DR. HENRY JEKYLL paces nervously and barefoot from one side of the room to the other, his long dark haired pulled back into its usual ponytail, his glasses on his face. He holds a test tube with a glowing neon green liquid in one hand.


October 7, one fifteen a.m.

Somehow, I must find a way to stop

Hyde from taking over, even if I risk

death. I must protect Emma, John,

Lucy, and especially myself. I won't

let this mad man take over. He won't

kill anymore. Hyde must be stopped

once and for all.

With an excruciating scream, JEKYLL drops to his knees, the test tube in his hand falling to the floor and smashing, the formula spilling out along with it. Pulling the rubber band from his hair, and the glasses from his face, he growls and tosses his head back, rising to his feet with a wicked laugh.


I'm afraid it's not going to be

that easy, Dr. Jekyll, because I'm

not going anywhere. You can't save

yourself anymore than you can save

your precious Lucy.

HYDE chuckles sinisterly as he turns and walks across the lab. He turns back around. Suddenly, he is no longer HYDE but JEKYLL. Looking down at the floor, he drops to his knees before the broken test tube and whimpers.



JEKYLL rises to his feet and turns around, walking back to his large rack of chemicals. He grabs a new test tube and proceeds to fill it with the same solution.


Damn you, Hyde!

You leave her out of this!

You leave everyone out of this.

This doesn't concern them!

JEKYLL caps the solution in the test tube and walks around the rack, taking a couple steps forward, gripping the tube tightly in his hand.


It concerns you and I, and you

and I alone, and together,

we'll finish it alone.

JEKYLL turns towards the back of his lab, and becomes HYDE. With an angry growl, HYDE hurls the test tube at the wall. It shatters. He laughs wickedly.


The only one who's finished here,

is you, Jekyll! Your formulas

can't help you. Not even that

pitiful friend of yours, Utterson.

God help you when Emma finds out

that her lover, the good doctor,

Henry Jekyll, is a murderer.

HYDE stumbles backward and as he turns, he is JEKYLL.


No! She won't know of this!

She won't know of you!

No one will know. Never!

JEKYLL strides back to his rack of chemicals, grabbing yet another test tube and quickly filling it with the anecdote.


Tonight, your evil deeds with end.

Tonight, you will die!

And you will disappear forever.

JEKYLL lifts the test tube to his mouth, ready to drink the anecdote when suddenly, he starts to shake, his body trembles, he whimpers, grabbing his chest. He screams in anguish, gripping the test tube tightly. He stumbles backwards, falling to his knees.



No! Damn you, Hyde!

Let me go!


The top of the chemical rack. Tossing his long dark hair back, HYDE slowly rises from the floor. With an angry growl, he hurls the test tube at the floor, smashing it to pieces.



As a matter of fact...

HYDE walks across the lab, grabbing his cane with a low growl and strolls back to the rack of chemicals. After a beat, he begins to laugh wickedly and with an animal-like fury, smashes the whole rack of Jekyll's chemicals to pieces, the large tubes shattering, the solutions spilling out all over the floor. His laugh echoes through the room, becoming louder and louder as he witnesses his destruction.

He pauses to take a breath and look around the laboratory, admiring his handy work.



I'm afraid your formula

making days are over, doctor.

Stepping through the mess of broken glass and chemicals, he crosses the laboratory. He grabs his coat, slips it on and stalks out of the room.