I have to say…FMA Brotherhood may be my favorite anime of all time. Every time I start working on this story again, it makes me want to watch the anime again.

Also, I'm not entirely sure how the prophesy orbs work in the books. I remember that when Harry and his friends went to find his, some of them were glowing and some of them weren't, that they were described as looking like burned out light bulbs. I kind of figured the burned out ones were the ones where the prophesies had already come to pass or were invalid or something…


Ed was pacing. Nicky watched him a little warily. He and Al were sitting on the floor of the room that Sirius had said they could use until he could figure out how to break down the wards keeping him in the house. But Ed was practically bursting with pent up energy. It wasn't really a surprise. He always was like that whenever they thought they were getting close to something of a solution.

"We should wait," Al spoke up finally.


"Maybe we should plan it. Sirius said that Dumbledore would know when the wards broke. We should wait to see if he can set up a meeting with this guy."

Ed nodded, if a little grudgingly. There was fire in his eyes again, the same type of determination that had gotten him through a recovery in a year, that had gotten him into the military at such a young age and that had him refusing to admit that maybe there wasn't a way to solve the issue of what had happened to Al.

"Who'd of thought we'd find something here, huh?" Nicky asked with a grin.


When Nicky went downstairs later, he stiffened as he went into the kitchen and found not just Sirius, but Dumbledore as well. They had been having what looked like a heated argument before Nicky interrupted and he paused in the doorway.

"What do you want?" He asked first, glaring.

"I simply wished to speak with you, my boy."

"M'not your boy," Nicky stated heatedly but he did walk deeper into the room.

"Sorry about this," Sirius said, walking closer to Nicky. "Your brothers?"

"Ed finally passed out. Al's staying with him," Nicky answered, his gaze not straying from Dumbledore's.

"If we could speak?" The man asked again. "I would very much like it if I could have that chance."

Nicky paused, scowled, and considered telling the man to get out with a few of the more colorful curses he'd heard Ed use at times but he hesitated. It would be a good deal easier to get back home if he didn't have what Sirius had said was the most powerful wizard in the country after him.


"In private?" Dumbledore requested with a look to Sirius, who balked.

"I don't think-"

"No, it's fine," Nicky interrupted. "I'll be fine." He shared a look with Sirius. "Just go." He waited until Sirius reluctantly complied before he turned back towards Dumbledore. He didn't sit, instead placing his hands on the back of the chair. "So?"

"I wish to speak to you about the prophesy."

Nicky held up a hand, something close to rage surging through him. "Look, you're going to have to do a hell of a lot better than that. I'm not staying here…I'm not helping you because of something like that."

"Yes, I had figured as much." Dumbledore settled and Nicky could see actual regret in his eyes. "You have not been in our world and I know you do not understand these things but every time a prophesy is told, they are stored in the ministry. When a prophesy is made void, there is a way to tell that as well."


"And I am regretful to realize that perhaps the prophesy concerning you was fulfilled the night that Voldemort attacked you as a baby."

Nicky squeezed the back of the chair until his knuckles turned white. "So, you kidnapped me, brought me here for no reason?" He asked, voice barely controlled.

"No, I am afraid there was another reason." Dumbledore paused, hesitated. "I have been debating with myself on whether you should know this. You are still a child…"

Nicky gritted his teeth but refrained from telling the old man that he may have been young but he hadn't truly been a child for a while. "Tell me now. You know I'm never gonna help you with anything like this. I'll find a way outta here. And then I promise I won't be fighting Voldemort. I'll be fighting you."

Dumbledore hesitated briefly. "There is a connection. One I believe Voldemort created inadvertently himself on the night he attacked you. I believe that he left a piece of himself behind, so to speak."

Nicky stared a moment, and then he laughed. He couldn't help it. He laughed out loud before finally dropping down into the chair. "You're one massive idiot, you know that?"

The stern look he received had no effect. "I do not believe you are not understanding the full implications of this. This…connection ensures that Voldemort cannot be killed while it remains. It could also ensure that Voldemort could find you anywhere, even across worlds, perhaps."

"There is no connection," Nicky snapped. "You really did kidnap me for no reason."


Nicky slammed his fists down on the table. "I've told you not to call me that." It was his turn to hesitate. Dumbledore was being vague, and Nicky could tell there were things he wasn't saying. For a moment, he thought carefully about what he should say himself next. He could be vague as well, he supposed.

"Listen to me. When I was nine, me and my brothers tried a bit of alchemy that was…dangerous," he started, fully aware of the understatement. "It didn't work and the backlash was…brutal. It ripped everything…magical outta me, including what you're talking about."

"What is that?"

His chest heaved as he stared across at the…being before him, in front of the gate. The thing off to the side was hideous, a small thing that made him think of something rotting and he could practically feel the darkness coming off of it.

Nicky blinked. "It hurt." More than that. He'd felt like he was dying. He remembered waking up on the floor. Al had said later that he'd been screaming and he'd spent a week afterwards barely able to move.

Dumbledore was studying him, probably trying to figure out if he was telling the truth. After a minute, the old man seemed to sag in his seat. "I thank you for telling me this."

"You can thank me by letting me outta this house."

Dumbledore sighed, and stood. "I am sorry but there are things I need to tend to before that would be possible."

Nicky's jaw clenched and he leaned back but he only crossed his arms and let the old man leave without further protest. It didn't really matter anyway. Sirius would break down the wards and then, if his information about Flamel was right…

Nicky got up after a minute, and headed upstairs. When he made it inside the room, he waved briefly at Al before dropping down on the unoccupied bed.


Albus was at a loss. He had been so since his visit to the department of mysteries. He could not pick up the orb that held the prophesy but he could still see it and what he had seen had startled him.

Not only that but Harry's explanation for how he had apparently lost his magic was startling as well. Harry had been vague in his explanation and Albus, although he was usually loathe to do such a thing, had taken a look inside the boy's mind.

What he had seen had been more than just startling, but confusing as well. But the boy had been telling the truth. Albus had felt guilty for taking the child against his will, true, but the sense of guilt hadn't overridden his need to do so.

However, with the prophesy invalid, and with the apparent destruction of the fragment Voldemort had left behind, he found that Harry was right. It was all for nothing. He could practically see every plan he had made since hearing the prophesy being washed away.

For the first time since Harry had disappeared, Albus actually believed Harry Potter, as who he was and who he could have been, was gone.


Unless he counted an absent father, Ed could never remember being so pissed off for such a long period of time at any type of supposed well meaning adult. This world, however, and the adults in it seemed to be made for doing just that. Sirius Black and Albus Dumbledore were making him miss Mustang.

"You told the old man?" Ed asked a little incredulously.

Nicky chewed his lip and fidgeted a bit. "I kept it vague. I just told him that I lost this magic stuff and whatever it was that Voldemort left behind."

"You think he believed you?" Al asked before Ed could say anything else.

Nicky shrugged. "Dunno. He still refused to let me out."



Nicky groaned when he found himself on the floor again. He lay there a moment before gripping Ed's gloved hand that the older boy had offered. He huffed at the look on his older brother's face but still smiled a bit. They'd been sparring in one of the rooms Sirius had offered them. Al had been the one to suggest it, as Ed had just gotten more and more agitated the longer it took for Sirius to get a reply off of the alchemist.

He'd gotten one reply so far. Short, and asking for more information and Sirius was still trying to convince the man to meet with them. They were all frustrated, of course. Dumbledore hadn't shown back up and Nicky could see Ed calculating how much time they were losing the longer they stayed in this world.

Sparring was a distraction, one that let them all blow off a little steam, even Al, who didn't have the luxury of sleep or other normal human functions any longer. Nicky had let Ed pull him to his feet and was stepping back into a defensive position even if he was pretty sure Ed had already proven that he could kick Nicky's ass that night when Sirius came into the room, holding up a letter.

"Good news," he said, with a smile.

"You got a meeting?" Nicky asked, completely abandoning the sparring positions to bound over to Sirius and grab the offered parchment.

"I did. Somewhere public, of course. I don't think this man trusts me too much."

Nicky shrugged. "Well you said he was several hundred years old. Gotta be a little paranoid, right?"

"Right." He sighed, looked at all three of them in turn. "Well, the meetings not until tomorrow. I think I've worked out how to break down the wards but we should wait until then. Dumbledore will know as soon as they're down."

"Right sure." Nicky nodded, not really paying attention. He turned his attention to Ed, who had that familiar mix of hope of caution on his face. They'd been close before, after all, and it had turned out disappointment.

Plus, Nicky would be wary of meeting with anyone who claimed to have created a stone, considering what they'd learned about how they were made. Still, they'd risk it. Of course they would. He figured it wouldn't be any more dangerous than the things they had gotten up to in the time since Ed had been made a state alchemist.

Really, what was the worst that could happen in a public meeting?


I know not much happens in this chapter...It was sort of a gateway, I guess to get them to the meeting with the Flamel's, which will happen in the next chapter.