"The Badger Squad"

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It was the beginning of Daisuke "Daisy" Motomiya's fourth year at Hogwarts and she was boarding the Hogwarts Express, eager to find her friends and relax for the long journey.

She didn't understand why they had to take a train (which always ended in them arriving at the school when the sun has gone down) when they could probably use a floo network at 9 ¾ if the ministry set one up.

Her loyal Digimon partner Veemon was at her side, helping her carry the bags onto the train since the workers were busy helping the first years.

Looking around her, Daisy spotted her friends Susan Bones and Hannah Abbott who rushed over to their fellow Hufflepuff and pulled her into a hug, greeting her as they asked about what she did over summer break.

The three girls and Veemon made their way down the train, heading off to where the Hufflepuff students usually sat and greeted people along the way, even helping out a few first years that were nervous or confused about where to go.

As Daisy was searching for an empty compartment to sit in, she didn't notice Cedric Diggory sneaking up on her.

Susan noticed and was about to ask the older student what he was doing, but Cedric held a finger to his lips to signal her to be silent.

Veemon saw the boy coming and rolled his eyes, knowing that he did this every year.

Sneaking up closer behind Daisy when he saw she was busy looking inside a compartment, Cedric pounced on the girl, lifting her into his arms.

The raspberry haired girl yelped in shock and she grew out a pair of pitch black cat ears and a long slinky black tail.

"Oh, my goddess! Cedric put me down!" Daisy yelped.

Laughing, the dark haired boy placed the witch/neko down on her feet and petted her ears which made her hiss at him in annoyance.

"Easy, kitten. Don't get your tail in a knot." Cedric teased.

"Why do you always do that to me? Every frigging year you do that." Daisy complained.

Susan, Hannah and Veemon all shared amused looks as they watched the two Hufflepuffs.

Ever since Daisy first started at Hogwarts, she had gotten the attention of Cedric who adored her and began to view her as a little sister.

Cedric was the first person in Hufflepuff house that Daisy told about her being half-neko and seeing the girl with those wide brown eyes and cat ears with the long tail made the older boy feel a surge of protectiveness for the adorable creature.

He tended to keep Daisy close to him at all times, even insisting that she join the quidditch team with him since she was good at writing up plays and she was fast on a broom.

When Daisy hit puberty, Cedric was horrified because it meant that boys were starting to take notice of his baby sister and he would have to keep her safe from them.

The only boys Cedric trusted around Daisy were Neville Longbottom, Ernie Macmillan, Zacharias Smith and Justin Finch-Fletchley.

He trusted the boys from Hufflepuff because they knew how scary Cedric could be and wouldn't try anything with Daisy unless she gave them her permission.

Neville was the only Gryffindor that Cedric trusted because the boy was friends with Daisy before they were sorted into their houses.

Daisy was also very protective over Neville and wondered if maybe the boy was meant for Hufflepuff because of his gentle nature and his talent with plants.

"I can't help it. Soon enough you'll be too big for me to do it. I'd like to enjoy it while I still can." Cedric smirked.

"Are you insinuating that you're gonna get weaker or that Daisy's gonna get fat?" Veemon asked.

"Well, Daisy does enjoy her sweets." Justin commented as he and Ernie joined the group.

Susan and Hannah gave Justin disapproving looks when they noticed their red haired friend twitch in anger.

"Do you want to die?" Daisy glared at him.

Justin smirked at the girl, but when her chocolate brown eyes began to turn red, he moved to hide behind Susan and Hannah, using them as shields against the neko.

"All right, that's enough. Let's sit down and relax." Hannah said, breaking up a fight before it began.

Smirking, Cedric pulled Daisy with him into one of the compartments and sat down with the feisty neko on his lap.

Justin kept his distance from Daisy, knowing it would take time for her to settle down or else she would slap him.

"Did you hear what happened at the Quidditch World Cup?" Ernie brought up.

"Oh, right, the Death Eaters. I doubt that really happened. It was probably just some stupid stunt someone pulled for attention." Zacharias scoffed.

"Why would someone do that?" Daisy asked in disbelief.

"I don't know how I would feel if it was real or a stunt. My aunt has been very stressed over what happened. No one knows who did it and there are no leads." Susan informed looking worried.

"Hey, Cedric, didn't you go to the tournament?" Veemon brought up.

At the Digimon's words, the Hufflepuff students all turned to look at Cedric who tried to school his expression, not wanting to scare his younger housemates.

"Yes, I went there with the Weasleys. Their friends Hermione Granger and Harry Potter were with them." Cedric said.

"Oh, of course! Perish the thought that Weasley would ever go anywhere without his girlfriend and his cash card with him." Zacharias scoffed.

"Hey!" Daisy snapped.

Her tail lashed out and hit the blond haired boy in the face.

The hit wasn't hard enough to hurt, but she made sure he knew that she didn't like what he said.

Zacharias's nose twitched as he sneezed from the cat hair that tickled his nostrils.

"Don't talk that way about the guy. He's had a hard enough life." Veemon scolded.

"I wasn't insulting Potter. I was insulting Weasley. Honestly, I feel bad for Potter having to deal with one Weasley latching onto him like a leech while another one has been obsessing over him for years, claiming she's going to be the next Lady Potter." Zacharias rolled his eyes.

Everyone remembered the ridiculous singing Valentine Ginny Weasley had sent to Harry a few years ago.

The poor boy looked so embarrassed when the Valentine sang that horrible poem to him while the students around him laughed.

Ginny also appeared upset by everyone's reaction.

If Daisy had known what Ginny had been planning, then she would had stopped it and insisted that the little ginger simply gave Harry some chocolates like most girls do.

"I never understood that. Ginny seems to be so sure that she and Harry will one day be together, but wouldn't that mess up his friendship with Ron and the twins?" Susan asked.

"I feel like it should be taboo to date your best friend's sibling. You never know if things will end badly or not." Hannah said.

"I don't think the Weaslette cares about that. She seems to be the type who is very eager and ambitious to get what she wants." Ernie commented.

"Maybe she should've been in Slytherin." Justin joked.

Rolling her eyes, Daisy stood up from Cedric's lap making him protest since he was enjoying the relaxing sounds of the neko's purring.

"I'm thirsty, I'm gonna go look for the food cart." Daisy said.

"Ooh, I'm coming, too!" Veemon perked up.

Any chance to get his hands on some sweets, he would take it.

"Do you want us to come with you?" Ernie asked.

"Nah, we'll be fine." Daisy smiled.

"Try not to get into a fight with anyone." Cedric said.

Daisy stuck her tongue out at the boy.

Cat tail and ears disappearing, Daisy scooped Veemon into her arms and made her way out of the car while Cedric watched on which made the boys roll their eyes at how protective he was.

The end.