strawberries, both of which were still untouched on the island.

"Well, Eugene, I don't think that we should let any of that food go to waste." Rapunzel mentioned, while using a hand to point toward the cookies and strawberries.

When Eugene turned his own head and slightly raised it to see the food Rapunzel was pointing at, the expression on his face changed to a grin as he got off the stool.

"You're right, Punzie, but first, I think we should get of the rest since we've already used it." Eugene responded while moving around to another side of the island.

Rapunzel kept her eyes on Eugene's bare torso as he picked up all the meat in one hand and all the cheese triangles in the other, then he put all of it into the icebox.

"You found this bread in one of the pantries, right?" Eugene asked, but not before tying up the plastic bag that the loaf of bread was in and holding it up for Rapunzel.

Rapunzel had been so focused on looking at her future husband's unclothed broad chest and admiring it, she didn't even bother to hear what Eugene just said to her.

"Hey, Punzie?" Eugene said before smacking the loaf of bread down onto the island once, and luckily, it successfully managed to get Rapunzel to look up at his face.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Eugene, did you say something?" Rapunzel inquired, as she assumed that was the case, since Eugene wouldn't try to destroy the bread for no reason.

"Yeah, I did, Punzie, and I was asking if you found this bread in one of the pantries, because you never told me and I didn't see you find it earlier." Eugene reminded.

"I found the bread in that pantry right there, Eugene." Rapunzel answered as she pointed to one of the drawers, but she wasn't actually sure that it was the right one.

"Which one, Punzie, because they all look so similar. Maybe you should come over and show me, since you've used this kitchen more than I have." Eugene suggested.

"I'm sorry, Eugene, if I knew that you were going to put the bread back, I should have left the drawer open for you." Rapunzel said as she got up off from the stool.

"No, Punzie, you don't have to apologize. . ." Eugene trailed off as Rapunzel's bare form came into his view as soon as she walked around the island towards him.

"Eugene, do you still want to know which pantry I found the bread you're holding or do you want to keep drooling over my body right now?" Rapunzel asked curiously.

Fortunately, Eugene had managed to hear everything Rapunzel just said to him, and he quickly brought his head up to face her and gave a sheepish grin on his face.

"Who says that I can't do both?" Eugene asked, before the sheepish grin was replaced with a smirk, and Rapunzel suddenly snatched the loaf of bread from his hand.

"Pay attention." Rapunzel instructed, but when she noticed Eugene bring his head down to stare at her body again, she knew that she had to be a bit more specific.

"On the bread as I put it back into the pantry." Rapunzel clarified as she held up the loaf of bread high enough so that Eugene couldn't see any part of her body now.

"Sorry, Punzie," Eugene apologized genuinely, but not before he had brought his eyes back up to her face, and she had brought the loaf of bread down from his sight.

Using her other hand, Rapunzel opened up each of the pantries until she found one that had enough space for the loaf of bread, and so she placed it into the pantry. After she had done that, Rapunzel closed the other pantries before turning to face Eugene, who she was surprised to see hadn't been checking out her body like earlier. Even though she hadn't told him yet, Rapunzel wasn't upset with Eugene for not being able to take his eyes off her body, since it was actually hard for her to do the exact same thing.

Rapunzel couldn't help but let her mind wander off and imagine all the other things that her and Eugene would get to do in their naked time besides enjoying a snack in the kitchen. Since painting was one of Rapunzel's many fun hobbies, she'd really love to do a picture of Eugene in the nude, but she thought it would be best to have it done in their bedroom. Rapunzel didn't think that Eugene would mind going through with it, but she knew that she'd never be able to find out his answer if she just kept on thinking about it.

"So, Punzie, am I forgiven, because if not, I can prove it by putting the bread into the pantry myself, or by doing something else you want me to do." Eugene suggested.

"I was never mad at you, Eugene, so you don't have to do anything, but there is something that I hope you won't mind doing for me some other day." Rapunzel replied.

"It involves our naked time, doesn't it, Punzie, because I saw a smile on your face not long after I apologized, so I know that you'd been thinking just now." Eugene said.

"Yes, Eugene, it does, and even though I'm sure that you'll probably say yes, I just wanted to know if I could do a painting of you in our bedroom." Rapunzel requested.

"Of course you can, Punzie." Eugene answered to Rapunzel's delight. "Besides, it'd give you something good to look at when I'm not around." He added in a cocky tone.

Rapunzel was torn between whether giving Eugene a hug for agreeing to her idea or playfully slapping him for what he said after that, so she decided not to do either.

"Don't tell me, Punzie. I haven't come up with anything myself, and I know how much you love painting, so you're hoping to do it tomorrow night?" Eugene guessed.

The princess really wanted to throw her arms around Eugene and give him a kiss right now, since he literally just read her mind, but she remembered their agreement. Even though they agreed not to have sex until their wedding night, Rapunzel was worried that she'd get carried away kissing Eugene and they'd end up doing it right here in the kitchen. Rapunzel had started to wonder if it was such a good idea for them to taste parts of each other's bodies, or even use the leftover cookies and strawberries as a part of that activity.

She really didn't want their naked time to come to an end, especially since this was their very first time, but she didn't want it to include a certain activity that's meant to be done on a very important occasion. All of sudden, Rapunzel's eyes widened as she realized that she never actually gave an answer to Eugene's question, so she thought it was best for her to do that right now before he started to think that something was wrong. Rapunzel believed that would still happen anyway once she told him that she wasn't sure about going through with it.

"Yes, Eugene, that's exactly what I was thinking." Rapunzel responded before making a smile on her face, and she was relieved to see Eugene smile right back at her.

"Great," Eugene said, then he walked over to the island and carefully picked up the bowl of strawberries with one hand and the plate of cookies with the other one.

"Ready to put this food to good use?" Eugene asked with a raised eyebrow, but he quickly knew Rapunzel didn't feel the same from the frown that was now on her face.

"I've been thinking, Eugene. Maybe we shouldn't taste each other bodies, and just have the cookies and strawberries and then go back upstairs." Rapunzel requested.

"Why, Punzie? I thought you were looking forward to it, and I recall you didn't seem so hesitant about the idea when I suggested it to you earlier." Eugene reminded.

"I know, Eugene, but what if we risk breaking our agreement not to have sex if we go through with it? Are you sure that we won't make a mistake?" Rapunzel asked.

After taking a bit of time to think about it some more, Eugene now believed that Rapunzel did have a good point; there was a very good chance that they could get carried away. This caused Eugene to remember the kiss they had before coming down here, from feeling Rapunzel's hands in his hair as well as each other's tongues in their mouths. Eugene couldn't help but smile again as he replayed the memory in his head, but quickly stopped himself from doing it more than once so he could answer Rapunzel's question.

"Honestly, Punzie, I can't be too sure about that. Maybe we will, but I know we won't if neither of us give in to any urges we'll have along the way." Eugene answered.

Rapunzel had to admit that Eugene was right about the last part; the two of them would definitely feel a urge to have sex if they went through with the sexy activity.

"Another thing I do know is that I've had a lot of fun even before we came down here, so I don't want this night to end just yet, but do you, Punzie?" Eugene asked.

"Of course not, Eugene, I've been having so much fun just like you, and you're right, we won't break our agreement if we resist any urges we'll have." Rapunzel replied.

"So, Punzie, are we doing it?" Eugene asked before patiently waiting for his nude fiancée to give him any sort of answer, and she eventually did with a nod of her head.

"Yes, Eugene, but only on one condition," Rapunzel said before carefully taking the plate of cookies and the bowl of strawberries from him. "I get to go first." She added.

Eugene had been prepared to be a gentleman to Rapunzel and say 'ladies first', but instead of saying that, he smiled at her while nodding his head before speaking again.

"In that case, Punzie, should I lay on my back or my stomach on the island?" Eugene asked, as he thought it was fair to let Rapunzel decide what his position should be.

"The servants will never use this island if they find out what we used it for." Rapunzel responded before she took a glance at the island which was big enough for them.

"Punzie, the only way they'll ever find out is if we tell them ourselves, but we're not going to do that, since we want them to still make our meals, right?" Eugene asked.

If the two of them could keep their naked time a secret from her parents, then they could surely keep a secret from the servants about how they used the island tonight.

"You're right, Eugene, so anyway. . ." Rapunzel said as she started thinking of which position she'd like Eugene to be in. "Please lay on your stomach for me." She added.

"As you wish." Eugene answered, before moving around the island until he stopped at one of the stools, and he climbed onto the top of it carefully since it wasn't so big.

Rapunzel couldn't resist enjoying Eugene in the buff once again, as she watched her fiancé step off from the stool one foot at a time and on top of the island cautiously. The only parts of Eugene's body that Rapunzel was sure she'd never get tired of looking at were his muscular chest and belly, his cute butt, and finally, his solid manhood. Just when Rapunzel was almost at the point of drooling over those body parts of Eugene's, Rapunzel remembered that she was still holding food in each of her hands. Even though there wasn't food in her hands literally, Rapunzel knew it was important for their next activity, so she didn't want to drop any of it and make an awful mess.

Rapunzel made sure to keep a firm grip on the bowl of strawberries and plate of cookies, but not before bringing her head down to check that nothing fell onto the floor. By the time that Rapunzel had brought her head back up, Eugene was already laying down comfortably on his stomach on the island with both of his arms under his chin. Since Eugene's body took up most of the island's space, Rapunzel decided to put the cookies and strawberries on the counter, so that Eugene wouldn't knock them over. To the princess' delight, all of the strawberries inside the bowl had been cut into numerous pieces, which meant that Rapunzel could be able to use as many as she wanted.

"Before I start, Eugene, there's one thing that I'd like to know first," Rapunzel said, and she waited until Eugene had turned his head to face her before speaking again.

"How long can I do this?" Rapunzel asked, and although she wanted to enjoy her turn, she didn't want to take too much time and not give Eugene a turn for himself.

"The servants don't wake up until six, but we do have to get back to bed at some point, so how about we each have a turn that lasts half an hour?" Eugene suggested.

"Half an hour! Eugene, are you sure that you can wait that long for your turn?" Rapunzel asked, even though she did appreciate that Eugene was being so generous.

"If we're going to do this activity, Punzie, then I want you to have as much time as possible to enjoy it, and besides, I really don't mind." Eugene answered sincerely.

From the look on his face, Rapunzel could tell that she wasn't going to change his mind, not that she wanted to, and she thanked Eugene by giving a smile and a nod.

"Okay, Eugene, but could you please do more thing for me?" Rapunzel asked, but not before taking a few strawberries out of the bowl. "Close your eyes." She added.

"Of course, my princess." Eugene replied, as he did exactly what Rapunzel told him to do while bringing his head forward with a smile on his face for the whole time.

Rapunzel blushed a little as she slowly walked closer to the island, or more specifically, closer toward Eugene's butt, since that's the body part she wanted to enjoy first. The smile on Rapunzel's face grew even bigger as she continued to admire her future husband's body while slowing raising the hand that held the cut up strawberries. She brought that same hand above Eugene's toned buttocks, and just when Rapunzel was about to drop all the strawberries and let them fall, a loud voice stopped her.

"Rapunzel! Mr. Fitzherbert! What on earth do you think you're doing?" The voice asked, and this caused Eugene's eyes to widen and quickly roll himself off the island.

What Eugene didn't realize was that he rolled over to the side where Rapunzel was standing, and this led to Eugene bringing her down with him on the floor as he fell.

"I'm so sorry, Punzie! Are you hurt?" Eugene asked, as he didn't bother to enjoy the feeling of Rapunzel's bare skin against his own with her being on top of his chest.

"No, Eugene, I'm fine, but I don't think that sounded like one of the servants just now." Rapunzel responded, while starting to dread of who was here with them now.

"Both of you get up from the floor and show yourselves at once!" Another voice commanded, and Eugene let Rapunzel do that first before he got himself off the floor.

Once the couple stood on their feet, Rapunzel suddenly went behind Eugene's body to cover herself, while Eugene used both of his hands to cover up his manhood.

"Mom? Dad? What are you doing down here?" Rapunzel asked frantically, as she noticed her parents were in their nightclothes and had an angry look upon their face.

Rapunzel and Eugene had become a lot more embarrassed when they saw a small group of about four guards, with two standing right next to each furious monarch.

"We could ask you the exact same thing, dear. We went to your room to check on you earlier, and we panicked when you're weren't inside. We spent who knows how long looking for you, and now I'm not sure if we're happy to see you and Eugene here in the kitchen, so perhaps one of you could explain." Queen Primrose requested.

Eugene and Rapunzel looked at each other for a moment before she saw Eugene nod his head to let her know that he'll be the one to tell her parents the truth.

"We had a fight, Your Majesty, and it wasn't about us having a bath like I told you. It was about us having sex before our wedding, and since we've seen each other naked, I thought it would be fun for us to do a lot of hobbies in the nude until the day we're married." Eugene explained while still covering up his manhood with his hands.

"When exactly were you planning to tell us about this new little hobby?" King Thomas inquired, before telling a guard to bring back two robes for the young couple.

"We weren't actually going to tell either of you about it; in fact, the two of us were hoping to keep it a big secret, even after we got married too." Eugene confessed.

"Well then, we're certainly not going to keep all of this a secret from you, from now on, you'll be sleeping in separate bedrooms, you'll have a guard posted to your door every single night until the day of your wedding so you won't get to do this naked hobby anymore, and you'll also have a guard with you everytime that you're together." Queen Primrose declared.

"Mom, that's not fair!" Rapunzel shouted, and everybody in the kitchen, from both of her parents, to the guards, and even Eugene was surprised from her outburst.

"Fair? What about lying to us, going behind our backs to use our home for your scandalous hobby and trying to keep it a secret. Is that fair?" Queen Primrose asked.

Rapunzel decided not to say anything back for both her sake and Eugene's, since she didn't want to risk getting her mother even more upset than she already was.

"I understand you two wanted to have fun, but you aren't ever going to do it this way, not even when you're married, do I make myself clear?" King Thomas asked.

Instead of saying a single word to the King and Queen, the only thing that Rapunzel and Eugene did was nod their head in agreement to them at the same time.

"Good." King Thomas said, and just after that word left his mouth, a guard had returned holding two robe, with one each meant for the young couple to put on.

Eugene and Rapunzel did just that when the guard handed them the robes, and Rapunzel's parents and the guards made sure to avert their eyes as it happened.

"Two of these guards will escort you back to your room, Rapunzel, while the other two here will escort Eugene to a room of his own." Queen Primrose instructed.

One guard led Rapunzel out of the kitchen while another stayed right behind her, and she didn't bother to look back at her parents or even Eugene when she left. She was upset for a lot of reasons, from not getting to be alone anymore when spending time with Eugene to both of her parents treating her like a child just now. All of a sudden, Rapunzel started to think about the dream she had earlier, the same dream that she lied to Eugene by telling him that it was nothing but a nightmare. From the dream catcher that Jack had given her to them being intimate in the library, the more that Rapunzel thought about every part of it, the more that she started to smile.