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Merlin stared at the young man laying on the bed. At first, he had not been able to gauge Mordred's intentions. But, as time past, he seemed eager to learn, eager to please. Loyal. He had saved Arthur's life not once, but twice.

Still, Merlin could not ignore what he saw. Mordred had killed Arthur in his vision. He stood over the body of his friend and his king. He could not merge the two images in his mind. Mordred the loyal knight and Mordred the betrayer and murderer of Camelot's King.

Mordred could be innocent or he could be harbouring ulterior motives despite his instinct that the young man's intentions seemed true.

Despite what his heart was telling him, he could not ignore his head or the Dragon's warnings.

Gaius had been right in asking where the young boy had gone because despite his words, he did not know either. Somewhere along the way he'd lost himself. He remembered a boy laying on his bed, agonizing over a similar situation. This time the outcome would be different. This time Arthur would live. He would not fail him again. No matter how much he wanted to heal the boy in front of him. Let his magic flow over him and save the boy who saved his king. Who seemed to be a good man. But, he would not, could not, let Arthur die. He could not let a man live that would lead to his King's death.

Damn, the Dragon for putting him in this position! But, no. It was not the Kilgharrah's fault. No matter how much he wanted to hate him, to place the blame on him. No, this was his choice and he would have to live with it.