A few months after Julie left, Christine turned one.

Julie mailed a gift and a card saying she wanted to visit soon.

She finally came to visit around the start of her sophomore year, she had become very interested in science and the human body.

After her first visit she continued to send them letters and photos, and they responded every time with letters and photos of their own

On Christine's first day of Kindergarten Julie made a surprise visit. She was waiting on the front steps of the house as the trio walked up. Christine of course was the first to see her and shrieked "Julie!" and squirmed out of her mothers arms and sprinted to the girl as fast as her legs could carry her. "I missed you sissy" she told her as they embraced. Booth and Brennan always told Christine that Julie was her sister, blood didn't matter to them. Julie was the best sister they could ever have asked for their daughter.

They didn't see each other again until Julie's high school graduation. She was valedictorian, and was going to Colombia University on a full-ride academic scholarship. She wanted to be an anthropologist. As she gave her speech, the first people she thanked were of course her loving parents, Jackie and Andrew, who sat in the front row of the crowd with nothing pride for their amazing daughter. She them thanked her saviors, Dr. Temperance Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth, because with out them, "I would probably not be alive, let alone giving this speech".

A lot had changed since Julie left Booth and Brennan, but one thing never changed. From her very first day in her new home, she played her Johnny Cash and Ramones album every night before bed.

She would continue this ritual until she was married with children. At which point her kids would inherit the tradition.