About four years later, Akuma, second-in-command of the Akatsuki, had heard news that had her shocked for the next week. Sasuke had returned to Konoha; and of his free will no less. The Akatsuki, wary of her out-of-it state, sent her off to Konoha to see if it was true.

When Akuma reached Konoha, the guards at the gate stopped her before she could reach the gates of Konoha. When they asked her what an Akatsuki member would be doing here, she simply replied by asking if it was true that the Uchiha was really back in Konoha. Before the guard could answer though, the Godaime Hokage showed up at the gates. She repeated her question to the Hokage when she was again asked why she was at Konoha. The Godaime nodded her head slowly, wondering what the Akatsuki was up to.

"Oh. He's really here?" she said shocked. She gave a short laugh that wasn't happy. "So the bastard actually left me-no, he left me long ago. Looks kind of ironic since he was the one that had told me to stay away from Konoha."

At just that time, Sasuke decided to show up. "A-Akuma! What are you doing here? I-I thought you were back at the one of the bases!" shocked that she was here.

"Thank you, Godaime, for giving me some of your time. I will take my leave now thank you." She turned to leave Konoha and go back to the base, as her mission to confirm whether or not Sasuke was really in Konoha was complete. "Sasuke. I see that you are well in Konoha. Good-bye then." her voice dripping with sarcasm and hurt.

As Akuma was near the edge of the woods, Sasuke spoke up. "Akuma, I meant what I said four years ago. I love you. I could never forget you." Akuma stopped suddenly when he had said those last three words. "No one could compare to you. Come back to Konoha with me. Please?"

"You liar. You're lying through you teeth. I can sense it in your chakra. You don't love me. You never did. That act four years ago was to earn my trust, only to have you break my heart. On purpose. Have fun in Konoha, Sasuke." As Akuma walked away from Konoha, she felt tears fall down her face. She was foolish to actually believe that the "Great Uchiha" would actually love her.

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