"A Daisy in Forks"

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In the middle of the woods there was a large house that had large glass windows, allowing the family who lived inside to see the beautiful area around them.

The family were all in the living room, enjoying the peace and quiet.

A man with blond hair and topaz eyes was playing chess with his brown haired, topaz eyed wife who was smiling sweetly at him.

Sitting on the floor in front of the TV was a large, muscular teenager with short dark brown hair and topaz eyes that was playing a video game with his brother who had curly blond locks and topaz eyes.

Sitting on the couch were two teenage girls who were each reading their own books.

One girl had long golden blonde hair and topaz eyes, sitting with her legs folded under her as she read and pursed her red painted lips.

The other girl had short dark, almost black, hair and topaz eyes while her lips were painted a lovely pink shade and she was smiling contently.

Lastly, a teenage boy with bronze hair that stuck out all over his head and had the same topaz eyes as the rest of his family was sitting at a large black piano, playing one of his favourite pieces.

Suddenly, the peace was broken when the small dark hared girl gasped, her gaze fading as images appeared in her mind.

Everyone paused in their activities and turned towards her, the blond haired boy rushed over to the dark haired beauty's side, placing a comforting hand on her leg.

"Alice, what is it? What do you see?" The blond, Jasper Whitlock, asked his mate.

Alice Cullen remained silent as the images in her mind became clearer, showing a 16 year old girl with tanned skin, doe-like chocolate brown eyes that had honey flecks in them and luscious raspberry red hair that fell to her shoulders in curls.

The girl was smiling brightly and she was making her way towards a figure with bronze hair and topaz eyes who was gazing at her with awe and adoration on his face.

They were both in a field that had daisies growing all over and the sun shone down on them, making the man's skin sparkle in the light.

As the raspberry red haired girl got closer to the boy, her brown eyes slowly became a golden yellow color and her tanned skin became to sparkle in the light as well.

On her left hand was an engagement ring that shone in the light.

The girl also seemed to have aged a few years, looking like she was 18 or 19 years old and her hair had grown out, falling down her back in thick waves and curls that bounced as she walked.

She jumped into the bronze haired boy's arms and they began to kiss as a golden aura surrounded them, showing the completed mating bond between them.

Snapping out of her vision, Alice smiled brightly as she turned her attention onto her bronze haired brother who had a look of hope and awe on his face.

"Alice, what did you see?" Carlisle Cullen, the patriarch of the family, asked his youngest daughter.

"Edward's mate is coming to Forks." Alice announced.

With those words, everyone began to smile and congratulate Edward who had been alone for almost 100 years, depressed without a mate or even a lover at his side.

Carlisle had found his mate Esme, Rosalie Hale also found Emmett McCarthy and Alice had a vision of Jasper the second she woke up from her transformation and had searched for him.

It would be nice for Edward to finally have someone that he could spend time with and who would make him happy.

Edward rushed to Alice's side, taking a peek inside her mind to get a better look at his mate, trying to keep the image fresh in his mind until he could actually meet her.

"What is her name?" Edward asked her.

"Her name is Daisuke Rose Motomiya, but she prefers to be called Daisy." Alice said.

"Hey, we've got another Rose. I'm sure you'll be taking her under your wing, eh, Rosie?" Emmett teased his mate.

Rosalie rolled her eyes in amusement before turning her attention back onto the short dark haired girl.

"Why is she moving here?" Rosalie questioned.

"She is Chief Swan's youngest daughter. Daisy loves her father and wants to spend the rest of her school years with him since she spent her entire life in Japan with her mother and half-sister Jun. Daisy will be here tomorrow. Along with her other half-sister." Alice frowned.

Everyone took notice of how the seer was frowning and she seemed to be seeing something else.

Something that may cause trouble for them and made the family worry, especially Rosalie who wouldn't allow anyone or anything to hurt her loved ones.

"Why are you frowning? What did you see, Alice?" Rosalie questioned.

"Edward's mate, Daisy…she and her half-sister Bella don't get along. She tries her best to get along and bond with her, but it seems like Bella has no interest in letting Daisy be a part of her life. Daisy's other sister Jun hates Bella. There seems to be some bad blood between them." Alice revealed.

Edward saw the three sisters and he saw how Jun Motomiya, the 24 year old magenta haired woman with fair skin and cocoa brown eyes, stared down at Daisy with love and affection in her eyes, but when she looked at Bella, who had the same chocolate doe eyes as Daisy, but had pale skin and long brown hair, Jun seemed to be radiating with hate.

What had Bella done to make Jun hate her so much?

"There's something else. Bella is a blood singer." Alice announced.

Everyone hissed at that news in displeasure.

Blood singers were nothing but trouble for vampires.

Their scents made their blood lust uncontrollable and they would go into a frenzy if they caught a whiff of any that was freshly spilled.

"Okay, so, we'll just make sure to steer clear of the sister. No problem." Emmett stated.

"Being around a blood singer could be an issue." Esme frowned.

She wanted to meet her son's mate and get to know her.

It had been a while since their family had taken in someone new and the fact that Daisy is a human made Esme feel giddy because she could cook for her and care for her in a way she hadn't been able to her other children.

"We won't let it be an issue." Jasper said with a tense tone.

Alice placed a hand on his cheek, rubbing soothing circles with her thumb.

"We will have to go hunting quite often before they start school. Try your best to avoid being in close contact with Daisy's sister. It will be difficult to try and ignore the call of the blood singer, but it is possible. And I am confident that you all can do it." Carlisle told his family.

Everyone nodded at that and they stood up from their seats, deciding that they should head out for a hunt.

(A few days later…)

Edward was standing with his family around Rosalie's car, all of them talking while he watched the parking lot, anxiously waiting for his mate to arrive.

Jasper felt his erratic emotions and sent soothing waves of calm at him which made Edward nod gratefully at him.

A loud noise made everyone turn to see an old Chevy truck that was an orange-red color pull into the parking lot.

"Ooh, there she is!" Alice sang.

Once the truck was parked, two girls climbed out.

The first was Isabella "Bella" Swan, a girl with a slim body and very pale skin and angular face with doe eyes while she had long brown hair that flowed down her back in waves.

Next was Daisy who was glancing around her, noticing all of the eyes that had been drawn to her and Bella which made her roll her eyes, but she smiled.

Then, when Daisy turned, her chocolate brown eyes landed on Edward's topaz eyes and it seemed like her breath caught.

If Edward still had any breath in his chest, he would have stopped breathing for a moment as well.

She was the most beautiful human girl he had ever seen.

Her lips were a soft pink color and her face had freckles sprinkled over it at random.

All Edward wanted to do was rush over to her side and hold her in his arms, breath in her scent and enjoy the warmth of her soft, curvy looking body.

He was distracted by the sounds of the male students' thoughts and when they revolved around Daisy's body, namely her large breasts and thighs, it made Edward growl and his eyes began to turn black in his rage.

How dare they think such vile things about his mate!

And how dare the female students think Daisy was fat!

There was nothing wrong with the way Daisy looked and if he heard anyone insult her and tell her she needed to lose weight, he might just kill someone.

"Edward, calm down." Jasper whispered.

He could understand his brother's anger, but it wouldn't do anyone any favours if Edward snapped and ripped someone's head off for thinking the wrong thing about Daisy.

"Why are you growling?" Rosalie demanded.

"The boys are thinking some very vulgar things about Daisy and quite a few girls think that she looks fat." Alice frowned in displeasure.

A look of disbelief was on Rosalie's beautiful face, but it soon morphed into one of rage as her topaz eyes became a darker color.

"What!" Rosalie hissed lowly.

The Cullens were all displeased with the news and they watched as Daisy walked off with her sister into the school, her head held high and a smile on her face.

Bella seemed to be trying to hide in her coat at all of the eyes on her, but Daisy ignored it all as she spoke to her sister about locating the office so they could get their time tables.

"There is nothing wrong with her body. These petty bitches are jealous that she has a more womanly figure than they do." Rosalie stated.

"Easy, Rose." Emmett pulled her into his side and kissed her head.

Watching Daisy disappear into the school, Edward frowned when he noticed Eric Yorkie chasing after the two sisters, introducing himself to them.

The warning bell soon rang and the Cullens followed the rest of the students into the school, heading off to their lockers to gather their books.

Rosalie spotted Bella walking down the hallway alone and sneered at the girl, not trusting the blood singer and decided she would do everything in her power to make the brunette feel uncomfortable around her family so she would avoid them.

The beautiful vampire refused to allow a blood singer to ruin her brother's happiness after he waited so long for his mate.

Edward took notice of Daisy wandering around, a confused and frustrated expression on her face as she tried to figure out where her locker or class room were located.

Deciding that this would be the perfect chance for him to introduce himself to his mate, Edward made his way over.

The closer he got to Daisy, the stronger her scent became and he breathed it in, relishing in the smell of coconut and soft floral.

What he seemed to notice about the girl was how silent she appeared to be.

He couldn't read her mind.

When he tried to take a peek inside, he was met with a golden barrier that stopped him from seeing or hearing anything which confused him.

Was she some sort of shield?

"Hello there." Edward spoke up.

Startled, the girl turned around and her large doe eyes landed on him.

"Uh, hi." Daisy greeted with a small smile.

"I'm Edward Cullen. Are you new here?" Edward asked even though he already knew the answer.

"Yeah, I am. I'm Daisy Motomiya, hey." She smiled at him and shook his hand.

Edward smiled down at her, not caring that he couldn't read her mind.

It would be better when she trusted him enough to tell her what was on her mind when they got to know each other better.

"Do you need any help?" Edward asked her.

"Uh, yeah. I have no idea where anything is." Daisy said glanced at her time table.

"I can show you around." He offered, barely holding back his enthusiasm to spend more time with his mate.

"Oh, no, I-I don't want to make you late." Daisy shook her head.

"I'm sure my teacher will understand." Edward smiled.

Staring into his face, which he hoped looked open and honest with his desire to help her, Daisy gave in and nodded.

"Okay, if you're sure." Daisy agreed.

Edward was sure that his smile was far too large to be natural, but he couldn't help it.

Holding out his hand, Edward watched as Daisy awkwardly placed her smaller and darker one in his.

She almost flinched at how cold his skin was, but ignored it as she allowed Edward to show her to her first class.

Daisy didn't know why, but she felt like getting to know Edward was going to bring some excitement to her life.

The end.