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Rico Pov

"Lemurs?" Maria asked. "Don't go in their!" I yelled. "Why?" she asked. I made many signals with my flippers and talked gibberish. "I don't care if they are annoying I'll just give them a taste of their own medicine" she replied. My eyes widened and I froze. "You undurstud me?" I asked. "Yes, isn't it obvious, why can anybody else understand you?" Maria asked. Nobody else, except maybe Skipper can understand me. I shook my head. "So you coming?" she asked. "Don say I idn't warn you" I said. As soon as Maria stepped in the lemurs turned to her. "Is it my queen May?" Julien asked. "May your queen?... Hahahaha" Maria laughed. "Wait dis is not May.." Julien said. "Of course not! I am Maria her cousin!" she said. "Ohh Maria... So me and May aren't a thing anymore so how 'bout you be my queen?" he asked putting his arm around Maria. I was mad. I wanted to blow the lemur to pieces! Then SMACK! Maria slapped Julien. "Ohhh" I mumbled. "I will never be your queen!" she yelled. "Julien are you alright?" Mort asked. "C'mon Rico I think the tour is over" she said dragging me. "Ohh I her, she's fiesty!" Julien said. "You were right they are annoying" she said. "Eh tol you" I replied. "So what do we do now?" she asked. I started talking gibberish again. "Okay then, lets go back to the HQ" Maria said. As we got inside we noticed Skipper slidding all over the place. "Uhh Skipper?" I asked. "Not now! May is hidibg with my shades, Where are you MAY you can't hide forever!" Skipper yelled.

Skipper Pov

"Oh yes I can!" I heard a feminine voice say. I tracked the voice and found her. "Gotcha!" I said taking my shades. "Well cousin I see your already having fun with your boyfriend" Maria said. "Skipper is not my boyfriend, infact we dislike eachother!" May said. "She just dislikes me because I am better than her" I said. "Oh yeah? Whatever a guy can do a girl can do better, faster, and smarter!" May said. "Is that so? Why don't you put your money where your mouth is!" I said. "Maybe I will" she said. Later on my men against your team, Capture the Flag" I said. "Theirs four of you and only two of us, what do you suggest?" May asked. "Fine, Rico and I versus you and Maria" I said staring her down. "Fine then we start as dusk, don't come crying to us when you lose" May said starring back at me. "Yeahh I never agreed to anything" Maria said. "Me niether" Rico said. "Oh yeahh? Do you want to lost to a couple of guy amatures?" May asked. "No mam" Maria replied with her fin on her for head. "And Rico, do you want to lose to a couple of girl rookies?" I asked. "Nu huh" Rico replied. "Who you calling Rookie?" May asked still glaring at me. "Please I definitely have more experience than you!" I said. "How would you know?" May asked. "Do you say something different?" I asked. "Yes" she replied. "Your bluffing I can see right through your eyes" I said. "No I'm not!" she yelled. "Would you two stop gazing at eachother? That love look is making me sick" Maria said. We turned away crossing our arms muttereing curses.

Rico Pov

"Well I'm glad that's over with" Maria said. I sighed in response. "What is it Rico?" Maria asked. "Now we on't hang out latr" I said. "Its okay, I can't wait to go against you in Capture the flag!" she said. "I go easy un you" I said. "Easy? Oh yeah you'll refret saying that" she said. I grinned at her. "Ohh what's that?" Maria asked excited while grabbing one of Kowalski's inventions. "No Maria! Don't grab any of Kowalski's inventions or he'll-" Private a got cut off by Kowalki coming out from his lab. "Who is touching my inventions?" Kowalski asked. Then he was Maria. "Oh no Maria, give me that!" Kowalki said. "Nu huh nobody tells me what to do!" she said. "Please Maria, my inventions we're not made to the less intelligent" he said. "What are you trying to say?" she asked. "Uh oh" Private muttered. "All I'm saying is-" he got cut off. "You're saying that I'm not as smart as you! Oh yeah! Says the penguin who can't even read his inventions labels!" Maria yelled. "I-I c-can read!" he defended. "Really? This invention is labeled 'Butternut'" she said putting her flippers on her hips. "You can read?" he asked. Then Maria pounced at Kowalski. I had to restrain her back. "How dare you doubt me!" she said. I kept a tight grip on her. She was not heavy but when she's mad she will really get strong. "AHH! Okay I'm sorry! I should and will never doubt female intelligence" Kowalski said. Maria still kept stuggling so I took her into a near by room and pinned her to a wall. "Rico let me go!" she said. I let go of her flippers but I kept mine up against tge wall so she wouldn't escape. "Calm down" I said. "What?" she asked. "Shhh calm down" I said. After a while of silence and breathing she calmed down. "Sorry, I kinda have a temper" she said. "Na, es okay I idn't really notice" I said chuckling. Then Skipper came in and saw us. His eyes widened and he paused for a little. "Uhhh am I interrupting sonething between you guys?" Skipper asked. I pulled away and rubbed my flipper against my neck while Maria twiddled with her flippers. "And you say May and I are a couple" Skipper said sarcastically.

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