I guess, technically, this isn't a direct sequel to Long Distance Call which is why it's a separate story. There are some changes, since I only meant Long Distance Call to be an amusing little oneshot and hadn't planned, at first, to continue it.

Most of this story takes place in the Brotherhood timeline starting during the time that the boys were searching for May. So, Ed is sixteen, Al fifteen, and Harry fourteen. There will be flashbacks, though, and a bit at the beginning set in the wizarding world from Dumbledore's point of view. This story will mostly be cannon for FMA except with Harry added in, so no real pairings except maybe some minor Ed/Winry.

I don't own anything.

When Harry Potter disappeared and was presumed dead, Albus Dumbledore did not panic. He stood in the ruins of the Potter's home at Godric's Hollow and it was true, he was saddened deeply by the deaths of Lily and James Potter.

Sirius Black was next to him, on his knees, half mad with grief. He was speaking, choking out the words through sobs, blaming himself for the deaths and convinced that his godson had shared in the same fate as Lily and James.

Albus, however, was not convinced. He did not voice it but he knew that Harry was alive. He had to be. The prophesy was proof enough of that. He would just have to find Harry. He was concerned…that someone had come and taken the boy away but he couldn't have gotten far. Albus would find him.


Thirteen years later

Finally. Albus checked the intricate and powerful spell he had crafted. He had finally done it. It had taken thirteen years, but he truly believed that he had finally found a way to find Harry Potter. He had yet to tell anyone of this discovery, of course.

Life had moved on after the events of that Halloween. Voldemort had been defeated, the wizarding world had rejoiced. Peter Pettigrew had been found out as the one who had betrayed the Potter's. Shortly after being found, he was sentenced to life in Azkaban, where he still resided.

Albus considered briefly visiting Sirius Black before he followed through on his plan but dismissed the idea. Sirius had not recovered well in the aftermath and it would not due to give him false hope on the rare chance that Albus was wrong in his calculations.

So, Albus activated the spell and soon after disappeared from his world the same way Harry Potter had thirteen years earlier.

It was painful, this traveling. It was clear that he was traveling a great distance and when his vision cleared after the spell played out, he found himself in what appeared to be a muggle city.

Albus frowned, thinking that Harry may have been raised by muggles all this time. He had searched the world for years and found no trace of Harry. Harry's letter was not sent upon his eleventh birthday, which lent weight to the wizarding world's theory that he was dead and Albus' that he was simply sent somewhere far away.

Fortunately, he had not appeared in a densely populated area, and instead found himself midway down a deserted alley. When he came out of the alley, he got a sense of how big the city was. He still had work if he wanted to find Harry. And there was still a chance that Harry would not be there.

Albus learned several things in the next couple of hours while he walked the city. He learned that his earlier theory that Harry had been taken from his world entirely had been right. There were not many things that could surprise Albus Dumbledore, but he found himself surprised at this knowledge, even if it had been among one of his theories about what had happened to Harry.

He spoke with several people to get the gist of where he was. The city was large and Albus' first thought was that it would take him a while to find Harry in it. That, however, turned out not to be the case and, technically, Harry found him.

He was walking down one particular sidewalk, thinking that he should perhaps find a place that he could stay until he found Harry when he was stopped by a blond headed boy.

"Hey, you seen this cat?" The boy asked right off, showing Albus a drawing of an animal of some sort. "I'm trying to find the girl who owns it."

Frowning slightly at the abruptness of the boy's tone, Albus shook his head. "I have not."

"Great." The boy's shoulders slumped.

"Ed!" A new voice called before the boy could walk away. The blond turned at the call and, once again, Albus found himself in a state of surprise. There was the boy he had been searching for. Harry Potter…running towards them.

Albus had confidence that he would find Harry but he hadn't thought it would be so easy to find the boy in such a big city.

"Any luck?" Harry asked when he reached them, directing the question towards the blond boy and completely ignoring Albus.

"No," the blond grumbled. "I guess we could go to the library and see if there are any books on it."

"Harry," Albus said before the boys could leave. The boy's gaze snapped to his, and Harry's eyes widened, the shock in them clear.

"How do you know that name?"

"I have been searching for you for quite some time, Harry," Albus said. The boy backed up a step.

"My name is Nicholas," the boy stated firmly, taking yet another step back.

"What's going on?" The blond asked, and then got in between Albus and Harry when Albus tried to get closer to the boy. "Hey, back off." There was clear concern on his face. "Nicky?"

Albus was a bit more surprised to see guilt in the boy's eyes when he looked at the blond. For a moment, he looked trapped…and then he ran. The blond glared heatedly at Albus for a moment before he took off as well, chasing after Harry.


It wasn't a conscious decision on his part, the running. He didn't remember deciding to. But he had and he hadn't stopped when Ed starting calling his name behind him. But those memories. They were something he had been trying not to think about for a very long time.

He turned into an alley and finally stopped short when he confirmed that he was alone. Nicholas had known he was adopted since he'd been a very small child and, noticing the differences between him and his brothers, he'd asked his mother outright about it.

Guilt started to settle in on him again. Those memories, the ones he'd gained at the age of nine, were something he hadn't even told Ed or Al about.

"Nicky! What the hell's going on?"

Nicholas straightened when both Ed and Al, who had spotted them running from down the street, turned into the alley.

"Who was that guy?" Ed pressed.

"What guy?" Al asked, gaining a quick explanation from Ed.

"I don't know," Nicholas admitted. "But…he was calling me Harry. That was my name…before."


"How do you even know that for sure?" Ed asked incredulously. "You weren't even two years old when Mom found you!"

Nicholas hesitated before answering. "I kind of got a replay on certain things."

"How?" Ed asked, and then his eyes widened. "The Gate?"

"But…but that was five years ago," Al pointed out. "Why haven't you said anything?"

Nicholas shrugged and was saved from having to answer when the man from before stopped at the end of the alley and spoke.

"I don't mean to interrupt," he said, raising his hands when Ed automatically took up a defensive posture. "I only wish to talk."

"Yeah, well, if he doesn't want to talk to you, he doesn't have to," Ed said, still glaring at the man.

"Harry, please. You still have family that misses you dearly."

"He has family right here!" Ed burst out and Nicholas' stomach twisted, not only at the man's words but also at Ed's tone. Ed's default emotion had always been anger and there was a good deal of that there but under that, Nicholas thought he heard fear too.

He put a hand on Ed's arm, pulling the older boy back before his temper snapped completely. "I told you before, my name is Nicholas," he said first and then hesitated. "But…" He turned his gaze on his brothers, imploring them silently to understand. Al only nodded.

"Alright," Ed said out loud, although he didn't sound particularly happy. "We can go back to our room and talk."

"Excellent!" Albus said and allowed the three boys to lead the way, none of them truly aware of the plans formulating behind those twinkling blue eyes to get Nicholas back to the wizarding world by any means necessary.