Title: An Unbreakable Heat

Author: BRN25/Ellelovemax85

Rating: M

Summary: When Sam Uley and Billy Black think it's to dangerous for Jacob to stay in La Push due to the pheromones he's producing, they send him to go live with Charlie and Bella Swans. The only bad part about that is Vampires stay in the area and Jacob Black is in heat.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Stephanie Meyer owns Twilight and the charters

Warnings: First off Slash people. So if you don't like it don't read it. Also AU, because let's face it, we already read the books let's do something different with charters that Stephanie Meyers thought up. Male/Male/Male (threesome) relationships. As well as female slash Female/Female. Might be some Male pregnancies (M-preg) as well.

Chapter One: Runaway

-Run, run, run away. Lost, lost, lost my mind, (I'd) like you to stay. Want you to be my prize. I was feeling sad, can't help looking back. Highways flew by... Run, run, run away. No sense of time (I'd) like you to stay. Want keep you inside. All along, not so strong without these open arms. Hold on tight. All along, not that strong without these open arms. Lie beside. All along, not so strong without these open arms. Ride beside. (Runaway, By Yeah Yeah Yeah.)


-Jacob Pov-

When I think about how it happen, how everything change some time it scares me. No one told me this could happen. I mean, I figured as much for a girl werewolf, but a boy werewolf? This made everything more difficult. I was a boy for god sakes and straight; might I add. Who knew being me and what I was fated and destined for were written to make my life suck. I just wish I was some were else, some one else then to feel these emotion of troublesome. These pheromones I was producing where making my pack go crazy. So Sam talked it over with my father Billy Black, Sam was the Alpha of the pack; he thought it might be good if I went and stayed with Bella Swan and her Father Charlie for the reminder of the year until this (oh god it had a name; Heat Season) was over and I would be able to go back home.

So here I was in my new room a cross from Bella's bedroom. Looking around it was lot bigger then my old room back at my father's house. My bed sat by the window, and my desk stood to the side of the open door that leads out to the hall. My closet was full of clothes and shoes. My small radio stood on top of shelves next to my closet with books on the second shelves. There was a small end-table next to my bed with a clock on it and lamp. Yep this was my room, plan and simple just how I liked it.

Walking back out of my room, I meet Bella in the middle of the hall as we smiled at each other. The only good thing about moving in with Bella and Charlie; was knowing Bella knew what I was and what was happening to me. So the socially awkward stage that I was in with Charlie wasn't happening between my best-friend and I. The only down side I could really see is that the Vampires that are my mortal enemy now knew I was on their turf. Thank God it was Friday; because starting on Monday school was going to blow if I had to go with a bunch of leeches.

Morning came to soon casting light into my room waking me from my sleepless slumber. Stretching I let my hands hit the back of the wall as I yawn before pulling the covers over my head to get a couple more Z's before it was time to face the music. I might have just laid there for two minutes before the door to my room was slam towards the wall and a pressure was on top of my stomach weighing me down.

"Jake it's almost noon get up!" Bella said in cheerful voice as she pulled the covers down from my head. This is what I remember most about our time together. Her always being happy, there was never a dull-moment between us. She was the yin to my yang; we went together like Mac and Cheese. "What time is it?" I asked as she got off of me, and moved toward the side of the bed. "About ten-thirty, I thought since you're here we could hang out maybe go to the mall. There's this book shop I want to stop in to do some research on this project I'm doing for science. You don't mind coming with me do you?" she asked with a smile on her face as she give me the puppy dog eyes as if I had the heart to tell her no.

"Sure sure, Hell Bells." I say as I get up. For some reason this is the first time I don't feel the need to be careful and fully clothed like I have been.

"Great! I put some clothes in the bathroom for you also, there's some coffee made when you get done showering. So hurry up, I wanted to be in Port Angles before two." Bella says as she walks out of my room closing the door behind her.

I take a long shower enjoying the feel of the warm water going down my heated skin even though my temperature is way over hundred most of the time. Washing my hair with Bells fruity shampoo; I make a mental note to buy some male hygiene products. Just because I'm the first male in hundred years to go through a female werewolf heat, doesn't mean I want to smell like a walking bowl of fruit. "Hell No!" I say out load to no one but myself as I get out of shower and change into the clothes Bella picked out for me.

It's an hour before we actually leave Bella's home. We head to Port Angeles with windows down and sun beating down on our arms and face no words are exchange, there's no need to fell up the space with useless words or noise. I think this is why Bella and I get a long so well, why our friendship last so long even when she lived with her mom back in Phoenix, Arizona. We didn't need works to know what the other was feeling or thinking. We knew each other mood and darkest secrets.

"Jake…" Bella says my name like a question instead of just asking her question. It's in the nervous why that she bits her lower lip that I know she has a question that she been thinking about for a while. If nothing else Bella Swan is predictabl.

I was waiting for her to get the nerve to ask me about this problem that sent me to her and Charlie for awhile now. "Just ask Bella," I say looking at her from the corner of my eyes. She frowns for a moment. I try to smile so she doesn't feel that I'm upset with her.

"Well you see, I did some research on because it's like a magic," I laugh at her use of google and magic in the same sentences.

"Magic huh?" I laugh once more.

She frowns as she focuses more on the road as she drives. "Anyways, I did some research on google and it said when heat season hits female wolves, it's mating season. During February through March, an overwhelming need to be sexual occurs, " Her faces heats up at the words of sexual and I have half the nerve to laugh if that overwhelming sexual needs wasn't the reason I was sent away from my home. "What I don't understand is why yours is lasting much longer then a normal mating season would and that you're a male an all."

I'm a little taken back by all the research Bella did to find out what was happening to me when my so call pack members or brothers where to busy trying to mount me then help to find out why I smelt different to them.

"I'm not really sure why I'm going through this. Just that one morning I smelled like wood and pine and the next Quil trying to pounce on me because I smell like lavender and raspberries. They said I was producing these pheromones that where calling to them to…" I trail off as a flash back of Quil 'trying to mount me in front of the pack took over my sight; the only ones I think that weren't effected by my new smell and heat were Sam, because he imprinted on Emily and Leah because she hated me with a passion for some reason. Either ways Embry, Quil, Paul, and Jared were all trying to have me flat on my back within minutes of smelling me. Thank god Sam showed up when he did. Even young Seth was trying to molest me.'

"Anyways normally the heating season or mating season whatever you want to call it only last for two months, but it might last for four or a year. That's why Sam and Billy worry about what the others would do if Sam wasn't around." I said as Bella nodes her head.

"It must be hard being the only one going through this. Hell who has gone through this." Bella says as I just nod.

"Yeah!" looking back out the window I think about my life and where it's head. I'm still a virgin for god sake. No first kiss, no second basic taste... virgin.

All I used to think about was when I was going to lose it, now I'm worried about how someone going to take it.

"Where's a chastity belt when you need one?" I asked a s Bella snorts with laughter.

"Yeah," she giggles. I can't help but smile at her laugh. "Well at lest they can't past the border!" Bell whispers after the laughter died down and the tension returns.

She had a point even though she didn't understand why my pack couldn't past the border, but I couldn't go home until I stopped smelling like this.

"You don't say!"


Author Notes: I'm back Bitches... This must be the motto or something cause I've started writing again. I'm going to be posting all same chapters of my story only it'll be editor or changes here and there. Most people wanted this back so since Breaking Dawn part to Is coming out I thought I finish my saga I started. Any ways hope you enjoyed this chapter. Reblog it if you like!