Willtofish: hello my readers I have some good news and bad news. The bad news is I won't be updating some of my others stories for a while. Sorry . Well on to the good news, the first part is I will be adding my own story to the Skyrim/Harry Potter community; the second part is I have gotten permission from SRG-the-anthro-Bison to use his Peach. So run away. XD *muffles heard from burlap sack*. Oh I almost forgot.

*Releases peach*

Peach: Where the hell am I? and who has the balls to throw me in a sack?

Willtofish: me and you are here because SRG gave me permission to use you in an intro.

Peach: so you're a reader?

Willtofish: yes I am, I love how you torture Mr. Ghost. BTW I have a present for you. *motions to another sack*

Peach: ooh what is it?

Willtofish: someone to torture when you are here!

Peach: :D *opens sack*

?: where the bloody hell am I?

Willtofish: I have another present for you *hands Peach small box*

Peach: *opens box* Gloves?

Willtofish: Yes gloves, but they are special. They have microscopic hooks on them to tear skin right off. It also works on ghosts.

Peach: :D. I like you.

Willtofish: why?

Peach: Because you have the guts to put me in a sack, gave me someone to torture, and gave me gloves more dangerous than my acid coated ones!

Willtofish: Well we are getting off track here. Would you do the Disclaimer before I leave you to torture Ron?

Ron: EEP

Peach: Sure. All he owns are his own ideas and characters. Now come here you little bugger.

Willtofish: This is so going in youtube *fallows with a video camera*

Uses my Skyrim Character

Madness and Change

Will's POV


Fear was all I felt from what they told me they had been talking about me.

Now I'm not scarred by much, but when you're told that the Daedric princes of Madness and Change have been talking about you, who wouldn't be scarred?

My only thought was RUN, but trapped in the Shivering Iles doesn't give one much choice as to where to run. So I did the next best thing. I grabbed Dagon's dagger and grabbed the first irreplaceable Deadra I saw… Haskil.

Now one might think that he could of just teleported away but no. The dagger was so close to his throat that if he moved his head at all it would kill him.

Now Sheogorath might be insane but he doesn't want to lose a valuable asset like Haskil. So he instead tried to talk me out of harming him.

"Come now," he said in a surprisingly sane voice "Don't do anything you might end up regretting."

Now one might think it was a good thought but not me. The way he said that caused a further panic in me. The Daedric prince of madness sounding SANE?! If that wasn't a cause for panic I don't know what was.

"W-w-what do y-y-you want?" I stuttered out.

Deciding that Sheogorath wasn't a good choice to explain Dagon decided to give it a shot and not get Haskil killed.

"We," he said pointing to himself and Sheogorath, "have been deciding to cause a bit of chaos, and we want you to be our 'messenger'. While you are gone you will get a chance to learn new magics not available in the Nirn."

This caught my attention. A new world… to spread chaos? And to learn new magics?

Laughing I released Haskil and said "Why didn't you say so in the first place?"

"There are all sorts of things there you might enjoy," said Sheo (if you can't figure out who Sheo is you are an idiot) "A Dark lord, a strange prophecy and ooh the cheese pies, to die for."

There it is. The delightfully insane Sheo we all know and love.

"So," I said "When do I leave, where will I be, and will I get all of my stuff? Even the stuff in my chests?"

Dagon answered in a simple reply of "30 seconds, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, head masters office and yes."

"Wait! 30 seconds?! Don't I get time to get pre-" I said getting cut off by a blinding white light and the next thing I saw was an old man with a beard that would put the graybeards to shame. "pared"

Normal POV

Dumbledore was in his office thinking of the past few years. 1st year Harry defeated Voldemort and saved the stone. 2nd he fights the basilisk and saves the weasly girl. 3rd he saved Sirris, and now he tells him Voldemort has be revived. What else could go wrong!

Little does anyone know Dumbledore sent Harry back in time so he could see his godfather die, further sending him into Dumble's clutches.

"Ugh" he said popping a lemon drop in his mouth "My plans need to be rethought. How is it a child is doing better things than I have in my whole life?! At least he is going to die in the end."

Mulling over his plans Dumbles was interrupted by a binding white light and a strange person in his office yelling "pared".

Quickly pulling out his wand he said "Who are you?"

The strange man replied "My name is Will. I have come here to learn of the magics in this world."

How did you like the story so far guys? I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.