"Coming Out…Not like that"

This is the first part in the series, please enjoy it. This first one is Yamasuke or Daito. This is dedicated to bloodrose87 for suggesting it and pitching the idea. I hope you like it. Please enjoy!

It was an ordinary day for the Digidestinds.

They were all hanging out together at the park for one of their weekly meetings where they got together to discuss what's been going on in their lived so far.

It's been five years since the Digital World has become known to their world and humans all over the world were getting their own digimon partners, like Daisuke' sister Jun, who was partnered to a Renamon who took a very personal interest in Veemon.

Ken has always been an observant person, especially when it came to his Jogress partner and best friend Daisuke, so he was easily able to pick up the signs that he was acting a little different than normal.

Sure, he was still a bit loud and obnoxious as always, but the way he walked was sort of…happier?

Like, he was more filled with joy than he used to be and he had this warm glow in his chocolate brown eyes that made his entire face radiate with bursts of energy.

Not only was that, but the way his friend seemed to be interacting with Yamato also was different.

Normally, the two children of Friendship couldn't stand each other and would argue constantly, but now they were sitting beside each other like it was normal.

They even smiled at each other, the blonde laughing at the mahogany haired boy's enthusiasm when he talked about a soccer game he won against Katsuharu, a fellow teammate of his.

If any of the others had noticed, they didn't show it or react to it, possibly out of relief that a war wasn't going to be started.

When it was time to leave, Ken offered to walk home with Daisuke so that they could hang out.

Yamato seemed a bit put out when the child of Miracles eagerly agreed with his best friend and then the two walked off together as Taichi slung an arm around Yamato's shoulders and led him away to go do something else.

"Daisuke, is there something you aren't telling me?" Ken asked his friend after a few minutes of walking.

The plum haired boy had learned to never beat around the bush when it came to talking with Daisuke, he needed to be direct and blunt or else he's never get the point.

"What do ya mean, Ken?" the other boy asked blinking owlishly.

"Well, it's about you and Yamato." Ken said watching carefully as he saw the slight changes in his friend's face when the older teenager's name was mentioned.

He looked happy and a bit shocked at the same time.

"You two are acting very different from usual. Why is that?" the child of Kindness asked.

Daisuke seemed to be sweating as he thought about what to say and cursing himself for not thinking that Ken would suspect anything.

It sucked having a genius for a best friend sometimes.

"N-Nothing's really going on, Ken. We just found something in common, that's all." Daisuke said.

Ken narrowed his eyes a bit in thought, but he could hear the sincerity in his voice and knew that his friend wasn't technically lying to him, just found a way to beat around the subject and from answering it directly.

"If you're sure. It is a relief though that we don't have to worry about you guys trying to kill each other anymore." He said making Daisuke release a breath he wasn't aware of holding.

"Heh. Yeah, I know, right?" Daisuke giggled and cursed mentally at how feminine it sounded, but Ken paid no mind to it as he thought about what the thing it was that the two held common ground on.

He then though back to how the two seemed to be happy to be around each other, their arms or hands occasionally brushing at times and their faces would heat up in small pink blushes.

He felt a small bit of shock when he came to a sudden conclusion.

"Are you two gay?" he asked without thinking.

Daisuke, who was unprepared for that question, tripped over his own two feet and landed on his face in his shock, landing with a painful yelp.

Ken looked down at his friend, hoping to get the truth.

Don't get him wrong, he had no problem with homosexuals at all, he wasn't narrow minded like some other people, but he really wanted to know if his friend was hiding that from him.

Daisuke groaned as he pushed himself up onto his hands and knees, then looked up at Ken with a few scrapes on his tanned cheeks.

"Where the hell did ya get that?" he asked almost hysterical.

"Is it true?" Ken asked.

"Daisuke, you're my best friend. I won't judge you if that was why you were too afraid to tell me. Whatever you chose or whoever you date, I'll support you completely no matter what anyone else says." Ken said passionately to his friend.

Daisuke jumped back up onto his feet, his arms waving around like windmills as he tried to get the plum haired boy to stop.

"Ken, wait, stop! Just shut up! That isn't it!" he yelled gaining some odd looks from people and digimon on the street.

"I'm not gay and neither is Yamato. That isn't the thing at all." Daisuke said.

"It's not?" Ken asked blinking curiously and also looking very cute at the same time.

It was no wonder he had a fan club; he was a total bishi.

"I promise you that I am completely, 100 percent straight and so is Yamato. If I was gay, I would tell you and I'm happy to know that you'd be on my side." Daisuke said with a smile, thankful to have someone like Ken in his life.

"You're sure?" Ken asked.

"Yes!" Daisuke laughed.

"Well, if you say so. But I still want to know what it is that you two have in common that seems to have made you two better friends." Ken said as they began walking again.

"I'll tell you someday, just not right now." Daisuke said with a smile that was his usual happy puppy look and was a bit apologetic.

"Oh, all right. As long as he doesn't steal my role as your best friend." Ken said with a smile of his own.

"As if!" Daisuke scoffed.

After an hour or so, Ken finally went home to Tamachi to go see how Wormmon was doing.

He was sick and wasn't able to come with him to visit Veemon.

He shouldn't have eaten all of that candy he got for Halloween, but he didn't listen to the warnings of Mrs. Ichijouji, so now he was regretting it.

When Ken was gone, Daisuke let out a groan of frustration as he threw himself down onto his bed.

He hated keeping things from Ken, but he didn't know how to tell him his secret, one that no one but Veemon, Renamon, Jun and his parents knew.

Daisuke Motomiya, the leader of the second generation of Chosen Children and youngest soccer star in Odaiba, was actually a girl.

She had been keeping it a secret for years because of an incident that dealt with bullies that made her family move away and have their youngest daughter dress and act more like a boy as a safety precaution.

Yamato and Gabumon now also knew her secret too after a very shocking and embarrassing incident on one of the visits to the Digital World.

Daisuke closed her eyes as her mind was lost in the sea of memories to that very day a month ago, October 3, a day she would never be able to forget.

Daisuke and Veemon were both in the Digital World visiting for some peace and quiet because of the very stressful week they had.

Daisuke with her exams that her crazy math teacher had mercilessly given the class and Veemon with pursuing Renamon.

The two had found a nice secluded lake near a TV portal and it was filled with fresh, clean water and no sea life.

"This looks like a great place to go swimming." Daisuke said with a smile as she began to shrug off her blue fur jacket that was decorated with flames.

"Are ya goin' in, Daisuke?" Veemon asked.

"Yep, so can ya keep a look out for me, buddy?" she asked as she was fully striped and was just left in her white panties and sports bra.

Sadly, she was only an A-34 cup and it sucked since Yolei and Kari had larger breasts than she did, but then she reminded herself that she was hiding her gender anyway, so there was no reason to be upset about it.

"You got it!" Veemon said with a salute.

The child of Miracles giggled as she dived into the lake and swam around, enjoying the cool water on her warm skin as she cut through the water.

Veemon soon got bored just standing there watching, so he jumped in and they started splashing each other, laughing at the fun they were having.

Veemon digivolved to Ex-Veemon and picked the girl up, tossing her up in the air, Daisuke letting out a shriek as she soon landed into the water with a big splash.

Unknown to them, they were being watched by a blonde haired, blue eyed male and a large blue wolf with gold eyes, both extremely surprised by the sight.

Yamato Ishida had decided to also take a break from his stressful life.

He had to deal with his band and writing new songs, breaking up with Sora and then suffered having Jun go back to stalking him.

To get away from it, he came to the decision to find Gabumon and spend some time with him in the Digital world and they had been running around, enjoying their time.

After they had finished, they went to find the nearest portal and heard the sound of laughing and splashing of water, so they investigated it to a sight that left them both speechless.

Daisuke Motomiya was a girl and she was playing in a lake with her large blue dragon in her underwear.

To say he was shocked was an understatement; he never expected to see this before in his entire life.

Seriously, a guy he knew was actually a girl was something that you would see on Oprah or some cheesy TV drama.

He must admit though, Daisuke was actually sort of cute as a girl.

Her usual spikey mahogany hair that shot up in all directions was now straight and hung around her face, framing it.

The white sports bra and panties made her tanned skin look darker.

Garurumon was giving his human a confused look, wondering why he was just staring at his fellow Digidestind like that.

"Yamato?" he growled quietly snapping the blonde out of his daze.

Unfortunately for them, Ex-Veemon heard the sound and turned to look in their direction with narrowed red eyes.

"Hey, Ex-Veemon, what's wrong?" Daisuke asked as she sat on the side of the lake with a confused look as her dragon flew into the air and curled his body up.

"V Laser!" he called sending out the orange beam of light that hit the trees, making the two watchers quickly jump into the clearing to avoid being hit.

"Hey, watch it!" Yamato cried out as he sat on Garurumon's back after he saved them.

"Y-Yamato?!" Daisuke shrieked horrified as she quickly grabbed her jacket and held it up against her body as Ex-Veemon flew down and stood in front of her, glaring at the two males for spying on them.

"Uh, hey there, Daisuke." Yamato said nervously with his cheeks tinted pink.

"W-What the hell are you doing here? How long have you been here? Were you spying on me? What is WRONG with you?!" the younger girl yelled at him with her face the color of her partner's eyes from her rage and embarrassment.

Really, who would have thought that Yamato Ishida was the type of guy to spy on someone like this?

"I wasn't spying on you!" Yamato protested.

"You were watching her though, Yamato." Garurumon growled softly making the blonde blush more as the duo of Miracles glares intensified.

"Look, we were just around, taking a break from our world and accidentally stumbled upon you. But I have to admit that I'm curious about this. I mean, you're actually a girl? Why didn't you ever tell anyone?" Yamato asked.

"No one asked." Daisuke huffed as she hid behind Ex-Veemon and pulled off her wet underwear and then pulled on her clothes.

"Daisuke, please. Just tell me why you've been lying to us all." The blonde said making the mahogany haired girl step out from behind her dragon, surprising him by the sorrow and pain in them.

She had told him the reason for her hiding that it was all because of bullies and her parents being paranoid.

The child of Miracles begged the older male to not tell anyone and to keep it a secret, at least until she felt like she was ready to tell them.

Yamato agreed, but he warned that the longer she put off telling them, the harder it will be for them all.

Miyako would be giving her a pretty hard time for keeping this kind of secret, but the blonde had been sure that she would be sobbing her heart out when he heard the reason for the secret.

They then started secretly spending more time together and soon enough, they started to like each other.

Daisuke was scared and didn't know how to tell him or if he would even like her back.

Yamato also liked her back and he was the first one to make a move.

They had been swimming at the same lake three weeks later and the girl tripped, almost falling into a bush nearby that was filled with thorns.

Yamato was quick and grabbed her hand, pulling her into his chest and they both fell to the ground, Daisuke on top of him, the two children of Friendship finding themselves in a very compromising position.

Daisuke blushed dark red and apologized a dozen times in one breath as she tried to pull herself up, but the blonde acted fast by locking his strong arms around her waist and held her in place between his legs.

She looked at him in shock, her chocolate brown eyes looking up into his azure eyes, the two staring intently as they both started moving closely and then their lips met.

Veemon and Gabumon smiled at the sight, happy that their humans were now together and happy.

Jun was freaked at first when Yamato came to the Motomiya home and said he was there for a date with Daisuke and the girl came out, actually looking like a girl with her wild hair straightened down and framing around her face and she was wearing a sky blue sun dress that had spaghetti straps and white flip flops.

The new couple gave the magenta haired girl nervous looks as she stared at them both, gaping openly, but she soon snapped out of it and said; "At least one of us got him."

The couple laughed and then went out on their first date to a local restaurant and then to see a movie that was playing called 'Fun Size'.

Daisuke smiled as she thought back to the fun she had that night and all the other times she and Yamato were together.

He really was a great boyfriend and she felt bad that they had to keep their relationship a secret just because she was afraid to tell the others about her true gender.

Well, at least she had another date the next day with Yamato.

She was really looking forward to that.

Daisuke smiled to herself as she stripped out of her clothes and just decided to sleep in her underwear.

She crawled under the warm covers with Chibimon and they were both soon asleep, their dreams being peaceful and filled with fun.

(The next day…)

Daisuke was sitting on her sister's bed as Jun worked on straightening her hair for her date this afternoon with Yamato.

"Where are you two going anyway?" the magenta haired girl asked as she ran the straight iron in her spikey locks, turning then nice and straight and then they curled around her face at the ends.

"I'm not sure. He was keeping it a surprise." Daisuke said as Chibimon and Vixiemon played together on the floor, giggling as the yellow fox tackled the small dragon to the ground.

"Aw, how sweet! I wish I had a boyfriend who would take me out on dates like that." Jun sighed dreamily.

Daisuke gave her an amused look as her sister finished with her hair and then pulled out the makeup bag.

The child of Miracles pulled out the usual Iced Pink lip gloss and water proof mascara to put on while Jun picked out an outfit for her sister to wear.

She chose a teal colored long sleeved top that had a V-neck, matching ballet flats, a pair of skinny jeans, a push up bra and a circular gold pendant.

Daisuke put the outfit on and then waited until Yamato came.

The sisters were both in the living room watching TV when the doorbell rang, so the mahogany haired girl got up and practically bounced over to the door in her glee to go out with her boyfriend.

"Hey, you're early-"she said as she opened the door, but it wasn't Yamato who was on the other side.

No, on the other side of the door was her best friend and Jogress partner, Ken Ichijouji.

Ken's eyes were wide when he saw the very cute girl standing on the other side of the door.

If he were someone else, he would have said that the girl was a relative of Daisuke's, but he wasn't someone, he was Ken and he was very observant when it came to people.

The hair was exactly the same shade of mahogany; the chocolate eyes with the thick black eyelashes, the same heart shaped face and tanned skin.

"Um, hi there." The girl said nervously with a lopsided grin, the same one as Daisuke's.

"Daisuke, what's wrong?" Chibimon asked as he jumped up onto the stunned girl's shoulder with a cute smile, but then he looked to see who was at the door and he had a comical stunned look on his own face.

"Daisuke?" Ken asked.

"Uh…heya, Ken-chan." The girl giggled nervously.

The child of Kindness crossed his arms and then gave the girl an expectant look.

"Daisuke-kun, or should I say Daisuke-chan?" Ken asked.

"Either one's fine with me." She said.

"So you're a girl? Why didn't you tell anyone? Why didn't you tell me?" Ken asked with a sad look.

Daisuke sighed at the look feeling her usual guilt consume her and then she reached out and wrapped her arms around her friend's neck, hugging him.

"I'm sorry, but I wasn't sure how to tell everyone about this." She said.

It was that moment that Yamato chose to finally show up and saw the scene before him.

Now usually if a guy walked in and saw his girlfriend hugging another guy would make him jealous and mad at the sight, but he knew how much Ken meant to Daisuke and he probably just found out the secret.

"Why are you dressing like a girl now?" Ken asked as the two pulled away.

Yamato watched as the girl's face had a pretty pink blush on her face.

"Well, you know how you were asking before about why Yamato and I weren't trying to kill each other anymore? That's sort of because he accidentally found out about me being a girl and we started hanging out and…To make a long story short, we've been dating for a few weeks now. And he's supposed to be on his way here soon for our date." She said.

"Oh, I see. Does he…make you happy?" Ken asked.

"Yeah, he really does. H-He's great." Daisuke said with a sweet smile that made Yamato smile fondly at her as he decided to make his presence known.

"Hey." He said walking over.

The two second generations looked over to him in surprise, but soon smiled and Daisuke soon wrapped her arms around the blonde's arm.

He smiled down at her, knowing that she was the affectionate type and always snuggled up to him when they were on their dates.

Ken watched them and saw how truly happy they looked and he also felt happy for the both of them.

"Daisuke, why did you decide to hide your gender from everyone?" ken asked the girl.

The two holders of Friendship shared a look as Chibimon jumped over to the plum haired boy, sitting on his shoulder.

"Dai-chan was hurt by bullies when she was a little girl." He said with a sad look when he remembered the stories that he was told at first when he found his human was a girl.

"Are you going to tell the others?" Ken asked.

Daisuke looked conflicted about it, but she could tell that her boyfriend and best friend could be there to offer her their support, so maybe it was time to finally come out.

"Maybe it is time." She said.

"And I have the perfect idea where to meet." Yamato said making the others look at him expectantly.

(An hour later…)

Ken had called the other members of the Digidestinds and they were all in the park waiting for the last two members to show up.

"Ken, why did you call us all here?" Miyako asked.

"Miyako, it wouldn't be right to start this off without Yamato-san and Daisuke." Iori said.

"I'm sure they'll be here soon." Takeru said.

"Actually, I was told to start this meeting off without them." Ken said making everyone give him confused looks.

"All right. Why were we called here then?" Koushiro asked.

"Well, you all know that Yamato and Daisuke have been acting differently lately, right?" Ken asked.

"Not really." Jyou said.

"Actually, Yama hasn't been complaining about Dai so much lately now that you mention it." Taichi said thoughtfully.

"There's a reason for that. First of all, let me get to the more important part. It's about Daisuke and this big secret that was being kept from us." The aqua eyed teen said as he saw the couple making their way over to them.

"What secret? Is there something wrong with Daisuke-kun?" Sora asked feeling worried.

"I hope nothing bad happened to him. He looked just fine yesterday." Takeru said not noticing his brother and a girl were standing right behind him now.

"That's the thing. Daisuke-kun is actually…Daisuke-chan." Ken said confusing everyone.

"What do you mean, Ken?" Hikari asked.

"Daisuke is actually a girl. She's only been dressing like a boy this entire time." Ken revealed.

Everyone was quiet, unsure of what to do or say at that moment.

Miyako was the one who broke the silence with a snort and then laughed.

"Yeah right! Daisuke is a girl? That's the most hilarious thing I've ever heard." She laughed.

"It seems highly unlikely that Daisuke-san would be able to hide something like that from us, especially for so long." Koushiro said.

"I can't help it if I'm a fabulous actress." A familiar voice said making everyone turn around to see Yamato had shown up and he had his arms wrapped around a girl that looked like she could be Daisuke's long lost twin sister.

The two were smirking at the stunned looks everyone had on their faces as Ken looked like he was holding back a laugh at the sight.

"Daisuke-kun?" Iori asked hesitantly as he stared at the girl.

"That's my name, Iori-kun, don't wear it out." Daisuke said playfully.

"What?! You mean you actually are a girl?" Miyako shrieked as she stood up and pointed at the younger girl.

"That's what I told you." Ken said as he walked over to the couple.

"Daisuke-kun, why didn't you ever tell us about this? Why keep it a secret for so long?" Hikari asked as she also stood up.

"I wasn't really the one who said I was a boy, Hikari-chan. Don't you remember when my family first moved to Odaiba and you were the first person to come speak to me? You were the one who introduced me to Taichi-sempai as a boy; I never said I was one." Daisuke stated.

The Yagami siblings thought back to that day when they first met the new kid and it was true.

Hikari had introduced Daisuke to everyone as a boy because she had assumed he was one by the short shaggy hair he had, the baggy dark blue t-shirt, brown shorts and black sandals on his feet.

Hikari blushed in embarrassment at that.

"Sorry, Daisuke-kun. I mean, Daisuke-chan." She said.

"But then what was up with the whole having a crush on Hikari then?" the lavender haired girl asked.

"If I was pretending to be a boy, then it made sense that I would have a fake crush and Hikari-chan seemed to be the perfect person. I mean, she's kind, pretty, easy to talk to. Why not Hikari-chan?" Daisuke said with a shrug and smile.

"But why were you hiding?" Jyou asked.

Yamato gestured for everyone to sit down in a circle on the ground and they all did so, Ken and Yamato sitting on either side of the female leader.

"When I was six I used to live in Okinawa and there were these kids there who didn't like me too much because I wanted to play sports. This one kid though named Hiro, he was a year older than me, he said I could join the soccer team if I beat him in a one on one game and I did. But instead of letting me on the team, he and the other boys would play mean pranks on me. After a while, they got more violent. Hiro and his gang would throw stuff at me, hit me, pull my hair, which used to be longer than Miyako-chan's. One day, it got really bad. Hiro pulled me into the boy's washroom and said that if I wanted to be like a boy, than I'd have to look like one. He dragged me into the bathroom and had his friends hold me down as he started using these big scissors to cut off all my hair. It was a mess after he was done. Lucky enough, there was one kid who wasn't friends with Hiro, his name was Kai I think and he told the teachers and principal what he had seen and heard so our parents were called and Hiro was in a lot of trouble. My parents didn't care what his punishment was and decided that it would be best if I was taken away from that place, so we packed up and moved to Odaiba where my dad got a new job. My mom cut my hair even and it was really short and I was wearing what I guess what would count as boy clothes. I was in a new place and wanted a new start, a new life. So when Hikari mistook me for a boy, I guess my family all took advantage of it I really wanted to tell you guys about it, but I didn't know if I could or I was able to or how you would react to it. I guess I mostly didn't want to tell you because I didn't want anyone to treat me any different than what I was used to." Daisuke said looking at her friends as they all took in what she had to say about her past.

Taichi looked pissed off that someone would actually dare to treat her like that, frowning at this.

Miyako, Sora and Hikari looked close to tears for their friend's terrible past when dealing with bullies.

Ken, Jyou, Iori, Takeru and Koushiro were all horrified by that and everyone understood why she had kept this secret.

Daisuke settled back into Yamato's chest and he held her to him, the heat from his body soothing her.

He kissed her cheek, proud of her for having the courage to tell everyone this and she smiled up at him.

"So…are you guys mad? I wouldn't blame ya if you were. I mean, I would be mad, too." Daisuke said.

"Oh, no, Daisuke-chan. We could never be mad. You had a very good reason for not telling us." Sora said as she shook her head and offered a motherly smile.

"It must have been really hard to tell, but maybe it was harder for you to really tell us. We aren't going to treat you any differently just because of this." Takeru said as he then realized that he might be getting Daisuke as a sister in the future.

"We'll accept you no matter what, Daisuke-chan." Hikari said with that bright smile she was famous for.

"Exactly and if that creep ever shows his face, I'll kick his ass." Taichi promised with a raised fist and grin.

Daisuke smiled at everyone, feeling very lucky to have found such amazing friends like these.

Yamato shook his head in amusement as he stood up with his girlfriend.

"I hate to cut this, but we do have a date to get back to." He said.

"About that; how long have you been together?" Taichi asked.

"For a few weeks now." The blonde said to his best friend.

"Uh huh. And you two haven't done anything…you know?" the brunet trailed off.

Yamato caught the meaning and glared at Taichi as he gave a Cheshire Cat grin while Daisuke was oblivious to what they had meant as the others gave them exasperated looks or frowned.

"Done what?" the girl asked making everyone look at her in surprise from her innocence.

Taichi got over it and gave an even wider grin as he crept over to the couple and ruffled his sweet kohai's hair making her pout.

"Taichi-sempai, stop! Jun will kill you if you mess up my hair." She said as she batted his hand away then tried to pat it down.

"OK, you two crazy kids go on and have fun." Taichi said with a chuckle as they walked off, Yamato sending him warning looks to lay off the jokes.

Hikari watched them go and smiled at how perfect they seemed together and sweet they looked as Daisuke clung to the blonde.

"Wow, Daisuke and Yamato. Who would have ever thought?" Jyou commented as they watched the couple go.

"I think they look cute together." The child of Light said.

"Something I find weird is why Daisuke isn't with Ken. I mean, it would make more sense since they're Jogress partners." Koushiro said puzzled.

"Daisuke isn't the type to let destiny led her life. She does it herself." Ken said.

(That evening…)

The bearers of Friendship made it back to Yamato's apartment where they both just hung out, the blonde playing some of the songs he was working on to Daisuke and she would tell him what she thought about them.

They then ate a home cooked meal that they made together and them cuddled up on the couch, watching whatever was on, not really caring, just wanting to be in each other's arms.

"See? I told you it wouldn't be bad." Yamato said.

Daisuke looked at him and rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, yeah. Goodie for you to get to show off how smart you are." She joked as she leaned up and kissed the tip of his nose.

He smirked as his fingers wound themselves in her hair and kissed her on the lips, coaxing them into a dance with his.

The end!

I hope the ending didn't suck.