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Skipper Pov

My team and I were walking back frome getting snowcones. "So Skippa why don't you like hippies?" Private asked. "Thats classified Private" I replied. "Do you know Kowalski?" Private asked. "I wish I did" he said. "Rico?" Private asked. "Nope" he replied. "So Skipper how are you and Marlene?" Kowalski asked slyly. "What do you mean by that soldier?" I asked narrowing my eyes. "No its just that-" Kowalski got cut off as we heard someone in our HQ."Who's down there Skippa?" Private asked. "I don't know... Kowalski analysis" I said. "It apears that someone has intruded in our base" Kowalski said. "Move out men" I said. When we came in we saw something that made us gasp. It was a female penguin. She had feathers on her head that looked like hair and bangs that covered her right eye. "Grab her!" I shouted. Kowalski and Rico managed to grab her flippers. "Well this is not a very warm welcome.." she said. "Silence! Who are you?" I asked. "I don't know if I should tell you I mean you did tell me to be silent" she said mockingly. "Skippa I don't know if you should be this rude she might just be a penguin Alice bought in" Private said.

"You can never trust anybody" I said. "Can you guys let me go?" she asked. "Negatory you have not answered my question.." I said. "My name is May and I come from the Brookfield zoo in Chicago" she said. "Hmmn Chicago interesting.." I mutttered. May looked impatient so she kicked Kowalski's 'weak spot' and slapped him to the ground. She grabbed Rico's flipper and flipped him over. My eyes widened. "What? They wouldn't let go" May said. Rico got up and whistled and winked at the new comer. "What's your deal with this zoo?" I asked. "I don't know they just bought me here without and explination then this red head lady drpped me off here literally" May said. "Well then Welcome to Newyork!" Private exclaimed. "Aww your still a very young penguin aren't you?" she asked. Private blushed and nodded. "I'm Kowalski" he said getting up. "Hi I'm sorry I slapped and kicked you.." she said sheepishly. "Rico!" Rico said next to her. "What up Rico!" she said shaking his flipper.

"And you are?" May asked me. "Classified" I replied. "Nice to meet you classified" she said mockingly. "Skippa aren't you going to tell her your name?" Private asked. "She might be a spy" I said. "I can here you and I'm not a spy" May said. "I highly doubt that, you took out two of my men" I said. Rico started talking gibberish and said "Me not ready". "Lets just say I've gotten training" she said. I rolled my eyes. I noticed I dropped my snowcone. I menally groaned and started watching TV with Private. "I hope you don't mind Skippa I'm watching a new episode of Lunacorns" Private said. I groaned out loud this time. I noticed May looking around. "Would you please mind your own business and stop looking around?!" I asked. "Could you mind your own business and not look at me while I'm looking around?" May replied. I rolled my eyes. "Skippa shouldn't we show her around the zoo?" Private whispered. "You know what humors me most?" I asked Private. "What?" he asked. "Your fake British accent" I replied. "W-wha? Its not fake!" Private said. "Yeah and Rico is not insane" I said. He looked at Rico while he was jugling dynomite. Private flinched and I laughed. "Whats so funny?" May asked suddenly. I jumped. "Classified" I replied.

"Is everything classified with you?" May asked. "That depends" I said. "Depends on what?" she asked. "Classified" I replied. "Ugh.. So Private whats happening and wheres Kowalski?" May asked. All of a sudden their was a boom in his lab. "Found him" Rico said. Kowalski came out looking burnt... as always. "Kowalski what happened?" I asked annoyed. "Well another expirement gone wrong" Kowalski muttered. I groaned again. "You guys really don't know how to act like real penguins do you?" May asked. "Yes we can! Why do you need to know, you spy..?" I asked. "I thought we went over this" she said. "I'm still watching you" I said narrowing my eyes. "Wha happened Kowalski?!" Private asked. "My transporter exploded" Kowalski said cleaning himself up. "Transporter? What type of penguins are you?" May asked. "You didn't see anything" I said waving my flippers at May. It was working until she slapped herself. "You're a comando penguin aren't you?" she asked. "Yes Kowalski is the mad scientist, Skipper's the Comando and Rico is the explosives expert!" Private exclaimed. I slapped him.

"Sweet" May said. "What thats it your not going to run or not tell your boss?" I asked. "I told you "I'm not a spy" she said. I eyed her. "Fish!" Rico said. "Go ahead prepare it" I said. "May come over to see a show with me its simply wonderful!" Private said dragging May. "She's pretty nice don't you think?" Kowalski said. "I don't know I still don't fully trust her" I said. "Do you like her?" he asked. "Aghth.. No!" I said offendedly. "Oh right you like Marlene" he said. "I like niether what about you? Are you still crushing over Doris?" I asked. Kowalsi turned red. "I'm going over there" he muttered. "Fish ready!" Rico said. "My brain is washed" May said. "Good job Private" I said. May glared at me and I smirked. "So May where are you from?" Private asked. "Antartica" she replied. "Did you like it there?" Kowalski asked. "I was on a block of ice freezing so... It was okay" May said. "Antartica boring!" Rico said. "Exactly" May said stuffing her mouth. "What 'bout the zoo in Chicago?" Private asked. "The penguins there were... penguins" she said. "Is that a good thing?" I asked. "No they were to normal for my taste I mean who doesn't like a little excitment in their life?" she replied winking. I shifted un comforably in my seat.

"So May would you like to take a tour of the zoo?" Private asked. I slapped him. "Umm sure why not right now?!" she replied. Note to self- next time try to make Private shut up.

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Skipper:You didn't see anything! *WAVES FLIPPERS*