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A/N: So, this is also due to a conversation with my mother, compounded by my son's Halloween costume. Enjoy!

Boxers or Briefs?

Bane shut the door behind him and surveyed his utilitarian room. It was clear and he issued a nearly silent sigh of relief. It was hard work dictating over a city. But now, this late at night, he could relax. He moved into the attached bathroom and started the water in the shower to get it warm. The heat from the pounding water often made his pain just that little bit more manageable.

Going back to his bed, he began the tedious process of stripping down. He removed his coat first, placing it over the back of a chair. Then he started on the straps that held his chest armor in place. Once that was off, he sat down to remove his boots. Finally, he undid his trousers and pulled them down. The last item to come off was the deepest secret he now held. One that nobody else knew; especially not his charge, Talia. He dropped his underwear, placing them reverently on the top of his dirty laundry. They would be buried in the dirty clothes the next day, but he always felt best if he could look over and see that symbol before sleeping. That stylized bat that marked his nemesis and his hero: the Bat symbol.

End Note: My son was Bane for Halloween and he was wearing his Batman undies and an entire Batman outfit under his costume. It amused me.