So this is my first fanfiction ever, not really sure how this whole thing works anyway. I might be doing this wrong...actually there is a good chance that I am. But i had this good idea for a story and i wanted to share.

It was around 2:00 pm, and they had just closed a particularly tricky case. There were no new incoming cases coming in so the group decided to pick up on a cold case that they had to postpone work on since early June.

"Dr. Hodgins would you mind handing me the logged particulates you found on the victim when we got the case?" Dr. Brennan asked politely.

"Yeah, of course" Hodgins replied as he picked up the sterile dish with insect evidence in it. She picked it up and examined it closely, her crystal blue eyes squinting slightly as she did so. "I haven't been able to find anything new on this case since this evidence was discovered, and without any new information I'm not sure how far we can get" Hodgins told her as he watched her focus return to the bones in front of her.

"Unfortunately, Dr. Hodgins i think you're right, but lets not jump to any conclusions until we get the information back from everyone else". Cam was currently talking with Booth about statements he'd taken on this case in her office, and Angela was going over her initial sketch of the victims face. From what they'd found, it was a 17 year old male who had visible signs of physical abuse. Temperance had always been more sympathetic towards victims like these, being an abuse survivor herself through foster care. She shuddered slightly at the memories that invaded her mind momentarily of the time she was locked in the trunk of a car, and the countless times her foster father acted inappropriately with her. "No," she thought "don't start thinking about that now, its over". No one knew about her disturbing past in full, not even Russ, and she planned to keep it that way. unfortunately for Temperance, that wouldn't be the case...

Brennan, Angela, Hodgins, and Cam were all standing just below the platform discussing the case when a faint pair of footsteps began walking towards the entrance of the lab. Temperance didn't give it a second thought and continued as she was texting a reminder to Booth to pick up more organic baby wipes at the store for Christine while he was on his was back from an interrogation. She slipped her phone back into her lab coat and returned to the femur bone in her hands when she heard a eerily familiar, raspy, cryptic voice that sent shivers down her spine.

"Hello, I'm looking for a Doctor Temperance Brennan?" he asked, looking up from a crumpled paper in his hand that had her name on it. "Can someone help me?" before anyone could respond there was a loud sharp clank! that came from the tweezers Brennan was holding falling onto the ground. All eyes turned to her, but her eyes landed on him, and suddenly she felt like a 13 year old girl again fearing that her foster-father would come into her room at night.

"Ahh, there she is." He stated simply, giving a malicious smile that made her bottom lip quiver slightly. She hated that smile, that face, that MAN! but her anger was transformed into childish fear as he began slowing taking a step towards her.

"Stop!" she blurted quickly. Her colleges were still standing around looking confused, and now concerned as they noticed the look of fear on Brennan's face. "D-Don't come any closer. I mean it." she stammered and she clumsily started taking steps back, bumping into a surgical tray as she did.

"Aw come on now Temperance, don't you want to say hi to me? It's been ages, and i missed you" He gave her a creepy wink and started walking towards her again, this time with a new confidence as he could see she was feeling vulnerable again, and he intended on taking advantage of that.

"Please, please go. I-I'm serious you n-need to leave. Leave me alone. G-Go away. Please!" her plea turned into a pathetic beg and she felt stupid for acting so childish at work, but this man was quite literally her worst fear. Her eyes began watering and her voice crack as she said again "G-get the hell away from me you creep." She intended on sounding tougher when she said that, trying to regain some dignity in front of her friends, but it came out as a desperate whisper.

"OK, I don't know who you are but you need to leave now, ok? Angela said, being the first one to intervene in this unhappy reunion. She turned to Brennan, who was silently crying now, trying to hide behind Cam who had stepped in front of Brennan, her back to her, holding one of her wrists as a sign of compassion. She could feel Brennan trembling slightly as she spoke "Sir, she is right you need to go now, and do not return."

"what did I do?" he replied "I just came to see someone, y'all have no right to make me leave, i just wanted to say hi to my foster daughter" realization struck everyone as Hodgins stepped forward and placed a hand on the mans chest. He wasn't as tall as him, but he was certainly not going to let this man, who was obviously terrifying his boss, to continue. "You need to leave now, or i will call the cops, don't think that's an empty threat dude, I'll do it" Angela smiled quickly. Her brave man.

He looked at all of them, realizing this wasn't getting him anywhere. Brennan had removed herself from behind Cam and was trying to quickly walk back to her office. "Fine, I'm going." He said, but just as they turned away, thinking he was leaving, he sprinted up to Temperance and grabbed her wrist just before she entered her office. she gasped and let out a quiet shaky sob. Her friends saw what happened and started walking over as quickly as they could without attracting attention from the whole Jeffersonian. He took his chance and pulled her hard towards him and he put his mouth right up to her ear.

"This isn't over" He whispered, His hot, rank breath spreading down her neck, she shut her eyes tightly and a tear ran down her cheek. She hadn't felt this scared in years. "I'll be seeing you around honey, I really did miss you, and i know you missed me. You're just as beautiful as you were then, even though you've grown so big." as he said this he looked down at her breasts, she noticed this and tried to pry her arm away with no avail.

"See you later baby doll" he said running a hand down her back and slapping her ass. As he did Temperance let out another sob, louder this time, and cringed. He then let go and ran out the door. She turned around and Cam and Angela had seen the whole thing, Hodgins went to go get security, even though it was unnecessary now. They looked at her with pity in their eyes and she couldn't take it. She just shook her head and locked herself in her office. She went to her couch and curled up in a ball, trying to muffle her sobs into her pillow but Cam and Ange stood outside listening

"what the hell-" Angela stared "I don't even want to think about it" Cam replied