Everything was white, and there was nothing in this seemingly endless white plain. The only beings in this white plain were two people. One girl and one boy.

The girl had red eyes and auburn hair, which she always had in a single ponytail, along with barrettes which form the roman numerals XXII. Her complexion was slighter paler than the boy holding her. She had a slim yet well proportioned build.

The boy in question had dark blue hair that partially covered his right eye. His eyes were a grey- blue he looked to be much calmer than his female companion. He had a light yet slightly muscular build with lightly tanned skin.

These two were the leaders of SEES, they were best friends, they were each other's missing half, and they were lovers. These two are Minato Arisato and Minako Chitose.

(A/N: I chose the last name 'Chitose' because it means to 'Ascend with the strength of a thousand' which I thought would suit her well given her Wild Card ability.)

Minato and Minako were the two souls who made up the Great Seal that kept Erebus, the monstrous manifestation of mankind's grief and negative emotions who's sole purpose is to contact Nyx in order to bring forth the Fall, from getting to Nyx.

Now the two souls rested in this white plain, keeping each other company, occasionally sharing words of love and gestures of affection to each other. They were glad that they didn't have to become the Seal alone, glad to have each other with them for eternity.

That is until the day that a familiar blue door appeared unexpectedly. The two looked at each other before opening the door together.

"Welcome back, Master Minato and Master Minako." The two velvet room assistants, Elizabeth and Theodore, greeted warmly.

"Theo!" "Elizabeth!" The two wild cards greeted just as warmly, Minako even going as far as to jump onto the male assistant, hugging him in great happiness. Theo chuckled as he hugged his beloved guest back before gently setting her back down onto the ground and pushing her slightly to their offered seats where Minato was already seated.

The two wild cards cared for their respective assistants dearly, they always heard what they said to them when they came to visit and they always watched when they made their job as the Great Seal a bit easier when they destroyed Erebus from time to time.

"Yes...welcome back dear guests. This was quite unexpected." Igor said.

"Why are we here?" Minato asked, getting straight to the point.

"It seems that a chance to be released from the seal has arrived." Igor said, smiling eerily at the two.

"What do you mean?" Minako asked.

"An unfortunate ordeal has come up concerning our current guest, your successor. He too, has the ability of the wild card." Igor said. "If he successfully completes his journey, you will be free from the seal."

"Then why are we here?" Minato asked.

"He will need a little help with his problem. This is why, I will be temporarily sending you back to your bodies." Igor said.


"Aren't our bodies already decomposed by now?" Minako asked.

"Allow me to explain." Theodore said. "Your bodies are merely soulless, they are still currently functioning thanks to your lovely redheaded friend."

"Mitsuru-sempai kept our bodies alive?" Minato asked with slight shock.

"But what about the seal?" Minako argued. "At least one of us has to stay and keep it up, and I refuse to leave Minato behind!"

"I agree as well, I refuse to leave Minako behind." Minato said coolly.

"That is why we will send only half of each of your souls to your bodies, the other halves will stay and guard the seal." Igor explained calmly.

"Will that work? And will it have any negative effects with our bodies?" Minato asked.

"Your body will only function half as long as you would with your full soul, but half as long is more than enough for a full year." Elizabeth said. "Although, your wild card ability will be severely limited, as most of the persona belong to our current guest. The only ones you are able to use are Orpheus Telos, Eurydice Telos, Thanatos, and Messiah."

"I call Thanatos!" Minako suddenly blurted out, making Minato roll his eyes slightly as everyone in the room gave her amused smiles. "Oh c'mon, Thanatos is practically my baby!"

Minato chuckled slightly, knowing that because of Ryoji, Minako had taken great time and care to nurture Thanatos to the best of her abilities. She raised Thanatos to a very high level along with equipping him with several skill cards.

"We can just share them, Minako. When one of us is using one, the other can use the other one." Minato said placidly. "But if you really want Thanatos, I'll let you have him. Messiah is more my type anyways."

"Thanks Minato!" Minako said, already feeling Thanatos rumbling happily deep within her soul.

"Anyways, what about our money and equipment?" Minato asked.

"We have saved all of your money, weapons, items, and armour here in the velvet room." Theodore said proudly.

"How much money do we have anyways?" Minako asked. "I know I had about 8 million yen on me before I became the Seal."

"And I had around 9 million." Minato said.

"Correct, your money together, you have 17.5 million yen." Theodore said. "We will return them to you once you've settled into your bodies enough to re-visit us."

"Until then..." Igor said before the two blacked out into nothingness.