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Steve woke up with the first light of the day. He stayed in bed for a while, watching his husband sleep and then got dressed. He went outside the bedroom.

By the time JARVIS told him it was time to wake up Tony, Steve had already prepared breakfast, cleaned up the mess in the kitchen form yesterday and checked if Peter was still sleeping which he was.

"Thanks JARVIS. I'm going to do it immediately."

"You're welcome Sir."

Carefully he took a cup of coffee in one hand and went up to the master bedroom of the Stark tower. He then slowly opened the door and couldn't hinder a smile appearing on his face.
Tony Stark lay on their bed, completely tangled in his blanket. His shirt lay on the floor and the window was wide open. The light of the arc reactor covered his chest in a dim, blue light. The captain walked over to his husband and put the cup down. He leaned closer and kissed Tony softly.

"Wake up honey, breakfast is ready."

"Nah, don't wanna", Tony answered grumbling and turned around.

"You sure? What would Peter think if he wakes up and his daddy isn't there?"

"He'll think I was very tired."

"Seriously Tony? He is three years old." The iron man sighed.

"Where is my shirt? And why is it so fucking cold in here?" Steve laughed.

"Your shirt is right next to you on the floor and it is cold because at some point this morning you decided to open the window." Tony sat up and took the steaming cup Steve was offering him.

"Thank you." For a moment it seemed that Tony tried to remember what had happened. A grin appeared on his face.

"Right, I had a really nice dream and when I woke up I felt…"

"Ok enough, I guess I know where this is heading."

"It was a very nice dream, you know?"

"Yeah, yeah I got it. Love you too." Tony reached out for Steve's neck and pulled him close. They met in a deep kiss.

"I really love you."

"Yeah you do…" They let themselves fall back on the sheets and Steve began placing kisses all over Tony's chest. His husband moaned quietly and grabbed Steve's hair to pull him up. The captain shot him a challenging look. They rolled over so that Tony was on top now. He pressed himself against the taller one's body to feel every inch of it. Tony let his hands wander and Steve winced when he bit his neck. One of Tony's hands touched his stomach, drew little circles on his skin and that was the moment when Steve decided to take control again.
They rolled over each other, nearly falling down the huge bed in the playful fight which stopped when Steve pinned down Tony's hands next to his head.

"Well that's what I call a good morning workout", Tony said breathless. Steve laughed and silenced him with a deep kiss. Without hesitation Tony stripped the captain of his shirt.

"Come on capsickles, hurry!" Steve was more than eager to do so. He leaned closer and was about to pull down Tony's pants when the crying sound of a little child resonated through the room. Steve immediately sat up as if someone had caught them doing bad things.

"Sir, little Peter just woke up."

"Thank you JARVIS", Tony said a bit annoyed. "I think we got that."

"I'm going to check on him. You put some clothe on and then we'll have breakfast." With that, the captain left the room.

Peter was standing in his bed whining for his parents.

"Hey there little one, how are you? Have you slept well?"

"Pops", Peter cried out happily when he saw him. His smile made Steve's heart race faster and he hurried to take him out of his bed.

"Are you hungry?"


"Yeah, really? Well then what about we go downstairs to your dad and have breakfast."

"I wanna see dad!"

"Of course you want to. So let's go." He carried his son downstairs where Tony was standing with another cup of coffee in one hand.

"Morning again handsome", he said and pecked Steve's lips. "And hey Pete. Did you sleep well?"


"Well that's some good news. Come here lil man let your Pops have some freedom to prepare our breakfast right?" Peter stretched out his arms and Tony took him. He looked at him and Steve had to smile. Even when his husband always complaint about the work they had with Peter, he knew how proud Tony was and how much he loved the boy. They had adopted him half a year ago after his parents died in an accident. First they were unsure if they could handle a child between all the 'saving the world business'. But everyone encouraged them to do it and without their friends it wouldn't have worked out. But it wasn't just Tony who was fond of the little boy. Everyone who saw Peter was enraptured by him.

"By the way, Natasha and Clint are coming over later today to drink coffee and talk a bit."

"Okay I'll be here. Did you hear that?"

"Uncle Clint?"

"That's right, and you're Aunt Tasha." The little boy laughed happily. Steve smiled and took a bowl out of the fridge and put it into the microwave.

"You saw that Peter", Tony asked behind him. "That's your breakfast he's preparing there lil man."


"Let's sit down", Steve said when Peter's porridge was warm enough.

"Hey capsickles, do you know where... Oh thanks."

"Always", Steve answered as he handed him the newspaper.

"Pops, I wanna play with you and dad."

"Really? What do you want to play?"

"Car!" Tony almost spit out his coffee and tried to hide it with a cough.

"What do you mean by car Peter?"

"Want to drive again!"

"Again, what - ? Tony don't tell me you let our three year old son drive a car."

"Nah, he must mean something else."

"I can't believe it. That is so irresponsible."

"Oh come one Cap it was just a little drive through the garage. Nothing dangerous and he was sitting on my lap. But you liked it right lil man?"

"Yeees I did."

"Well then next is the motorcycle." Tony looked at him with a shocked expression. "Just a joke Mr. Stark." He laughed and gave him a kiss over the table.

"Sir, incoming call from Miss Potts."

"Get her on the screen JARVIS."

"As you wish Sir." Only seconds later the face of his assistant appeared on one of the kitchen walls.

"Morning Pepper."

"Good morning Tony. Hey there Steve." The captain waved to her and smiled.

"Pepper", Peter cried out happily to his once in a while babysitter.

"Hello honey. Nice to see you."

"Don't flirt with my son, tell me what's up!"

"Since when is he so eager to work?"

"Since Peter started asking when his Aunt Pepper is coming again."

"Is he? That's so cute. I'll come over soon Pete."

"No you won't. What is it now?"

"You have a meeting in three hours", Pepper answered being the tough business woman again. "There were some complications with one of the factories. Nothing big but they want to speak to you about it." Tony looked at her displeased.

"Can't you do that? You're the CEO after all."

"But you're Tony Stark. I'm counting on you", and with that she hung up.

"What the... What is she thinking? I didn't make her CEO to still do everything myself."

"No you did it because you thought you would die. Which you fortunately didn't."

"You stay out of this."

"Just saying. You done Pete?" The boy nodded eagerly. Steve began to collect everyone's dishes but Tony put a hand on his arm.

"Let it be. I'm going to do this. You deserve some time with him."

"You sure? That's so sweet Tony."

"Well we can't have him thinking I'm so much cooler than you, can we? On the other hand it wouldn't be that wrong..."

"Very funny. Just join us when you're done."

"I will, have fun boys."

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