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With the banking business taken care of, Will and Dumbles now head to Ollivander's to get Will a wand.

"So let me get this straight, only experienced wizards with strong magical cores can use wandless magic?" Will asked

"Yes, even I can only use a small amount of it."

"Strange, where I'm from all magic is wandless and staffs can only use a set ability."

"Yes you said that, well here we are." Dumbles said

They stopped at a store named, Ollivander's. Underneath it said, Finest Wands since 382 B.C.

As they entered they heard a crash and "Coming, coming."

When the man appeared, Will instantly studied the way he moved, how strong of Magicka he could sense, any vulnerabilities, and all escape routes.

"Sorry," the man said "I was sorting some new wands I made."

'Ah' thought Will 'He must be Ollivander'

Before Dumbledore could say anything Will was introducing himself.

"Hi I'm Will, you must be Ollivander." Will said reaching out to shake his hand.

"It's nice to meet you Will. I take it you are here for a wand?"

"Yes I am." Will said

"Well first let's get you measured." He said "You need to take off your robes"

"OK." Will said knowing the dissolution charm was working

After writing down several measurements from his magical tape Ollivander left to find a wand.

"Ah," he said after a few minutes "Here, Sycamore, with a Thunderbird feather core, 10 and 3/4 inches long, springy. Good for charms. Go on give it a wave"

Taking the wand Will barely touched it before it shot away from him and blew up against the wall.

"Umm… I don't think it's the right one for me." Will said

"Well, let's try another" he said

*30 wands later*

"I can't believe this. Never have I had a customer who I couldn't find a match for." Ollivander fumed.

"Could you make me a custom wand?" Will asked

"Yes, I could, but it would be expensive for it and for the materials to replace the wands that got destroyed. Never have I had a customer whose magic destroyed 26 wands."

It was true, finding Will a wand proved to be very dangerous, Dumbledore had taken to waiting in the street. (Also to warn people)

"I have the materials I want my wand to be made out of. Let me help you I've made armor and weapons out of it." Will said

"Really? And how much would you pay for it?"

"300 Galleons, and something very special."

"What?" Ollivander asked interested

"The sap and a branch of… The Eldergleam"

"The Eldergleam? That's just a myth." Ollivander said dismissing it

"No it isn't I have found it and have the sap and a branch."

"Let me see." He almost whispered

When Will pulled it out Ollivander instantly froze.

"I can't believe it" he whispered "This is every wand makers dream. How?"

"I had to get some sap for a priestess, but after that I went back because I knew I would need it. I will give you half of the sap and branch, but I would like to buy it the wand made from it. I know who it will belong to."

"Thank you"

"Here," Will said hand Ollivander a blade "This is Nettlebane, only it can cut the Eldergleam."

"So," he said happily "What do you want your wand made out of , and what for the core?"

"This is what I want it made out of," Will said pulling out several items "DragonBone as the wand, core of Daedra heartstring, ground soul gem shards, void salts, and… a heartstring from this." He said pulling out a human heart.

"What kind of heart is this?" Ollivander asked

"I'd rather not say." Will replied

"Alright, but it will take longer if I don't know."

"Alright, I'll tell you, but you must not tell anyone. OK?" Will asked


"It's a human heart." Will told him

"Oh… interesting, my family hasn't made a human heartstring core in hundreds of years."

"Actually I can give you the information on how to work with the Dragonbone, but it might hurt." Will told him

"OK. Let's do it"

Will then approached and put two fingers on Ollivander's temple, and before he could say anything information came flooding in. How to work with Dragonbone and scale.

"Damn," he said surprising Will, as he had not cursed throughout Will's wand destruction. "That did hurt, but it seems you gave me information on Dragonscale too."

"Yes I did, because I want a wand protector made out of Dragonscale."

"Alright! Come by tomorrow and it should be finished.

"Thank you Ollivander."

"No, thank you I haven't had a challenge in years. This certainly will be one." Muttering the last part as Will left.

"Well Will do you have your wand?" Dumbles asked

"No Ollivander has to make me a custom wand; he said it should be ready tomorrow."

"Let's get your trunk next." He said leading Will to another store called Flourish and Burkes. (I couldn't find any information on where the trunks were bought so I made a store.)

"Welcome. Welcome." The man inside called out when they entered "I will be helping you. My name is Shippo. How can I help you?"

"Hi, I'm Will. I would like to purchase a trunk."

"What do you want the compartments to be?" Shippo asked

"I would like: 2 bedrooms, a personal library, as big as you can make it, a potions lab, a big one would be nice, a knife and Archery range, and 3 empty rooms."

*Whistles* "That is going to cost about… 100,000 Galleons" He told Will

"Sign here and we can be going."

"Alright," He said "Your trunk will be ready tomorrow."

After spending several more hours buying supplies (and several feinting shopkeepers later), agreeing to pick everything up the next day, and Will trying several kinds of ice-cream (bloody mint fudge and skull marrow were only two), they finally arrived at a store called "Magical Menagerie".

"So I buy my pet here?" Will asked

"Yes, there is a wide variety of animals inside, but you must have an owl, toad, cat, or a familiar."

"Familiar?" Will asked

"A familiar is a creature that is connected to their 'owner' by the mind. My phoenix, Fawkes, is my familiar." Dumbledore explained

"That is very interesting, I wonder if Lord Hircine will bless me with a Familiar."

"Lord Hircine?" Dumbles asked

"Daedric Lord of beasts, the wild hunt and other things…" Will said a little nervously

"Well let's head in." he said quickly changing the subject

"Welcome to Magical Menagerie, I'm Alphonse, how can I help you?"

"I'm Will, I'm here to see if I can find a pet for Hogwarts."

"Well, we just got in a fresh shipment of rats." He said

"NO." Will shouted knowing he would end up eating it (before you ask, instinct) "I had a bad experience with rats as a child."

"Alright then let's see what I can interest you in."

After several hours of searching Will still couldn't find anything.

"Could you please hurry sir? The store will be closing soon."

"Excuse me," Will said "What's this?" he asked holding up an snow white egg about the size of a baseball.

"That sir, is a Naga egg. It has been in this store for over 200 years. It will only hatch for the one that will protect the young Naga."

"Well that must be me then."

"HUH?!" he asked shocked

"Look it's cracking."

Sure enough the egg was cracking. Long spider web cracks were forming all over the egg until… BOOM! It exploded with a strong force, forcing them on their rears, and a small Naga was where the egg was. The Naga was about the size of a tennis ball and had a hood like a cobra, the lower half was that of a snake, while the upper half was that of a man.

"I can't believe it. I never thought I would see the day where it would hatch" Alphonse said in shock.

"Hello little guy. How are you?" Will asked the Naga, reaching towards it.

Before anyone could even blink the Naga had latched on to Will's hand.

"Damn, that hurt." Will said afterword "But now I feel a connection."

"That must be the Naga, it must of bitten you to form the bond. Different creatures form bonds in different ways." He started to explain "The Naga, as you just saw, bites its bond, while the century-centipede suffocates its bond till they pass out."

"How much will he cost?" Will asked motioning toward the Naga now curled up against his leg.

"300 Galleons."

"Done. What does he eat?" Will asked

"Any raw meat, though Naga prefer fish."

"Thanks." Will said setting the Naga on his shoulder

"Now that your school supplies are all paid for, we just need to wait for them to be readied. By the way, what were you talking to the owner of Flourish and Bolts and the book store in Knockturn alley about?" Dumbles asked as they walked out.

"Oh that? I was arranging a deal where every time they get a book I don't have, they send me a copy. They agreed due to how much I paid them." He said happily, while watching his Naga happily hiss at passersby.

"Back to Hogwarts then."

"Well, I'm gonna stay in the Leaky Cauldron tonight. I'll get the rest of my supplies and then floo over."

"Alright, but let me pay, I insist" Dumbles said


"Hello Tom."

"Hello Dumbledore, how nice it is to see you. Helping a new student get their supplies?" he asked

"Yes I am, but his supplies won't be ready until tomorrow, so he will be staying here tonight."

After Dumbles paid for the room and left Tom asked, "Would you like anything to eat? The mincemeat pie is almost ready."

"Sure I'll have some, and please send up some raw fish up to my room."

"Raw?" Tom asked

"Yes raw, for my pet." Will said feeling a pang of anger

"Ah, it will be up in a few minutes."

By the time Will had navigated up to his room an employee was coming up with what must have been the mincemeat pie, and the raw fish.

"Thank you." Will said closing the door on the employee's face. He then put up several wards, so no one could come in unless he let them, and a ward to protect the inhabitants from being seen or heard.

Looking over to the Naga Will said "Sorry, but I don't want you being hurt, don't forget you are small and being a familiar might put you in danger."

Will felt happiness coming from the tiny Naga. "Now let's enjoy my first meal in this world and your first meal ever." Will said taking off his mask and taking a bite of the mincemeat pie before spiting it in the fire, "BY THE NINE, THAT TASTES FOUL." He shouted, there was WAY too much spice in it; Will couldn't even taste he meat.

Putting his mask back on, he threw it out the window, and watched as it landed on a toad-like woman (take a guess XD).

After closing the window and eating a real meal from his pack, Will told his little Naga "I need to give you a name still, and I have just the thing." Will felt happiness coming off it. "But, I need permission to use it."

The little Naga made a pouting face, but Will sensed confusion. "We are going into my mind, the entity whose name I want to give you resides there" he told him while reaching out with his mind. The Naga was scared at first, but when all he felt was Will he relaxed. Grasping the little Naga's mind he retreated in to his own. He sat down on the floor with the Naga on his shoulder and they delved into his mind.

Naga's POV

I didn't know where we were when I could see again, but it was amazing. We were in a large forest and a large wall surrounded the entire thing. Wait. How did I know this? Will must be giving me the information, but if we were here, where was my name? I looked at Will with a confused face and just heard him chuckle.

"Welcome to my mind." He said "You are welcome to explore, when we are done, but avoid the dark areas. You won't be able to handle it yet."

I let out a hiss of happiness. Even in his own mind he wanted to protect me. As I followed him I saw flickering images that must be his memories. I also saw the dark areas he told me to avoid; they had a very dark aura around them. As we went deeper into his mind it started to change from a forest to mountains, large mountains that seemed to have no end. Then I heard something, it sounded like a distant roar. As we got closer I saw that it was a frighteningly large creature roaring and coming right for us.

As I hid behind Will's leg I heard him call out, "Hello Vuljotnaak, how goes your hunting?"

I now knew what this creature was called, Vuljotnaak. Was his name to be mine? I did not like that name.

Vuljotnaak spoke, which surprised me because of his face, "It goes well Dovahkiin, your mind is full of animals to hunt. Might I ask, who is this you brought with you?"

His large head moved over to where I was. I quickly hid behind Will's leg again. I did not like this creature he scared me his size, his voice and how experienced he was.

Laughing Will told him, "He has no name yet, when he does I will properly introduce you. Can you tell me where the Old One is?"

He got a sad look on his face and said, "He is in his cave, he has not left since he arrived. It is sad to see one so strong brought so low."

Just what was this creature and who are they talking about? Will seemed to feel my impatience.

"Hold on little one, we are headed there now. And this," he said motioning towards Vuljotnaak, "Is a dragon. The Old One is also a dragon, he is a friend of mine, but I don't thinks he sees me as one anymore." He said sadly.

I rubbed against his leg trying to comfort him, he seemed glad I was trying, but it didn't seem to help.

Turning towards Vuljotnaak he asked, "Would you please take us to him? I would like to speak with him."

"Of course Dovahkiin, I'm sure you can get through to him."

I felt myself being picked up by Will. He then leaped on to Vuljotnaak, and we were flying deeper and deeper into the mountains, until we were in the very center. What I saw amazed me. Hundreds of dragons flying, brawling, and playing. As we started our descent I saw several dragons lying in nests with a sad looks on their faces.

Will told me, "These are the dragons that haven't gotten used to being here yet. They wish to be free again, but they can't until I die. Each nest rises as they get more used to being here, but only one has not moved at all."

As we approached the bottom I saw less and less of the nests until we got to the bottom. There was one nest there, the dragon inside it looked like he was in horrible pain, tears were going down his face, I knew that this must be the Old One.

Will jumped off of Vuljotnaak, and we started to walk over towards this dragon. I could feel how sad he was, and also… disappointment? Just who was this dragon?

"Dovahkiin, why are you here?" he asked

"Paarthurnax, I have come to ask you of something."

"NO!" the dragon now identified as Paarthurnax snapped, "I will not help you, you betrayed me, and for what? The Blades? You know they will betray you."

"Paarthurnax, I haven't come here to ask for your help, but for your approval."

"Approval? Of what?" he asked bitterly

"I wish to name my familiar after you."

I was shocked. Will wanted to name me after this dragon? The one that says he betrayed him?

"Why should I say yes? To alleviate your guilt? If you remember you came to me to ask for help and what did I get? A SWORD THROUGH MY EYE!" he shouted

"I HAD NO CHOICE!" Will shouted back

"THERE IS ALWAYS A CHOICE!" he shouted, I noticed at this time that Vuljotnaak had started to back away, I wanted to but I had to stand by Will. "YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO KILL ME. YET YOU CHOSE TO BETRAY ME AND MY TRUST!" he shouted in Will's face.

"How do you think I felt?" he asked quietly, "Betraying my mentor, the one who taught me what it meant to be the Dovahkiin. It was the worst thing I had ever done, but I had no choice. It was you or the brotherhood, my family. If I hadn't they would have been killed. I almost lost them once. I wasn't risking that again"

The landscape changed, we had entered a memory.

Flash back (normal POV)



"FINE! BUT I DIE, YOU LOST THE DOVAHKIIN." Will shouted leaving

The landscape changed into a mountain top, another memory.

"Paarthurnax, would you take me to Skuldafn Temple?" Will asked "I would like to explore it some more."

"Of course Dovahkiin." He said lowering his head.

Will got on him and whispered, "I'm sorry." Before plunging his sword into Paarthurnax's eye."

With a loud roar Paarthurnax fell on his side. His last words were, "Why, Dovahkiin?"

Dropping to his knees Will kept whispering, "I'm so sorry." As he absorbed his soul.

The landscape changed a third time back to Sky Haven Temple.

"He's dead. Are you happy now?" Will said bitterly

"Yes I am. I have one last assignment for you."

"What?"Will asked angrily

"Kill Odahviing"

"How about I do this instead." Will said quickly running up to her and breaking her neck. Turning towards Esbern he asked, "Do yo wish to meet her fate as well?"

"No I don't, she was corrupt. She twisted what being part to the blades meant. I'm glad she's dead, but now I am the last of the blades."

"I'll get you recruits, but don't let them get corrupted like she was."

End flashback (Naga's POV)

I can't believe it. Will was forced to kill Paarthurnax. Will's normally in check emotions were shooting sadness and regret, and the landscape was changing as well. The clear sky had become gloomy and the air felt heavy.

"I didn't know. I'm sorry, if I had known I wouldn't have held this grudge, I'm sorry." Paarthurnax said

"You didn't know. It's not your fault."

"I know, but I have been here since then I could of looked at your memories to see why you did it, but I let my anger and disappointment consume me." He said

As we watched his nest started to rise. He went quickly to the top. What I heard amazed me, happy roars came from above we watched as he enjoyed being here for the first time, but we still didn't have an answer about my name. I watched as he came down to us.

"Dovahkiin, I have an answer for you. You have my approval, he may take on my name."

"Thank you Paarthurnax. I can tell he is happy."

Indeed I was, I liked this name. It spoke of power, but what did it mean? I sent my feeling of confusion to Will, he must of known why because he told me, "It translates into, Ambition Overlord Cruelty, three traits he overcame and you can keep from ruling you."

I was very happy about this, but before I could explore Will's mind he said, "We have to leave, we need to sleep."

"Good by Dovahkiin." All the dragons replied

I felt us leave his mind. As we readied to bed, all I could think about was my name… and how soft Will's fur was (it made a good pillow).

'Paarthurnax' I thought drifting into sleep, 'I like that name.'

Will's POV

The last thing I heard before we fell asleep was, 'I like that name.' and I knew I made a good friend and choice.

Anyone catch what I did?