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Chapter 3

Summer's End

Harry woke up quite refreshed and with a clear head. He had a basic plan of how he will influence the timeline but first he needed to better himself. A night of reviewing his life had made him realize that he had really been an ass and that some people just did not deserve his attention.

He took a quick shower, changed in his new clothes that actually fit him for a change and went downstairs for a quick breakfast. As it was quite early in the morning, the pub was almost empty. Harry ate his meal talking with Tom about the Alley as he was not supposed to know about it and learned that Knockturn Alley could provide him with very cheap and rare books and other items second hand.

He thanked Tom for the meal and advice and tapped the bricks as he had been told to reveal the alley and walked off in the direction of the dueling ring that he knew was there from his third year. He decided to get some dueling practice so he went in.

After nearly two hours a sweat covered and exhausted Harry stumbled out of the ring after having his arse handed to him by several auror aspirants. Though he had been beaten soundly by many of them, he had avoided majority of stronger and painful curses due to his reflexes and was beaten only due to slow spell casting, lack of duel practice in Hogwarts along with an inability to silently cast any spell except the Lumos which was not much help in dueling.

After taking about fifteen minutes to give him a rest he walked off in the direction of Flourish and Blotts bookstore where he started to look for books on Dueling, Animagus transformation, Occlumency and Silent casting. After he found the required books he was astounded to see that their combined price exceeded even 300 galleons and asked the manager about it.

"These books are Ministry controlled and pretty rare, kid; so they are steeply priced." Manager informed him.

Harry thanked the annoyed looking manager and walked out of the store and walked in the direction of Knockturn alley. A hag tried to make a grab for him as soon as he walked into the shadier part of wizarding district but a well-placed severing charm ensured his safety.

Soon Harry reached a shop in front of Borgin and Burkes named Magike Obscurus. Upon walking into the shop he found that this shop dealt in every kind of rare, ministry controlled items. He asked the shopkeeper about the books section and started to search for the best there were on his required four subjects.

He found a book titled 'Finding the Animal Within by Newt Salamander', which he was told was the best book dealing with Animagus transformation. The only copies for 'Dueling for Dummies by Orion Black II', 'Mind Arts for Dummies by Erebus Abbott' and 'Silent Casting for the Talkative by Percival Greengrass' were in pretty bad shape and were scribbled upon the margins by the previous owner but as they were the only ones there he had no choice but to buy them.

"How much for these?" Harry asked the shopkeeper who looked at the books for a moment and replied "70 Galleons"

"50 galleons"


"Sixty-five and you give me your best book about warding and enchanting."

The shopkeeper scowled and grumbled a bit but went inside and returned nearly ten minutes later with a tatty old tome that was starting to fall apart in places and smirked at him "Deal"

Harry paid for the books and made his way back to the Leaky Cauldron intent on learning all he could before he became busy with his OWLs. Eager to learn, Harry opened his Occlumency book and started perusing through it.

Occlumency is the art of shielding one's mind from external intrusion and sorting the memories to make the mind more organized. The first step in Occlumency is clearing one's mind. To clear one's mind is to achieve a state of nothingness; no thoughts must plague your mind. To attain such clarity first sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and imagine a completely black space; as you encounter thoughts imagine them fading away into nothingness till your mind becomes clear of all thought.

Harry tried the exercise as the book had said and found it was quite easy to fade your thoughts away into nothingness but as soon as he reached the state of clarity, random thought or memory would pop up and ruin his concentration. As the time passed Harry's frustration increased making it even more difficult to clear his mind. Finally, after nearly ninety minutes of struggle Harry gave up and decided to read the book again. As he opened the book his gaze fell on to the side notes created by the previous owner and read what it said.

It is very difficult to keep the blackness as random thoughts start popping up, trying to focus on a single memory or thought with all the concentration helps.

Harry shrugged, 'couldn't hurt to try' and again sat down on his bed in lotus position. This time he tried to focus on a single memory of him and Sirius fooling around in Grimmauld Place during Christmas but seeing Sirius brought back feelings of guilt, anger and sadness and Harry could not clear his mind at all. Again Harry tried, this time choosing his first Quidditch match as the memory to focus on, this worked and after nearly one hour he was able to solely focus on his catching the snitch for the first time. Opening the book once again, Harry thanked the previous owner and read more of his notes.

Now imagine a burning candle and burn the image, and then put the candle out.

Harry again tried the advice and after nearly forty-five minutes succeeded in putting out the candle safely without any new thought popping in.

Once you have achieved a clear mind for the first time, practice it again and again till you are able to clear your mind at a moment's notice without needing to close your eyes. But remember, do not practice more than three-four hours a day, Occlumency is very taxing on both the body and magic and remember to have a full rest after each practice.

Harry looked at the watch in the room and was startled to find that it was almost eight o' clock in the evening. 'Time flies, I guess'.

Harry put the book away for the day and went downstairs for dinner; he was quite hungry and tired having missed the lunch and both dueling and Occlumency having tired him out. He cleared his mind for one final time and fell into a deep, dreamless slumber for the first time in nearly a month.

The rest of the week before his OWLs passed in a haze of studying for his OWLs and practicing Occlumency and Silent casting which was again made easier by the side notes and his training of Occlumency which helped him in visualizing the spell effect in great detail, something that was very important to be able to cast non-verbally. By the time his OWLs had arrived he could clear his mind in two minutes with his eyes open and his Silent casting was increasing by leaps and bounds.

Thursday arrived and Harry found himself walking through the ministry atrium with Amy to the Department of Magical Education which would conduct his exams. He had opted for OWL in Charms, Transfiguration, DADA, CoMC, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, Runes and Arithmancy, it was the latter two that he found he had a knack for and with some serious study in Runic magic he was quite confident to at least get an 'Exceeds Expectations' in them.

Though today Harry was there for DADA theory and practical. The theory exam Harry was sure to have aced as he had read nothing but Defensive theory the last year in the pink toad's reign. He had a break of about half an hour before Practical and he was quite looking forward to it.

Harry entered the designated room and found it empty; he was just looking around when his instincts screamed for him to dive only to see a red light striking where he had been standing mere moments ago.

"Good reflexes, kid" came a voice which scared Harry more than Voldemort himself ever did as the examiner removed his disillusionment charm.

'Shite, Moody my examiner! I am so fucked.' Harry thought miserably at the sight of a manically grinning Mad-Eye Moody who had slightly less scars on his face but looked no less gruesome.

"Mr. Jacobs, I think that the best way to assess your standing in DADA is a duel, don't you?" Moody spoke and without waiting for an answer continued "Stand over that red line, that's it." Moody himself took position on the blue line. "Now on three; one, two, three, begin…"

An exhausted but happy Harry stumbled out of the room grumbling under his breath about mad examiners and way too paranoid old buggers.

The rest of the OWLs passed in the same vein and Harry was confident to have gotten enough to fulfill his dream of being an auror.

As he had quite a bit of free time between the examinations and results, he decided to increase his prowess with non-verbal spell casting and try to make some progress with Animagus transformation.

The first step to Animagus transformation was to 'see' the magical core and to move even further from it.

In order to view one's magical core; meditate and concentrate on the 'feel' of your magic. Try to visualize yourself moving in the direction of the place with the highest concentration of magic. Every individual has a unique core but most of the persons imply it to be a shining ball or a crackling fire or even a water body.

Harry meditated as he had done countless times in his Occlumency training and after some effort to try and grasp the 'feel of his magic was able to view his magical core. It was not some ball or fire; rather it was an endless stretch of water with a ball of fire suspended just above the surface, as Harry tried to move towards it to investigate his senses were overpowered by the feeling of evil and darkness that made him lose his concentration and come out of the trance.

'What the hell was that?' the best Harry could guess was that it felt like when Voldemort had touched him in the graveyard; that was not a happy thought. 'Fuck, I have something of Voldemort's inside me.'

Harry decided to leave this alone as he did not know much about his connection with Voldemort. 'Only Dumbledore can answer such questions.'

But this provided another dilemma-'what to do with Dumbledore? Can he be trusted not to act first and worse not to memory charm Harry right if he be told of his journey in time? Nothing is ever easy, even in the past I am unable to do anything without Dumbledore's help.'

Fortunately, when the same problem arose in Occlumency, Harry was able to solve it in a unique way.

Harry had finally achieved the clarity of mind required and was moving to sort his memories. After he had done with sorting all the memories, he found himself in a room filled with neatly organized bookshelves, the only noticeable thing about the room was that it did not have any walls and there was a sickly green Lightning bolt hanging there. Harry knew instinctively that it was the link between him and Voldemort. 'Bloody scar can't leave me alone even in my own mind.'

As Harry imagined walls building brick by brick around the whole room, he tried to block off the scar only to find that it constantly and very quickly ate away at the wall no matter what he tried; so Harry decided to block off all his mind and then erect a separate chamber for the link while he also put a block between the ocean and the fire and found that doing so decreased the rate of decay of shield to almost non-existent in short periods of time as opposed to the almost instant decay before.

His birthday both old and new ones spent in anonymity. Only a card from the DOM (Rubbing it in, can't leave me alone, can they?) on his new birthday (5 August) was any indication of his presence as far as the greetings were concerned.

His original birthday was spent in much of the same fashion as it had spent at the Dursley household before Hogwarts, alone and without any gifts; though he was very shocked to see the whole part at the Leaky Cauldron celebrating the birthday of the boy-who-lived.

Harry decided to give his younger self a birthday gift though and bought Hedwig from the Eeylops Owl Emporium and paid a visit to the Dursleys.

Flashback begins

Mark booked a cab for Little Whinging, Surrey and started towards the Durzkaban, as he liked to call it. It was a Sunday as well as his birthday and he wanted to give Harry the best birthday present he could. His musings for what he would do to his 'loving relatives' kept him busy till he reached the front door of 4, Privet Drive.

He knocked at the door which was opened by young Harry who was looking like favoring his left leg.

"H-Hello! Wh-who are you?" Harry asked.

"Hello, may I speak to Mr. Dursley?"

"Just a minute" Harry said and rushed inside to fetch his uncle.

Uncle Vernon arrived and by the looks of it he was in the process of stuffing his face and thus was looking quite angry.

"Hello, Mr. Dursley, I presume?" Mark asked.

"Yes, I am; what do you want?" Vernon asked without the barest hint of politeness turning a shade darker red at the sight of his blue hair.

"I am Mark Jacobs, junior auror, DMLE; I am here to discuss the living conditions of young Mr. Harry Potter. I was informed that he lived here and I was given a job to make him ready for Hogwarts as he would be joining the next year." Mark made on the spot but by the rapid paling of Vernon's face he had chosen the right buttons to push.

"P-P-Petunia, Petunia." He called looking ready to faint.

Petunia Dursley arrived looking like she was some lady of a manor and failing rather spectacularly at it. ("Even crazy Bellatrix would do a better job than her.")

"What is it Vernon?" she asked her husband who just pointed at Mark; she too scrunched her nose up at his blue hair.

"Hello, Mrs. Dursley; I am Mark Jacobs, junior auror, DMLE; I am here to tell Mr. Potter about his heritage as he will be rejoining us from next year." Mark told her without giving her a chance to say anything.

"Y-you are one of t-them…" she said faintly and then regaining her composure, "Freaks, out, out" and tried to shut the door on his face.

A wave of his wand stopped the door and gave Vernon the opportunity to voice his thoughts aloud. "I will not have any of your unnaturalness here." The commotion had brought Dudley and Harry in the living room and Mark just could not resist baiting Vernon further.

"Unnaturalness? I am nowhere unnatural; you on the other hand, I can't imagine any natural way that a walrus breed with a horse to berth a mini-whale, can you Harry?" Mark asked Harry who blushed and looked down but the corners of his mouth went upwards themselves.

It took a moment for the Dursleys to realize that they had been insulted thoroughly by a 'freak' in their own house in front of their unnatural relative but their moment to respond to the insult was stolen by the same blue haired freak.

"Now; if you don't have any problems, I am going to talk to Harry for a bit." Mark spoke pleasantly.

Yes they had many problems but they were not given any chance to list them as Mark waved his wand once more hitting the trio with a full body bind. It was a technique he had learned from Voldemort as he had sent three curses at him with just a slight motion of his wand without even trying Mark could do only three though but he was getting better.

"Now Harry, why don't you show me your room?" Mark said already knowing that Harry lived in the Cupboard under the stairs but that would help keep his appearance up.

Harry did not move just eyed the Dursleys subtly which Mark caught on and reassured him, "No need to fear Harry, they won't do anything."

Sure enough Harry took him to the Cupboard and pointed at it saying, "This is my room, sir."

"That won't do, that won't do at all." Mark murmured and asked if they could talk somewhere.

Harry took him out of the house and to the park; Mark made an extra effort to remain unseen by Mrs. Figg.

"So, Harry; I am sure that you have a lot of questions; so why don't you start, I will try to answer as many as I can." Mark said when they had reached the park.

"How did you paralyze the Dursleys?"


"Magic is real?"

A nod.

"My parents had magic?"

Another nod.

"I have magic?"

Again, another nod. Harry looked disbelieving.

"Yes, you have magic Harry; can't you think of instances where things happened because you just wanted them to?" Mark asked with a smile.

Harry thought for nearly five minutes before his face brightened up.

"Wait, they knew; they were always saying me unnatural or a freak?" Harry exclaimed angrily.

"Yes, they did; they hate it, that's why they lied to you."

"So, what is Hogwarts?"

"A school where they teach magic, your parents went there too and you will too after you get your letter at your next birthday."

"Do you know how my parents died; 'they' said they died in a car crash."

"Your parents were great people, Harry; they died because a very bad wizard killed them and they fought him. When he killed your mother she invoked an ancient protection for you, so when he tried to kill you with AVADA KEDAVRA, that's the un-blockable killing curse, it backfired on him destroying his body. That's why you are famous; they call you the Boy-who-Lived in the wizarding world. Your parents are almost as famous as you."

"I don't want to be famous for something my mother did." Harry mumbled with tears streaming from his eyes but Mark still heard him.

"Sadly, Harry that's the way the (wizarding) world works, they needed a hero, and they made you a hero. You will learn to deal with it after a while."

"So about my parents, did you know them?"

"Sorry, no; I was very young when they died and I did not even know about you till I entered the wizarding world, my parents were both non-magical. But, from the photos I have seen, you look just like your father, James Potter, while you have your mother's, Lily Potter's, eyes"

Harry's face lighted up at this bit of news and they talked about magical world for a while. Mark treated him to lunch at a restaurant nearby and again took him to the park to talk a bit more. It was nearing evening when Mark decided to give Harry his present, a photograph of his parents.

"Listen Harry, I am not an auror; in fact I am still in school, I lied to your relatives to help you." Mark said.

"How did you know that they did not like me?" Harry asked suddenly skeptical of this nice boy.

Mark saw the apprehension in Harry's eyes and immediately thought of a lie, "I saw your aunt yelling at you while you were shopping, your clothes were too big for you and you were awfully small for your age; I guessed and thought of a way to help you. I mean you no harm."

Harry nodded a little less skeptical but still not trusting him fully and Mark sighed, he knew Harry would not trust him immediately.

"This is Hedwig, she will inform me if they do not treat you well; just don't mention her to them, she will be keeping tabs on you; I will be coming every three or four days till September so don't be afraid, okay." Mark said introducing Harry to Hedwig who took a shine to him immediately.

"Well, bye then." Mark said awkwardly. 'Geez can't even talk to myself normally.'

"Bye, and thanks for everything." Harry said hugging him a little bit before blushing and walking away but Mark applied a disillusionment charm on himself and followed him; he would not put it past the Dursleys to harm Harry as soon as he reached home.

Sure enough as soon as Harry stepped inside the door was shut and a loud smack reverberated in the house. Mark was pissed, 'they dare hit him'; that was something they had not done in his timeline.

"Expulso" Mark cried and the door blew off its hinges. Vernon was raising another fist as Mark spoke "Ossis Rupto, Fracta" there were twin snaps and both his arms fell broken and useless. "Silencio" and the three Dursleys were unable to say a thing.

"You okay, Harry?" Mark asked and Harry just nodded shakily.

"Episkey" and the bruise formed on his cheek disappeared, this was the only healing spell he knew of and it worked well for him for small injuries.

"Now listen up you bastards, you treat Harry badly anymore and I will give you far more than a broken hand. That means you give him his own room, let him eat anything and in the quantity he wants, minimal chores and no abuse at all. Am I clear?" Mark thundered on them and they all nodded furiously.

"I will be watching you closely; and you Dudley, no Harry hunting from now on, understand?" Dudley did not respond and Mark hit him with an overpowered stinging hex right between the legs making him yelp, "Understand?" Dudley nodded with fat tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Harry take your things, I am going to give you a new room."

Harry nodded and ran towards his cupboard as Mark waited at the foot of the stairs trying to calm himself.

Mark took him to the smallest bedroom and vanished most of Dudley's crap. "This will be Harry's room." He said to Petunia, who had followed them, she just nodded.

A few Reparos and Harry had some toys to play with. "Diato Cella" Mark intoned and the room expanded a bit. Luckily there was a bed already in the room and another Reparo made it as good as new.

"Can't I stay anywhere else?" Harry asked in a small voice.

"Sorry, Harry; but that bad wizard had many followers who are still roaming free. They would find and kill you if they get the chance but here there are protections invoked by your mother make you perfectly safe as long as you are living with 'them'." Mark explained knowing that it was a weak explanation but it will have to do.

"I will talk to your relatives a bit more, so this is goodbye; you can always reach me through Hedwig if you need any help. Bye Harry."

"Bye, Mark"

Mark walked downstairs and pulled Petunia aside. "Now listen here lady, you will get him new clothes, clothes that actually fit him. And you will not abuse him in any way, do this and you will continue getting the stipend; abuse him and you lose your money." Mark had guessed at the stipend, 'Albus Dumbledore will not just throw a child at them without providing means for his proper care' and knew he was right when Petunia paled and nodded.

"What about Vernon, what did you do to him?" she asked when he was about to leave.

"Him? He has broken bones, 'sadly' my healing spells are not so good so he will have to heal the muggle way." Mark replied without an ounce of sincerity in his voice. 'Bastard deserves much more.'

Flashback ends

Three days later when he visited Harry again, he greeted him with a huge smile and hope shining in his eyes.

'Would have to deal with Dumbledore earlier than I thought, but worth it.' Indeed the smile on Harry's face had been worth it.

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