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Last Time

"I can teach you if you let me, all you have to do is let these kids go and come with us. I can help you, you just have to let me." I walk forward and put my hand out for him to shake, "I'm Kagome."

He looks at my hand for a minute then slowly reaches out and accepts it, "I'm Fabian."

"It's nice to meet you Fabian, now why don't we let all these people go?"

This Time

Fabian nods his head, "Okay. But what about the rest of my group?"

"We can let you talk to them and see if they want to make the same choice."

Jean starts rounding up the kids that were being held hostage and leads them out the doors while Kagome and Fabian walk back towards the other members of the group, they get to peepers the same time the rest of the team had gotten the others and gotten there.

"Everyone, Fabian has agreed to come back to the school with us." The rest of the X-Men nod as his friends make upset sounds, "So who wants to join him at school and who wants to be locked in a prison solitary confinement?"

Scott quickly looks at her, "You don't know that."

"Oh no, trust me I do, prisons don't know how to handle mutants so they get their own cells in the solitary cell block. And if that's your choice you better look around all you can now because you can't see much out of a two inch by eight inch slot in a door."

All the kids look around before nodding, "We'll go with you."

Kagome smiles as they start walking out, she and Logan go to the jet as Scott, Jean, and Storm handle the police.

"So when were you in solitary confinement?"

"In the 60's, Charles and Erik were actually the ones to get me out."

"Wait, Erik as in Magneto?"

"Yes, this was back when they were all friends and we had a common enemy."

Logan smirks, "Wow. You are old."

Kagome smacks him in the shoulder, "Oh shut up." she looks around at the team, "So why was Jean giving me that look."

He shrugs, "We had kind of a thing but it's been over for a while."

"Okay, what is a kind of a thing?"

"We would flirt, I would kiss her, Scott and I would fight. That kind of thing."

Kagome raises a brow, "Do you know what that sounds like? Kindergarten. And now she's going to try to be upset at me for taking her favorite toy."

"I'll try to talk with her."

She puts a hand up, "Oh no, that's fine. Sooner or later she's going to learn who the bad kid is on the playground and I don't like to share."

They stand in silence for a few seconds until Logan grabs her arm and pulls her up in the jet. Pushing her against the wall he attacks her mouth with his as his kisses become hotter. She complies almost immediately and runs her hands up into his hair as she drives her body closer to his.

A minute later she breaks the kiss, "We can't do this here."

He growls, "Why the hell not?"

"Because, if we continue I'm not going to want to stop. And we just got a kid with x-ray vision, I'd rather not give him another show."


"He made a comment when Jean and I walked up to him."

"So you're the reason he has a black eye?" she nods, "Good, that kid deserves it."

She smiles as she moves around him to the exit, "Are you coming?"

He smiles back at her, "Oh I plan to be, just not until I get you alone."

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