This is a little something that I should've put a long time ago, but I kept forgetting to do it. I should've put this up during the fanart contest.

The Goku Song (To the tune of the Llama song.)

Here's a Goku.
There's a Goku.
And another little Goku.
Fuzzy Goku.
Funny Goku.
Goku, Goku,

Goku, Goku.
Roshi, Goku.
Goku, Goku.
Krillin Goku.
Goku, Goku,

He thought he was human.
He defended and he fought.
Then his brother Raditz came.
Told him he was not.
Now he knows he is saiyan.
But at least he's not a she.
Then Piccolo wound up killing him, for calling him a Yoshi.

Did you ever see a Goku?
Kiss a Goku, on a Goku?
Goku's Goku.
Taste of Goku.
Goku, Goku,

Half a Goku.
Twice a Goku.
Not a Goku.
Farmer Goku.
Goku in the car,
Not Roku
Goku, Goku,

He is on he way now.
He's gonna save the day.
Piccolo has hit the dirt.
His face is full of clay.
Goku's gonna save the world.
That much is a fact.
I just hope Yamcha does not come back,
To **** his little blue cat.